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@Jennifer3 MORE?!?!! #summerbookswap love!!! Thank you *ever* so much! 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍📚📚 #mysteries #mystery

Crazeedi Is this a good series? I've read a different series by author 6mo
suzisteffen @Crazeedi I haven't read them yet, but I've had them extremely recommended to me by mystery fans from the UK, so I'm excited to read them. 😀 6mo
KathyWheeler I‘ve read the Wire in the Blood series but didn‘t even know about this one. 6mo
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suzisteffen @KathyWheeler I believe this was an earlier one and is being made into a TV series? 6mo
KathyWheeler @suzisteffen The Lindsay Gordon one is earlier? Wire in the Blood was made into a really good tv series. I saw the show first and only found out later that it was based on some books. 6mo
suzisteffen @KathyWheeler I am saying this based on something someone else told me so I guess I could look it up, LOL. 6mo
KathyWheeler @suzisteffen 😄 I could too.😊 6mo
Crazeedi @KathyWheeler that's the one I've read, didn't know this one 6mo
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An American Marriage | Tayari Jones
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O M G @Jennifer3!!! I just got home from our trip to the Women's World Cup, and SO MUCH #summerbookswap LOVE!!!!! THANK YOU FOREVER!!!! @rather_be_reading 😍

Jennifer3 Please tell me you got two more books from Amazon!!! 6mo
suzisteffen @Jennifer3 YES I JUST GOT TO THAT BOX!! (A month is a big pile of mail 😂) THANK YOU! Wowzers!! 6mo
Jennifer3 Amazon has a delay and I was so mad!!! How was the trip? That championship game was amazing!!! 6mo
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Jennifer3 And a month of mail would take me two months to go through. 🤣🤣 (edited) 6mo
suzisteffen @Jennifer3 trip was great! We had a week in Paris before we went to Lyon for the semifinals, and then a few days in Annecy (near the Alps) before the final - everything was amazing! (OK, the heat wave was ... bad ... and so were the mosquitoes, but the soccer was pretty great, and so were the museums and all kinds of other fun.) Who knew Amaz-n had a delay? Not I! LOL.
Jennifer3 I am envious of your trip! That would have been perfect in my book- Paris, Lyon for soccer! Annecy I will check out to see if it should be on my France tour when I get there. 6mo
suzisteffen @Jennifer3 Annecy is great for lakes or skiing, or so I hear. It had a great performance art thing going on - check @annecyPaysages on Instagram - and was a big touristy place. Fun, expensive, beautiful. 6mo
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@RainyDayReading I‘m just home and opening packages. I can‘t wait to dive into this book. What a great selection! Thank you so much for sharing with me. #summerbookswap

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Sharp Objects: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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Enjoying this so far! Looking forward to the show! Thanks @MaleficentBookDragon #summerbookswap

MaleficentBookDragon It's my favorite book by her. I'm interested to see What you think of it. 1y
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It‘s been a few days, and it‘s been a crazy week, but I want to say THANK YOU to @Sharpeipup for my funky, sweet, and thoughtful assortment of goodies sent my way for the #summerbookswap!

So here‘s what‘s funny, Tina:

- We just watched #ReadyPlayerOne, but I still haven‘t read it, and just gave a copy away
- I just ran out of tea
- I just ran out of post-its
- My highlighters died
- I never spoil myself with baths


Slajaunie Nice haul! 1y
kamoorephoto @Slajaunie Actually my favorite thing was Tina‘s note, and her story behind picking everything. That meant the most. 1y
Slajaunie 😁 1y
tpixie Perfect #BookishGifts ! 1y
Sharpeipup I love when things work out like that & I wanted to explain a few of my “favorite” things (make Julie Andrews proud)! Enjoy! 1y
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Furyborn | Claire Legrand
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MyBookSwapClub Great :) enjoy!! 1y
wayfaringbibliomaniac So glad it's arrived!!!! 😊 hope you enjoy it! 1y
maich @wayfaringbibliomaniac I hope the same😍 1y
maich @wayfaringbibliomaniac Was my package arrived? 1y
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Woman in Cabin 10 | Ruth Ware
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@kamoorephoto You are so kind! Your goodie box arrived & I am speechless at both your creativity & generosity. Thank you, thank you! #summerbookswap

kamoorephoto You are so welcome! I hope I picked books you hadn‘t read yet! I went a bit crazy but I loved putting your box together 😽 1y
Sharpeipup @kamoorephoto You did so well & hopefully you liked yours too! 1y
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I screamed when I opened this #summerbookswap package! I absolutely love everything and I‘ve wanted this series for so long. Thank you, Lynn! You‘re the best!

tammysue What a nice surprise!! 1y
wanderinglynn Oh, I‘m so glad. Enjoy! ☺️ 1y
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The Music Shop | Rachel Joyce
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Thank you La Toya! This #summerbookswap package is awesome! ❤️💜 I can‘t wait to dive into the books and enjoy a cup of tea. 😀

I hope you enjoy your package as much as I love mine.

sweetpealsd I‘m so glad you love it. I wanted to make sure you got yours before I opened mine. Will post tonight 😊 1y
sweetpealsd @wanderinglynn I feel like something is missing. Did you get 2 packages? There was something else to go with the tea. 1y
wanderinglynn @sweetpealsd Yes! I got a second package late yesterday afternoon. The mug is awesome. thank you! 1y
sweetpealsd Okay great! 1y
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I didn't get a chance to open this yesterday, but @Theshadedbuffalo you made the perfect package for me! I've been coveting those P&P flags for aaaaaages and the cozy and the notepad are exactly my taste. A million thank you's!!!!!

#summerbookswap @MyBookSwapClub

Theshadedbuffalo So glad you love it. ❤️❤️ 1y
TaciturnWhenReading aaaand....now I‘m coveting those P&P flags! 😂 😂 1y
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