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Pokemon Go Guide
Pokemon Go Guide: How to Find Locations, Get More Coins, Pokeball, Ultraball, Eggs, Incense, Master Balls and the Best Data States for Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Tips,tricks | D. D. Daniels
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Pokemon Go has in a matter of weeks become an internet phenomenon. It made $14 million for its creators since launch, and it's breaking all sorts of records and topping download charts. But why? What is it? How can you get it? Here's the lowdown on everything you need to know about Nintendo and The Pokemon Company's latest smash hit. What's In This Ultimate Pokemon Go Guide? This is a comprehensive guide for Pokemon Go. All of a sudden it's like we've travelled back in time to the mid 1990s. Everybody has Pokemon fever again, and people are quite literally out on the streets catching Pokemon, which is something of a bizarre thing to think about. Topics covered in this guide include... * How to earn XP, level up, join gym teams and more * Getting started and catching Pokemon * Levelling up your trainer and Pokemon * Gyms, Teams and Pokemon battles * Advanced tips and tricks for catching Pokemon * Hatching eggs and finding out which Pokemon are inside * Rewards, XP and unlockable items for every level * How to find rare and legendary Pokemon * Using Incense correctly to catch Pokemon * How to easily tell if there's a problem with the Pokemon server and much more! What's The Craze All About? To break it down to its simplest description, Pokemon Go uses your mobile phone's satellite GPS systems and built-in clock to figure out where and when you are when the game is open. When you've got the game open, the game then populates the world around you with Pokemon. You end up looking at the
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We added a new member to our family in November - this is Nova Candy! Nova is an ~ 6 year old chihuahua drop of sunshine. She went to the vet today for her booster, and we had our first attempt at a photo session with the tree there. Lol good start!

I got her picture with a pokeball ornament that reminds me of a family member. My sister Kim loves playing Pokémon Go.
#christmasornamenthunt #wintergames #ghostsofxmas #dogsoflitsy @BookwormAHN

AmyG She is so cute! Lucky girl. 3mo
Ruthiella ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️ 3mo
BookwormAHN So cute 🩵🤍🩵 3mo
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AnnCrystal TOO SWEET❕😍💕🐶 How wonderful 😊💝. 3mo
dabbe Hello there, Nova! You are adorable and one lucky girl! 🖤🐾🖤 3mo
BookNAround What a little love! 3mo
Gissy Awww🐶🤎🤎🤎 3mo
GondorGirl What a sweet baby! 🥰 3mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @AmyG ! We feel lucky. 3mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @BookwormAHN ! 💙🐕 3mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @AnnCrystal ! 💙🐕 3mo
PaperbackPirate She says Hi @dabbe ! 💙🐕 3mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @Gissy ! 💙🐕 3mo
PaperbackPirate Thank you @GondorGirl ! 💙🐕 3mo
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