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Scream All Night | Derek Milman
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The House
House of Shadows
Hell House
Scream All Night
#spinepoem1 #namastenovember

LauraJ Nice! 3mo
JoScho @LauraJ thank you 🖤 3mo
Eggs Love it👍🏼💕👏🏻 3mo
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A Velocity of Being: Letter to a Young Reader | Maria Popova, Claudia Bedrick
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#NamasteNovember #SpinePoem1 #Day3

Being Mortal
A Velocity of Being
The Long Flight Home
today we go home
To the Bright Edge if the World
Before Ever After

merelybookish 👏👏 3mo
Eggs Well done 👍🏼💕👏🏻🤗 3mo
kstadt929 I‘m reading The Long Flight Home right now!!! ...and embarrassed to say I started Becoming in January (it was so good!) but I got distracted by other books and still need to go back to it 😬 3mo
kspenmoll @kstadt929 I have not read Becoming yet either! Thinking of audio. 3mo
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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#NamasteNovember Day3 #SpinePoem1

Once upon a more enchanted time when breath becomes air - under the banner of heaven, cage of stars, into thin air... I let you go, Teacher Man.

Gone with the wind.

Watch me disappear, Evvie Drake starts over.

Eggs Ah that‘s great 😃👍🏼💕👏🏻 3mo
marleed @inthegreensandblues @eggs This is such a fun way to look at the books on my shelves. Where I started and where I ended have nothing in common! But somewhere on the middle I did come up with Poem2, as well! 3mo
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SilversReviews AWESOME JOB!! 3mo
marleed @SilversReviews oh thank you. I love spine poetry. It‘s such a fascinating way to look at my book collection. It also kinda cracks me up to use a title in a way that has nothing to do with the context of its actual story. 2mo
SilversReviews @marleed 😍😍😍😍 2mo
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Spine: Poems | Carolyn Guinzio
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Behind closed doors, confusion is nothing new...
Count me in,
Life after life.
In pieces, lost in the sun 🌞




marleed Ooh, that‘s good. love to read spine poetry. I can‘t wait for the posts to roll in! 3mo
Eggs Thanks @marleed 🥰🤗 3mo
veritysalter This is so much fun! Thank you for the challenge. Yours is fab ♥️♥️ 3mo
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Eggs So happy you are enjoying it! Thanks for the compliment 💕😊🥰 @veritysalter (edited) 3mo
kspenmoll Winderful!!!!🙌🏻 3mo
Eggs Thanks Katherine ❣️ @kspenmoll 3mo
SilversReviews Love it.....great job!! 3mo
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