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What does this Rock & Rye have to do with solving a French murder mystery? Hint: True Detroiters will call it "pop". Fun read with the added bonus of a bit of Julia Child. #MittenLitten

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Just started this. I'm not a huge romance fan, but I did enjoy Book Lovers, so I have hopes for this one. We're having a book discussion of it at the end of the month.

CrowCAH I‘m reading this too AND having a book discussion at the end of the month! Are you a #MittenLitten, part of GDRW Greater Detroit Romance Writer‘s? Your name doesn‘t ring a bell as one of our members. 3mo
TiredLibrarian @CrowCAH No, I'm in upstate NY. I'll be interested to hear what you & the group think of it! 3mo
CrowCAH @TiredLibrarian awesome, glad your group chose this book too for a summer BEACH READ! Same, let me know what you think. 3mo
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I didn‘t enjoy this as much as People We Meet on Vacation. I was given this book by another vacationer while we were in St. Thomas.
I saw another review that praised how accurately Henry described life in Michigan and Up North summers. I‘m not familiar with either. Does anyone else agree/disagree with that?
#14Books14Weeks2023 #BookSpinBingo #ISpyBingo

TheHeartlandBookFairy I'm not familiar with this book, but if it's about up North in Michigan. Then it's a must read for me, LOL. 4mo
Read4life @TheHeartlandBookFairy I‘m curious to hear your thoughts on it. 4mo
JamieArc I‘m a #mittenlitten and spend quite a bit of time on Lake Michigan, including the Northern parts. I could definitely see a combination of several Lake Michigan towns when I was reading this. Henry herself went to college in one of those towns. (edited) 4mo
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TheHeartlandBookFairy @JamieArc Well this is definitely going on my TBR list 😊 4mo
gossamerchild I grew up in West Michigan, not far at all from many of the towns she was talking about :-) (I think it's a combination of several West Michigan beach towns). So yeah, it seemed really accurate from my experience. I LOVED this book, mostly because of the homesickness I got from it :-) 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I really enjoyed this one. 4mo
Read4life Thank you for the info, @JamieArc @gossamerchild 4mo
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Another #MittenLitten @CKBrooke , fellow #author and friend, has a new book release!

A cross between The Princess Bride and Anastaisa.

Get your #FREE copy today on all platforms!!!

Here‘s the #Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Romancing-Princess-Elorain-Book-1-ebook/dp/B0C5FPG21S/ref...

mom2bugnbee Thank you! Downloaded! 4mo
CrowCAH @mom2bugnbee you‘re welcome ☺️ a win win for readers and author alike! 4mo
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Major score. I‘ve been looking for this one for a long time. It‘s loosely based on a crime that was committed in Australia. I found this at the Maple Street Antiques Mall in Mason, Michigan. #mittenlitten

LeahBergen Nice! I have this one with a different cover. 4mo
quirkyreader @LeahBergen I‘ve seen the other cover as well. I hope you are staying safe with all the fires going on. 4mo
LeahBergen @quirkyreader Thank you, I am! They are quite a bit north of me but we have been blanketed with a lot of the smoke for the last few days. 4mo
CarolynM @LeahBergen Nasty! Hope the fires are out soon. 4mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Thanks! Me, too. 4mo
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Yesterday was our Friends of The Library plant sale out in Mason, Michigan. And yours truly was out in unseasonably cold weather working it. And afterwards I went to other places in town to get more plants. #mittenlitten.

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A few books I acquired yesterday at Spring Fling out in Mason, MI #mittenlitten

SamAnne Oh I love growing peppers! 5mo
quirkyreader @SamAnne So do I. Especially heirlooms and hots. 5mo
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The Long Winter | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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I held my breath awaiting Pa‘s return. This chapter reminded me of the great plows that were eventually made to clear the tracks. I‘ve seen them at the Henry Ford Museum.

Bookwormjillk I love the Henry Ford Museum. Nice to see Mr Edwards again. 5mo
CrowCAH @megnews and @Bookwormjillk are you both in Michigan? I‘m a #MittenLitten ✋🏻 5mo
megnews @CrowCAH outside Cleveland Ohio. I‘ve taken many trips to the Detroit area to take the kids to the museum and village. 5mo
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sblbooks @megnews that's interesting about the plow, I've never seen that before. I'm so glad they got to see Mr Edwards again 5mo
Bookwormjillk @CrowCAH no, but family in Cleveland has us traveling to Michigan a lot. We love the lakes! 5mo
CrowCAH @megnews awesome, glad you‘ve been able to get to The Henry Ford!!! 5mo
CrowCAH @Bookwormjillk Michigan is a great state, we have a lot of attractions! 5mo
Bookwormjillk @CrowCAH yes, we love it 5mo
TheBookHippie I love that museum and greenfield village. 5mo
BarbaraJean It was so great to see Mr. Edwards again! His comments on taxes and politicians were interesting, too—I read an article a while back that said your politics/view of government largely depended on whether you had lived mostly in rural or urban areas. I can see how true that is in a chapter like this—government doesn‘t seem so useful when there‘s little to no infrastructure and you have to clear the train tracks of snow yourself! 5mo
mrp27 Interesting! Agreed, so happy to have a visit with Mr. Edwards. 5mo
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I love when books actually get Michigan right. Of course I love January and Gus and their banter and their chemistry, but on this #reread, I was really struck by how well Henry captured an Up North summer. And we stan a passionate defense of romance novels! #contemporaryromance #romcom

FashionableObserver I loved this one! Actually, I love all of her books! Did you see it‘s going to be a movie?! https://deadline.com/2023/04/20th-century-emily-henrys-beach-read-yulin-kuang-12... (edited) 5mo
kissmehardy @FashionableObserver I did!! I'm so excited I could do backflips!!! 5mo
FashionableObserver I squealed!!! And her new one is due out this Tuesday! I pre-ordered it and cannot wait! 5mo
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kissmehardy @FashionableObserver I have no idea when I'm getting to it, but I'm absolutely stoked for it!! 5mo
FashionableObserver We must reconvene after we‘ve both read it!! So. Excited! I‘m saving it for my vacation in two weeks (may the gods of Self Control be with me!)! 5mo
kissmehardy @FashionableObserver Godspeed! I think I'm going to need the library gods to be on my side to get to it any time soon. 5mo
JamieArc As a #mittenlitten I love this! 5mo
FashionableObserver @kissmehardy I can loan my copy to you when I finish it. Let me know what your library waitlist looks like and if you want to read my copy (edited) 5mo
kissmehardy @FashionableObserver I'll let you know - thank you for the offer!! 5mo
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My roots are in Michigan and I lived there most of my life. This book, for me, was a very pleasant walk down memory lane.


Based on the popular Lost In Michigan website this book contains locations throughout Michigan, and tells their interesting story. Whether you're a long time Michigander, or new to the "Mitten State" there are over 50 stories and locations that you will find fascinating.

JamieArc I didn‘t know you had Michigan roots. I‘m a #mittenlitten ❤️ 6mo
suvata Yep! Born in Saginaw. Childhood in Detroit. Young adulthood in Troy. Raised my son in Madison Heights. I lived briefly in Upstate New York, California, Texas, and now live in Florida, but I still call Michigan home. I love the MittenLitten hashtag. 💛💙❤️ 6mo
AmyK1 I‘m from MI as well. ❤️ 6mo
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suvata @AmyK1 Hi, Amy. Always nice to meet a fellow Michigander. 6mo
AmyK1 @suvata I‘ve been in SC for almost 17 years but lived in MI till then. Grew up in Cadillac, went to Western and then moved to GR before moving here 😁 6mo
Sleepswithbooks 🙋🏻‍♀️Moving back to my Home-State in 236 days after living here in Florida for the past 27 years. #Mittenbound 6mo
suvata @Sleepswithbooks That‘s wonderful. 6mo
gossamerchild I'm from Michigan, too! West Michigan. My family still lives in Muskegon. I miss it all the time, especially the lake. 6mo
suvata @gossamerchild Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful states I‘ve ever lived in. So many lakes! 6mo
quirkyreader Michigander. A transplanted Chicagoan, Hoosier, and then back home to Michigan to be a #mittenlitten. 6mo
suvata @quirkyreader Yay 😃 6mo
dabbe 💚💚💚 the #MittenLittens! My family hails from Grand Rapids, and my husband was directly across from Port Huron! 6mo
suvata @dabbe We #MittenLittens are well represented on Litsy. ❄️ 6mo
dabbe @suvata Yes! 🥰 6mo
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