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French Exit: A Novel | Patrick DeWitt
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I feel as though the blurbs on the back of French Exit sum it up much more succinctly than I ever could.

Fantastic dialogue, witty, interesting characters. There is a part of me that‘s still unsure of what exactly I just read. A morose yet comical book.

#hazyshadeofwinter #winterwonderland

Cinfhen I bought this as a #KindleDailyDeal a few weeks ago. Hope to get to it in2019 7mo
TrishB One of those books! 7mo
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#WinterWonderland #HazyShadeOfWinter
@TrishB @Cinfhen
Absolutely love this song & The Bangels 80s 🎶❤

Reecaspieces I loved them too. I saw them in concert in Memphis! ❤️❤️❤️ 7mo
GripLitGrl @Reecaspieces that's awesome! 👍😎💕 7mo
TrishB Love the pic too 💕 7mo
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The Silkworm | Robert Galbraith
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Galbraith's second Cormoran Strike novel takes place during the winter. Cormoran's investigation involves a lot of conversations in diners & pubs. A lot of beer, cigarettes & snow. Bombyx Mori, the book in the book is one of the strangest I've ever read. I found the Cinemax adaptation of Cuckoo's Calling to be well done, but I was really disappointed with their handling of Silkworm & never bothered finishing.

TrishB Good pick 👍🏻 7mo
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Moominland Midwinter | Tove Jansson
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#HazyShadeOfWinter #WinterWonderland
There's a patch of snow on the ground
@TrishB @Cinfhen

TrishB How lovely 💕 7mo
arlenefinnigan @TrishB one last Moomin pic for 2018 x 7mo
TrishB There‘s one more day left 😁😁 7mo
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arlenefinnigan @TrishB ooh and I've just realised what I've for for a perfect fit 😀 7mo
TrishB Can‘t wait ❤️ 7mo
Cinfhen 🥳🥳🥳🥳 7mo
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A Hazy Shade of Winter | Patrick Riley
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#WinterWonderland #HazyShadeOfWinter

The view from my room, as the world settles into twilight.

BookishMarginalia Beautiful! 7mo
wanderinglynn Lovely! 💜 7mo
TrishB Lovely 💕 7mo
Cinfhen 💙💙💙All the best to you in2019 7mo
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The Winter People: A Novel | Jennifer McMahon
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This book fits quite well for #HazyShadeofWinter

Has anyone read it? #StillonmyTBR


Callemarie I won this in a giveaway on Instagram and it's on my TBR for January. I've heard nothing but a wee some things about the book 7mo
Callemarie *awesome 7mo
Melissa_J @Callemarie I might give it a try in Jan or Feb, depending on my mood. I‘ll probably end up reading it in mid-summer 😂 7mo
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KrystleTheBookSlayer Loved the book! Hope you enjoy it! 7mo
TrishB Pretty sure it‘s on my tbr! 7mo
JacqMac It was a five star read for me. It‘s great! 7mo
CareBear It‘s on my TBR too. If you have any interest in doing this as a buddy read, let me know! 😊 @Callemarie @TrishB @Melissa_J 7mo
Callemarie Oh I love buddy reads! I'd be down @CareBear just let me know 7mo
sprainedbrain I read it in October and really enjoyed it! 7mo
Melissa_J @CareBear @Callemarie @TrishB Ok, I‘m in! I can only handle read at your own pace buddy reads, though. I have a terrible track record with schedule-driven buddy reads 😂 7mo
Melissa_J @KrystleTheBookSlayer @JacqMac @sprainedbrain Ok, you‘ve all convinced me to read it soon, and it looks like I‘ll have a few others to join me 😊 7mo
Callemarie Haha read at your own pace @Melissa_J i have a million books to read in January anyway haha 7mo
CareBear @Melissa_J @Callemarie @TrishB totally agreed! Want to make it a February read? We can chat at the end of the month. 7mo
Callemarie I'm down for february!!! 7mo
Melissa_J @CareBear @Callemarie @TrishB February is perfect 👌🏻 7mo
Cinfhen I think I did read it😂it is on my shelf!! That I know ❣️❣️❣️❣️ (edited) 7mo
TrishB I‘m in! 7mo
CareBear @TrishB @Melissa_J @Callemarie awesome! I‘ll post soon and see if anyone else wants to join us 😊 7mo
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Snow | Orhan Pamuk
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#winterwonderland #hazyshadeofwinter
I've read this a while ago and enjoyed so when i saw it in a charity shop recently felt I'd get it to reread.
I love the cover which definitely has a hint of winter in the image.

The Winds of Winter | George R. R. Martin
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Publication date for this one is hazy! #HazyShadeofWinter #WinterWonderland @Cinfhen @TrishB

Ruthiella Good one! 😀 7mo
writerlibrarian Brillant ✨ 7mo
TrishB Eventually 🤷‍♀️ 7mo
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Less Than Zero | Bret Easton Ellis
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Not original but I love the Bangles' version of the song. Not so good book or movie. Very, very 80s in the worst way.
#winterwonderland #hazyshadeofwinter #teambangles
@Cinfhen @TrishB

Cinfhen Hahaha!!! No such thing as bad 80‘s 😜 7mo
writerlibrarian @Cinfhen humm i would agree about 85 % of it was fab... Easton Ellis, for me, is in the 15%. Still awesome music. I have playlists, plural, of 80s music. From Sting, to Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Heart, etc. ❤️ 80s music. 7mo
CoffeeNBooks I love 80s on 8 on SiriusXM!! We had the best music back then, lol! 🤣 7mo
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Cinfhen I agree 💯80s music is THE BEST in all of its various forms @writerlibrarian @CoffeeNBooks 7mo
TrishB @Cinfhen agreed 😁 but I don‘t like Easton Ellis either! 7mo
writerlibrarian @CoffeeNBooks i listen to 4 channels in my 🚘 80s on 8, Beatles channel, NHL channel (big surprise, right 🤣) and RC Premiere which is CBC One in French. @Cinfhen (edited) 7mo
CoffeeNBooks @writerlibrarian I listen to the Beatles channel, too! And First Wave (again, I love my 80s), 70s on 7, and 60s on 6. ESPN whenever my husband's in the car. 7mo
Cinfhen Hahaha you and my hubby share an affinity for NHL channel ⛸🏒 @writerlibrarian (edited) 7mo
Cinfhen And Beatles channel @CoffeeNBooks 7mo
writerlibrarian @Cinfhen Canadian girl here. Gotta love hockey. It's in the blood no matter where you come from once you are here you get infected to various degree. Some it near zero others to the max. 😂 7mo
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Rebecca | Daphne Du Maurier, Dame
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Cinfhen Nicely done ✅ 🙌🏻❤️ 7mo
TrishB Clever 👍🏻 7mo
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