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I‘m really loving this book. Lamb writes so viscerally and beautifully. I‘m taken right back to the late 1970‘s - when Thursday‘s meant the new issue of TV Guide would be waiting in the mailbox. And that euphoria of discovering what lay ahead in the upcoming week. I would read the TV Guide cover to cover, like it was a text book. Life was full of wonder & anticipation pre Internet. Ohhh, and the JOY of those Fall Preview Issues🥰

Cinfhen Have you started yet @TrishB ??? 2mo
Bookboss Oh, my goodness! I need to read this. I LOVED getting the new TV Guide. 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s really a book about mental illness/schizophrenia @Bookboss but the author describes a scene when one brother rips up the new issue of TV Guide in a rage before his twin has a chance to read it. It was written so vividly (edited) 2mo
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TrishB Nope! Haven‘t finished the last book yet. Work stress. Meetings all day and brain fog by the end of it. 😞 looking forward to it eventually……. 2mo
Cinfhen Ugh, work stress!! Did they have TV Guide in the UK @TrishB 2mo
TrishB We had the equivalent - I can‘t remember the exact name though! Someone with a better memory than me can shout out. I‘m in a mtg that‘s going on for ever at the moment…..hence being on Litsy. 2mo
Cinfhen Ooops, sorry @TrishB xxx @squirrelbrain @rockpools you might remember…..what was the UK equivalent of TV Guide?? 2mo
rockpools Look at those covers!! We had Radio Times and TV Times (both did telly & radio). I think Radio Times was a BBC thing, so probably a bit more ‘proper!‘ Later on I loved going through them with a felt-tip circling all the must-see programmes (probably Top of the Pops and, um, Top of the Pops!) 2mo
Crazeedi @Cinfhen oh my goodness you just brought back memories for me! TV Guides!! They were the best! Like you I read them cover to cover. And we also got Readers Digests that I devoured, 😀 2mo
Cinfhen My grandparents got Readers Digest @Crazeedi and I remember loving those too!!! 2mo
Cinfhen Top of the Pops!! What night was that on @rockpools ?? In all of my #MusicalMemoirs that program is always mentioned as the pinnacle of their success to perform on Top of the Pops 2mo
Crazeedi @Cinfhen let's just say this Cindy, I read everything I could, we didn't have money to buy books, of course I used the library, but anything print that came in the house was fair game for me! In the summer we had a traveling bookmobile that I borrowed from since the school was closed 2mo
squirrelbrain The Christmas Radio Times was always the most exciting! @rockpools @TrishB @Cinfhen 2mo
rockpools @Cinfhen Thursday nights, 7 o‘clock (ish). Truly iconic British TV. Not always for the right reasons 😬, but I‘m guessing every band of the 70s/80s has a TOTP story to tell. And yes @squirrelbrain - I LOVED the Christmas edition 😁 2mo
Cinfhen So funny, we all had similar experiences despite our age, or continent @rockpools @squirrelbrain @TrishB @Crazeedi that proves what it is to be a reader!!! Everything with print was devoured!!! 😊 2mo
Crazeedi @Cinfhen @rockpools @squirrelbrain @TrishB that's why we are connected here❤❤ 2mo
LeahBergen Those covers! What a blast from my past. 🤣 2mo
Suet624 I think this is the best of Lamb‘s books. I read it when it came out and my twins were babies. It impacted me greatly. 2mo
Cinfhen Hahaha, I KNEW you‘d LOVE these covers @LeahBergen but im having trouble placing the TV shows for the 3 guys. I recognize Eric Estrada - CHIPS and I think one is The Dukes of Hazard guy(?)…. 2mo
Cinfhen I didn‘t know you had twins @Suet624 !!! This book is such a chunkster but it‘s fantastic/ such good writing 2mo
Suet624 Yup, 2 of my 4 kids are twins. 🥰 2mo
LeahBergen Yep and the third is Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear 🤣🤣 2mo
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Enjoying this audio, but not nearly as good as some of the others I listened to this month. At 50% listening time, Cain has JUST joined Journey. Cain seems like a good guy ~ clean living and has a deeply religious belief. He hums & strums between chapters and his voice is really beautiful. #Hoopla #NonFictionNovember #MusicalMemoirs

Susanita I love Journey! My husband…does not. 🤣🤣 2mo
Cinfhen I love so many of their ballads @Susanita my hubby will let me play those 80‘s ballads on long car rides it‘s a fun throwback and now I‘m playing their music for background noise 💕🙌🏻😍 2mo
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Continuing on with my #MusicalMemoirs for #NonFictionNovember ♥️🎼🎸🎧🎤 I love when musicians/ performers/ artists surprise you with their humility and veracity. Love that Jon Cain hums, strums and croons as he shares his journey (😉)

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Taking a break from my #MusicalMemoirs for this #ProcrastinationBook6 / I‘m using this for #ReadingAsia2021 #Oman - I‘m still missing a few cities 🤫

Megabooks I did not like this. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s a TOTAL sell out but I‘m using it for my #ReadingAsia21 challenge @Megabooks and it‘s actually background noise while I prepare dinner & fold laundry 2mo
Librarybelle At least it makes good background noise 2mo
Cinfhen Absolutely!! Still haven‘t gotten to #Oman yet @Librarybelle but there was a section about #Bhutan 😁 2mo
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Beastie Boys Book | Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz
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fredthemoose Loved this one! 2mo
Cinfhen It‘s already melting my heart @fredthemoose it‘s a love song to NYC 🚕🗽♥️ 2mo
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TrishB You‘re on a roll with these procrastination pics 😁 2mo
Cinfhen OMG!! My #ProcrastinationPicks are FANTASTIC @TrishB I‘m LOVING these audios!!! This new one is INCREDIBLE 2mo
BarbaraBB Wow, Beastie Boys! I think your rock memoirs might do the trick for me too! 2mo
Cinfhen This one is SCREAMING your name @BarbaraBB 2mo
BarbaraBB I‘ve heard you ❤️❤️ 2mo
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Wouldn't it be Nice: My Own Story | Todd Gold, Brian Wilson
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Day 11. I've read quite a lot of musical memoirs, but this is probably my favourite. #booktober #memorablememoirs #musicalmemoirs

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