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Wisconsin Death Trip | Michael Lesy, Charles Van Schaick
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The universe has been telling me I finally need to read this book and watch this documentary. Earlier this week, I came across the NYT article about the book 50 years on (my library still has the 1973 edition). And then, I turn to the first page of Stella Maris by Cormac McCarthy yesterday and there it is, Black River Falls, WI.

Cinfhen I love when I get #BookKismet ✨⚡️✨ 1mo
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I was today years old when I found out David Sedaris knew Lucy Grealy! Not surprising as they were both writers in NYC in the early 90s.

Right here ⬆️ in this essay about his cranky neighbor Helen, he tells her he knows the poet who lost half her jaw to cancer that was on Oprah. I can‘t think of who else it would be besides Lucy.

britt_brooke This is where I admit I‘m not familiar with Lucy Grealy, but I do love this catch, and think you must be right! (edited) 2y
britt_brooke Btw, this cover is cool, but the original - the van Gogh smoking skeleton - is one of my all-time favorite covers. 2y
Megabooks @britt_brooke ah, I just read Ann Patchett‘s memoir of her friendship with Lucy on Friday (Truth and Beauty) and then Lucy‘s memoir (tagged) two days before that! 2y
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Megabooks @britt_brooke and yes, I miss that cover as well!! Audible automatically changed to this when the books was reissued. 2y
robinb Hope you are recovering well! :) 2y
Cinfhen That‘s a great catch/ love that #BookKismet 💫❣️I don‘t think I‘ve listened to this one from Sedaris...I know it‘s one of his older ones 2y
britt_brooke @Megabooks Totally missed those posts! Or didn‘t pay attention. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks! 2y
Megabooks @robinb I am. I look a worse with two black eyes now, but I‘m starting to feel better. Thanks for asking! 2y
Megabooks @Cinfhen It came out in 2008, so it‘s not super old, but it‘s not one of the ones people immediately attribute to him either. It happens to be my favorite, though. 2y
Megabooks @britt_brooke No big deal!! 💜 2y
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#WinterWonderland #December1963 This book was first published in May 1963 and then rereleased with a much snazzier cover in December 2006. I came across this title last week in another book which felt like #BookKismet 💫🌟💫✨💫🌟Has anyone read this book?? In the book Our Short History, a dying mom is putting together a future book list for her son and this book was on the list.

TrishB Looks interesting. And of course he‘s always referred to in the Gabriel Allon books. 4y
Ruthiella Never read it but I feel I should read something from Arendt. I need about 20 years to catch up on stuff I feel I should have read in my 20s or 30s. 4y
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Cinfhen How could I forget @TrishB 😝 4y
Susanita There‘s a movie with Oscar Isaacs, who‘s distractingly handsome. Operation Finale 4y
saresmoore I haven‘t read this one, but I love Hannah Arendt! She was a brilliant philosopher. 4y
Cinfhen I haven‘t read any Hannah Arendt but I remembering learning about her in a Jewish studies class @saresmoore 4y
Cinfhen I wonder if I can find a copy of the movie on line @Susanita 🤔 4y
emtobiasz I read most of this in a college course— can‘t remember the exact description but we read a lot of nonfiction on the Holocaust and the atomic bomb and fiction on dystopias and other horrifying situations. (Maybe it was just about evil?) I remember this book being brilliant but the prose dense and difficult. 4y
Cinfhen I was afraid it might be dry or clinical @emtobiasz that‘s why I hesitate to try it 4y
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Couldn‘t put this fun historical #romantsy down. Lady Xenobia India is a fixer, she solves staffing problems in aristocratic households, she redecorates country estates for exorbitant fees. She‘s just accepted her most difficult job- turning the irascible Thorn Dautry into a proper gentleman. Full of punny high jinks and sexy times 🔥

Sace STACKED! 5y
Dragon Thanks @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Enjoy! 👍🐉 5y
Sace Oh it was meant to be! I had a free book credit at ThriftBooks! #bookkismet 5y
CarolynM Stacked. Eloisa James books are always fun. (edited) 5y
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River at Night | Erica Ferencik
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Starting a new book and look what the epigraph reads " There was clearly felt the presence of a force not bound to be kind to man. It was a place of heathenism and #superstitious rites, to be inhibited by men nearer of kin to the rocks and to wild animals than we."
Henry David Thoreau #SpookyOctober @Jess7 #bookKismet ✨✨✨

Alfoster It‘s good! 5y
Centique What an amazing quote! 😍 5y
Jen_Reads I‘ve had that book for so long and haven‘t read it yet! I grew up about a half hour south of where it takes place. 5y
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Cinfhen I'm really enjoying this book so far...you can feel the tension & panic in every page and the river is quite the scary beast @Centique @Alfoster @Jen_Reads 5y
Alfoster So we probably won‘t be going on a Litsy rafting trip any time soon!😭😭😭 5y
Cinfhen Hell no!!!!! @Alfoster 😱😰 5y
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