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Middlesex: A Novel | Jeffrey Eugenides
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When all fiction paperbacks are on sale for $1.00
#takemymoney #buyallthebooks

Meme: Poems | Susan Wheeler
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I‘m headed to a different thrift store today, cause I have nothing better to do, and also because BOOKS.

#thrifting #BookishMemes #buyALLthebooks

Q84 Soooooo true! 10mo
Foragingfantasy Love this. I‘m the same. But my house is so tiny I feel like we are being evicted by my books. I‘m boxing a lot of them up to store until I get my promised wall of bookshelves in the (near/distant) future. 10mo
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Ship of Theseus | Doug Dorst, V. M. Straka, Jeffrey Jacob Abrams
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I should not be allowed near a Barnes & Noble. I couldn‘t find the Funko Pop I wanted, but I gave a gnome a home, which is even better. 😉

#bookhaul #bookbuyingbinge #buyallthebooks #sorrynotsorry

Lovesbooks87 I shouldn't be allowed near a Barnes & Noble either. They know me by name there! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 10mo
LaraReads Awesome! Lol. ‘Give a gnome a home‘ should definitely be a future #litsyswap 10mo
rachelk That gnome is the cutest! 10mo
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TrishB Cute 😁 10mo
Karkar That gnome is too cute!!!! 10mo
Reagan Excellent book! 10mo
UwannaPublishme Love your new gnome! 🙌🏻 10mo
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Happy weekend reading!

What are you reading this weekend? I‘m working on the tagged book. At this point it‘s just meh, but I hope it gets better soon. It‘s pretty short, so not gonna bail. But No Exit is waiting!

#weekendreading #buyallthebooks #nolimitsinavirtualcart

AlaMich I‘m reading The Winter of the Witch. Also recovering from helping my brother move yesterday. I am getting too old for that nonsense!! 🥴😴 12mo
Bklover Love this! I have carts full of stuff all over the internet! I‘m about 50 pages into about four different books- can‘t seem to settle in! Enjoy your weekend!! 12mo
kspenmoll I do this all the time!!!! 12mo
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kspenmoll Reading The Johnstown Flood and The English Wife. (edited) 12mo
cathysaid @AlaMich Right? I can‘t get off the couch anymore without making strange noises. When did that happen?!? 12mo
cathysaid @Bklover I almost always have more than one going, but four would be outside my limit. 🤗 12mo
cathysaid @kspenmoll Do you mean Flood? If so, is it good? Sounds interesting. 12mo
AlaMich @cathysaid I KNOW!! 👵🏻 12mo
kspenmoll @cathysaid Yes! I hit send often before editing! 🤪 I literally just opened & am reading forward at the moment. 12mo
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No Title | None
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What started as a cute way to store “a few extra books” has become a monster of a makeshift shelf 😂

bg_reads The best of problems! 📚💜 1y
Stephuhhnieee @cbwaug Yeesssss! That‘s the positivity I need in my life🙌🏻 😂 1y
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The List | Patricia Forde
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"I cannot live without books." - Thomas Jefferson.


@Beachesnbooks, this one's for you! ?

Here are the "spoils" of my visit to Barnes & Noble's "First 50% Book Haul and Book Blowout" earlier today.

I also picked up a second copy of Strange the Dreamer for mah bestie AND got to score this sweet, sweet (free!) tote bag for buying 3 books or more! Yay!

#itsahaulyall #buyallthebooks #buttheywereonsale #bnismyhappyplace

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When you go to the thrift store looking for #wedding decor pieces, and you come out with more books. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #iwillneverchange #buyallthebooks

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It‘s finally here! Almost a week late, but it‘s here! I‘m kind of sorry the dust jacket isn‘t black like book one, but at least they are the same height. I call that a win. 😂

TrishB They‘re gorgeous aren‘t they 😁 1y
DGRachel @TrishB Yes! I love them. I was excited to find it on Book Depository (free shipping), but it took forever. I may order the third, when it‘s available, from Waterstones and pay for shipping, like I did with the first book. Book Depository seems to be having a lot of shipping issues lately. 1y
TrishB Are you just collecting the Hufflepuff ones? I‘ve gone for all of them and really have no shelf space!! 1y
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DGRachel @TrishB I am sticking to just my house because of cost and space. I already have a full hardback set of the originals and am collecting the illustrated editions as they come out. If they released house editions in the US, I might do them all, but since I have to order from the U.K., I just can‘t justify the expense to myself. 1y
InLibrisVeritas Now that I have them on my shelves I kind of wish they stuck to one color scheme as well. 1y
TrishB I know! It‘s very expensive!! 1y
DGRachel @TrishB I should actually be grateful they aren‘t available here, because it‘s a lot easier to stick to just one House. If I had to walk past them in a bookstore, I am sure I‘d cave and #buyallthebooks. 😂😂 1y
TrishB I‘ve brought all of them in hardback and paperback.....😱 1y
Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells oooooh, pretty! 1y
elyseh Hufflepuff!! This is awesome! 1y
IamIamIam 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 1y
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I rarely buy books new so I don‘t know if this is a good deal or not, but I wanted to share the love with a #dealalert just in case. 😊📚 #buyallthebooks (Unfortunately the free shipping is only to US addresses 😕)

HufflepuffGirl90 Thanks for the share!! 2y
obviateit @HufflepuffGirl90 My pleasure! 😊💛 2y
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Note to self: going to the bookstore on payday, after a bad week, while tired and depressed is NEVER a good idea. 🤦🏻‍♀️


minkyb Excellent choices! 2y
Sarah83 Great books 😍💖 2y
readordierachel Or it's a *wonderful* idea 😉. Hope the books cheer you up! 2y
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SharonGoforth Sure it is!!! 😊📚 2y
Aimeesue Sounds like the Best Idea Ever to me! Enjoy! 2y
QuietlyLaura Looks like much needed self-care! 😊 2y
Richryan52 I love the Holmes books and I‘m reading The Other Woman 2y
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