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#booksandcoffee #mugtour

In 2016 we jumped in our car for a scenic ride to Stockbridge, MA. After a tour of the Norman Rockwell Museum & its grounds, we ate a scrumptious lunch in the outdoor Courtyard of The Red Lion Inn, an Historic Landmark. When perusing through town we discovered the once Back Room restaurant that was memorialized by Arlo Guthrie‘s iconic song, “Alice‘s Restaurant.” That‘s me pictured in front of the building on Alice St.

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Concrete Rose | Angie Thomas
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During Wider Reading ( silent reading of a book of choice) I began this book. Only 39 pages in and I am hooked. #AngieThomas #booksandcoffee

megnews I loved this. 1mo
Karisa Ooh, that‘s on my tbr. Can‘t wait! Wait. Your school is still going this week?! Not out for Winter Break? 1mo
kspenmoll @Karisa Not yet. CT believes in short breaks! 😱 we go until Thursday, 12/23. 1mo
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Karisa @kspenmoll 🙀😱🙀😱🙀 Wowza! Hang in there! 💗 1mo
kspenmoll @Karisa it‘s such a slowwwww week!!! 1mo
Karisa I bet! Our last day was Friday and some of our 6th graders were barely hanging in there all week. The only thing keeping them in the game was prepping for a unit culminating event (India Cultural Day). Do you still get two weeks off though? 1mo
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“A living map of Montparnasse.“ --
“Longing for #Paris, but can't travel now? This book will take you there--“
#BooksandCoffee #LitsyFeature
“brilliantly researched, imaginative cross-genre #historicalfiction “ --kirkus

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Issue one of Moorit arrived! This is a higher end crochet magazine I supported on Kickstarter. Beautifully produced. # crafting #booksandcoffee #coffeandabook

Chrissyreadit It looks beautiful! But complex ❤️ 3mo
Lauredhel @Chrissyreadit not so complex I think - most look about intermediate, and a couple really quite simple 3mo
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The Visitors: A Novel | Sally Beauman
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Morning coffee on the deck. #booksandcoffee #summerreading

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The Clue | Carolyn Wells
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#breast # catsoflitsy #booksandcoffee

When I sit for breakfast my sidekick Em-cat finds my lap. Every.day. 😻

AmyG My cat used to do that, too. ❤️ 7mo
fredamans I love your Strand Bookstore mug! The Strand is on this Canadian's bucket list! 7mo
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#coffeeandbooks #booksandcoffee #libby #capecod
Listening to this recording from Libby while awaiting my sister-then on to 4 days at the Cape!

Crazeedi Have a great time! 7mo
Cathythoughts So lovely for you ❤️ 7mo
SilversReviews Great photo!! 7mo
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kspenmoll @Crazeedi Thanks Diane! I am here & we are enjoying ourselves thoroughly! 7mo
kspenmoll @Cathythoughts my first post Covid trip! 7mo
kspenmoll @SilversReviews Thank you! 7mo
SilversReviews @kspenmoll You are welcome. 😊 7mo
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#booksandcoffee #coffeeandbooks #bookwilltravel

Slow going but this book is worth it! Drinking morning coffee while waiting for my car‘s oil to be changed, safety check. It‘s a 2005 Ford Taurus that was my mom‘s- hoping to nurse it along until used car rates go down ( hopefully) in autumn. Just thinking how lucky I am to be a reader- waiting time goes so fast!!! Happy Friday all!

booksellerofyourdiscontent That is a nice book sleeve. Do you mind me asking where you got it? 7mo
kspenmoll @booksellerofyourdiscontent Don‘t mind at all. Think on Etsy but will double check. 7mo
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charl08 That looks close to perfection for a Sat am. 8mo
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99 Days | Katie Cotugno
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💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
I was SO in the mood for this YA romance. Exactly what I had in mind for the weekend. #YA #romance #yaromance #booksandcoffee

Tera66 Ooohh! I love your nails! 8mo
la_rose_noire Thank you @Tera66 😍 8mo
monalyisha I love Katie Cotugno! 😍 8mo
Sparklemn I love your nails, too! 💙 8mo
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