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A Season of Gifts | Richard Peck
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Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 6mo
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Grown | Tiffany D. Jackson
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Guess I‘m double double cheating for #March for #12booksof2021 #3rdbookof2021

Love all of these so much it was too hard to decide and there were other great books I read in March as well!

On a Sunbeam was an incredible sci fi queer graphic novel.
Grown was a stunning and eye opening story.
The Four Winds swept me up and had me in the tissues.
American Street is a moving story of romance, tackling immigration and family hardships.


megnews Grown was really good. I have The Four Winds and American Street on my tbr. Can‘t wait to read them. 6mo
Andrew65 Some great choices. 6mo
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This Lovely City | Louise Hare
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My favorite book from #March #3rdbookof2021

Honorable mentions: “The Mirror and the Light” by Hillary Mantel and “The Housekeeper and the Professor” by Yoko Ogawa

Andrew65 This looks good. 6mo
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My #3rdBookOf2021 for #March is the last in The Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers. Every book she‘s written so far has been amazing, this was no exception. Pei, Ashby‘s lover & an Aeluon whose race forbids inter-species relationships, is stranded on Gora, an interstellar “truck stop” when it‘s gates are blown up. Forced to spend time with a group of unrelated species, they all learn that underneath, they all are very similar. #12BooksOf2021

julesG That was my February pick. 😁 6mo
Andrew65 Another great choice. 6mo
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Netherland: A Novel | Joseph O'Neill
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#12booksof2021 #3rdbookof2021 #March

My only reason for reading this book was to tick off a prompt on the #Booked2021 reading challenge but it turned out to be a little gem - a beautifully written meditation on immigrant identity in post 9/11 NYC. And cricket.

Andrew65 Love it when that happens. 6mo
Andrew65 Best not mention cricket 🙈 We have a team that can‘t bat for love nor money! Never known a weaker batting line up. 6mo
Leftcoastzen I read it when it first came out , I remember liking it a lot. 6mo
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CarolynM @Andrew65 Oh well, I've been enjoying it 😆 Seriously, though, it's a big ask for the English players given all the circumstances. Anderson bowled beautifully yesterday. 6mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM How he keeps doing it at his age I will never know. Some rank bad decisions - fancy leaving him and Broad both out of the first game. Not that it would matter as Australia are the clear better team, much stronger batting unit. Even without a pandemic batting has become an increasing issue in recent years. Think coach needs to go. 6mo
CarolynM @Andrew65 At the risk of rubbing salt into the wound, England's fielding helped some of those scores. 6mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM Yes and absolutely no excuse for that, they are usually a strong fielding team. To be honest never been convinced Joe Root is a good captain, a great batsman but does even then get out too often once he gets over 50. 6mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM Now 46/5, embarrassing! 6mo
CarolynM @Andrew65 It was a good ball that got Stokes 6mo
Andrew65 @CarolynM To be fair it was, been a lot of good balls in the series. 6mo
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My Cousin Rachel | Daphne Du Maurier
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#12Booksof2021 #3rdBookof2021 #March @Andrew65

Loved this book and I recommend it all the time. 💚

Andrew65 Love Daphne Du Maurier. 6mo
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On Mystic Lake | Kristin Hannah
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#12Booksof2021 #2ndBookof2021 #February ❤️
#12Booksof2021 #3rdBookof2021 #March 💚

Kristin Hannah has turned out to be a must read author for me. I had read books by her previously and enjoyed them, but this one just hit differently. As a result, I read several of her books in 2021 and didn‘t want them to end.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue falls into the ‘Litsy made me do it‘ category and I‘m so glad it did.

Andrew65 Great choices and two books I want to read. 6mo
kplovesbooks Agreed with Andrew, both of these are on my TBR! 6mo
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#12BooksOf2021 #3rdbookof2021 #March
In March I finally read this classic. I had put it off because I had loved the movie, and since we all know that books-to-movies is a touchy thing, I was afraid that the book would somehow be different. Also, I felt I should love it just because of the subject but what if the writing stunk like some famous books? Anyway, I finally sat myself down to read it. And YES. ALL THE STARS.

Andrew65 A true classic. 6mo
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#12Booksof2021 #3rdBookof2021 #March

I'm not saying this was the best book I read but it definitely hit a little different, especially at the time I picked it up. Powerful if nothing else.


Andrew65 Looks good, stacked it. 6mo
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Acts of Desperation | Megan Nolan
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Not for everyone but I loved this.. so much! Perceptive and raw. Yes it was uncomfortable, as I saw my younger self in this unnamed protagonist. A dark psychological portrait of an insecure young woman, and it really got under my skin. She defines herself by a love unrequited, a toxic relationship with a beautiful cruel man. So many TW, for self harm, disordered eating, verbal and physical abuse. This girl felt familiar and alive.

Andrew65 Looks good. 6mo
Ruthiella Stacking. My 20s weren‘t terrible but I know they could have been when I read books like this. I think that “could have been me” feeling is what draws me to this kind of narrative. 6mo
KarenUK @Ruthiella me too… I‘m definitely drawn to books like this. 6mo
Cinfhen Unfortunately this one wasn‘t for me. XX 6mo
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