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Chasing Rainbows | Shirley Mikkelson
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I forgot to post these #RainbowSpines 🌈yesterday for #JazzyJune but better late than never! 🤪 love to post a rainbow of books for the start of pride month! 🏳️‍🌈

StayCurious Good picks! 3y
Eggs Beautiful 🌈♥️ 3y
Nute The colors came together so nicely especially in the indigo-violet part. Nice job!💕🌈 3y
Ash.on.the.line @Nute thank you! Litsy has made my collection grow and so I have so many options for these types of things! 😊🌈 3y
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Rose Under Fire | Elizabeth E Wein
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StayCurious That looks like a nice edition of The Secret Garden 3y
Andrea313 @StayCurious It's a good one! It's the old Barnes & Noble collector's edition and I believe you can still find it on Amazon. 3y
Eggs Read the Rainbow 🌈🤗💗 3y
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The Bride Test | Helen Hoang
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I‘ve heard a lot of buzz about The Bride Test!! And I LOVE Evelyn!!


RaimeyGallant Enticing stack! 3y
Hollie I think you‘ll like The Bride Test 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @RaimeyGallant thanks! Now if I just had time to read all of them 🤣 3y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Hollie ok great!! I just chose it on a whim ☺️ 3y
BooknerdsLife Such beautiful stack of books 😍📚🌈💖 3y
Eggs Pretty 🌈 and all pristine BOTMs!! 3y
Cathythoughts Beautiful stack 3y
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The Discovery of the Titanic | Robert D. Ballard
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#rainbowspines for day 1 of #jazzyjune 😃🌈. @Eggs

Eggs Lovely ♥️🌈❣️ 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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#JazzyJune | 1: #RainbowSpines

📷: Made with PhotoGrid & Google Books

AutumnRLS Just got Ash in the mail! Can't wait to read it, but my TBR is crazy. Let me know if I should move it up the pile! 3y
LiterRohde @AutumnRLS Unfortunately these are all on my TBR. Do not own them, nor have I read them. They just all looked interesting as I was building my Rainbow Spines prompt for today out of LGBTQIA instead of ROYGBIV. Wanted to be creative. Not sure if anyone got it, but....So, unfortunately, you might get to Ash before I do and will have to tell me how it is. (edited) 3y
AutumnRLS I like the idea! I hear Ash is worth the read. 3y
Eggs Nice tableau 🌈 3y
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Devil to Pay | Earl Thompson
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#rainbowspines #jazzyjune Love to find a rainbow on my bookshelves!

Hufflepuffle Love this! 3y
Eggs Gorgeous 🌈♥️😀 3y
Lcsmcat Have you read Georgiana yet? It‘s on my shelf but I haven‘t read it. 3y
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Leftcoastzen @Lcsmcat Still on my TBR as well! All these posts reveal how many books I haven‘t read.😀 3y
Lcsmcat @Leftcoastzen Me too ! 😀 3y
Theaelizabet Georgiana is on my shelves, too, as of yet unread. Same with the Coates. At The Existentialist Cafe was terrific! 3y
Leftcoastzen @Theaelizabet the Coates is so powerful.One of the best books I read at the end of 2017. 3y
batsy I'm really interested to read the Sarah Bakewell book! Someday 😆 Georgiana was immensely fun and gripping; a really well-written juicy bio @Lcsmcat 3y
Leftcoastzen @batsy I‘m still curious about Bakewell, another one I couldn‘t wait to buy, yet did not read.Glad you liked Georgiana , maybe it will move it up mountain TBR! 3y
Lcsmcat @batsy Good to know! I‘ll have to bump it up on my TBR. 3y
PaperbackPirate 😍🌈 3y
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Inspection | Josh Malerman
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Most of my books are packed away so this is the best is could do for #rainbowspines #jazzyjune 🌈

Eggs Pretty pretty! ♥️🌈♥️ 3y
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#JazzyJune #RainbowSpines @Eggs May have Googled what colours were in a rainbow for this one lol.

LeafingThroughLife Me too. 🤣 3y
HeathHof 😍😍😍 3y
Eggs Lovely presentation ❣️🌈🥰 3y
BooknerdsLife Beautiful stack 😍📚🌈 3y
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Eggs Lovely stack🌈 3y
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