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Just a small #bookhaul from this sweet little #UsedBookStore in Mt. Clemens, Michigan (only so much room in the suitcase). But I just had to post because the name of the store is #PaperbackWriter . They also have a big selection of vintage vinyl records. #MittenLitten #BeatleMaynia @Eggs

Eggs Love this ❣️❣️ 2mo
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Plenty of paperback writers here! #beatlemaynia #paperbackwriter

Bookwormjillk What‘s pretty shelf! 2mo
Kristy_K 😍 2mo
Tanisha_A So pretty! 😍 2mo
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Chrissyreadit Thanks for sharing this picture of your pretty shelves. 2mo
Eggs Beautiful! 2mo
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Looker | Laura Sims
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This unnamed narrator, who is an English professor is probably thinking “#SaveMe from these future wannabe #paperbackwriter (s)!” Just started this book tonight and thought it was a straight up stalker book by its description but it‘s so much more. #BeatleMaynia #MovieMayMagic

Eggs Another great combo🤗 2mo
Reggie @Eggs Thanks!! 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl It came into my shop today, should I scoop it up and bring it home to read? 2mo
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Reggie @CoverToCoverGirl it‘s the portrait of a young woman who is drowning at life because she has failed at being fertile after failed Invitro shots which has led to the dissolution of her marriage and because she has no one else around her she spends most of the time inside her head with very uncomfortable thoughts that lead to uncomfortable actions. I haven‘t clenched this much while reading a book in a long time. But can I put it down? No. Lol 2mo
Cinfhen Are there similar vibes to 2mo
Reggie @Cinfhen funny you should ask that, there were parts that happened today that made me think of Tampa. 2mo
Cinfhen Just what I wanted to hear....#stacked 😉 2mo
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You may find this book useful if you want to be a #paperbackwriter....


Eggs 🤗📚😊 2mo
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His son is working for the Daily Mail
It's a steady job,
But he wants to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.🎶

When I think paperbacks I think the Travis McGee series; each one‘s named for a different color.
#paperbackwriter #BeatleMaynia

Kdgordon88 How I loved those books back in the day. 2mo
Eggs @Kdgordon88 Oh it‘s nice to hear from someone who‘s read these! 2mo
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Another last minute #heyjune post! Are the days getting shorter already?! 😬😂🤣 This is a pic I snapped a few years back after browsing & buying in a lovely bookstore we visited when in Washington. I love stopping in book stores I‘ve never seen! Found some cute little #paperbackwriter thrift editions of some classics. Starting a road trip at the end of this week, and I‘m so hoping 🤞🏼 that I find some bookish places to stop along the way!

GypsyKat So cool! 13mo
Cinfhen Great photo 😍 13mo
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"Is this...your book?"
"One of them. It's signed to Liv, but you can scratch that out and write in your name. Oh, and if you can leave a five-star review on Goodreads, I'd appreciate it."
? I get such a kick out of all the scenes about Patrick & his books. #paperback #QuotsyJune18 #paperbackwriter #HeyJune

Cinfhen That‘s pretty amusing 😂👍🏻 13mo
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Blameless | Gail Carriger
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I‘ve been thoroughly enjoying my first real foray into #steampunk fantasy! And now I‘m waiting for the last two installments to arrive! At least I‘m only waiting on #bookmail and not on the #PaperbackWriter 😄😄😄#HeyJune @GypsyKat

The Outsiders | SE Hinton
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#QuotsyJune18 #paperback
#HeyJune #PaperbackWriter

Author S.E. Hinton has noted that she was not doing well as a paperback writer when her 1967 debut The Outsiders was not selling to adults in either hardcover or paperback adult trade imprints. Her publisher noticed that it was selling quite well to teachers, who were using it in classrooms, & they realized that there was a separate & promising market for young adult books.

KB253 @DebinHawaii I remember this from a junior high list of recommendations 13mo
Bookgirl Still read in middle school today! 13mo
Cinfhen One of the best middle school books ever! And the movie ❤️great quote 13mo
Califlamingo I still love this book. My daughter read it in middle school and lived it too. 13mo
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I thought about picking a book about a writer but decided go with a book about a bookstore owner who gets to choose which #paperbackwriter to select from the publisher to feature in his store. I loved this sweet and touching novel. #heyjune

Cinfhen Yes!!!! #AllTheFeels ❤️❤️❤️ 13mo
BookishMe One of my favorites! 13mo
Blaire @BookishMe @Cinfhen 💕💕💕 13mo
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