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The Great Witch of Brittany
The Great Witch of Brittany | Louisa Morgan
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"There hasn't been a witch born in the Orchire clan for generations. According to the elders, that line is dead, leaving the clan vulnerable to the whims of superstitious villagers and the prejudices of fearmongering bishops. Ursule Orchire has been raised on stories of the great witches of the past. But the only magic she knows is the false spells her mother weaves over the gullible women who visit their fortune-telling caravan. All of that changes when Ursule comes of age and a spark of power flares to life-the power of witchcraft, guided by the whispers of her ancestors and an ancient grimoire. Simply thrilled to be chosen, she has no idea how magic will twist and shape her future. Ursule is destined to walk the same path the great witches of old took before her. But first, the Orchire magical lineage will have to survive. And danger hovers over her, whether it's the bloodlust of the mob or the flames of the pyre"--
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I loved this story so much! I traveled to Brittany for this book! I couldn‘t sleep last night so this book kept me company. I highly recommend reading the other books in this series first. This is an auto read author for me. #travelthroughreading #brittany #bookspin @TheAromaofBooks

BrittanyReads That's where my mom got the idea for my name. Haha I'm tempted to read this series in honor of my namesake. And I love witchy tales. This book is 3rd in the series, no? 2w
KristiAhlers Yes this book 3 in this particular series by this author. She has another witchy series as well. She really tells a wonderful story. I think you‘ll like it. And that‘s totally awesome about your name. It‘s actually a very pretty part of France. 2w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2w
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I stayed up way too late reading this last night and have been itching to get through the workday today so I can get back to it! So, so good...

PatriciaU I finished and can say the entire story is captivating. For those who have not read Morgan‘s A Secret History of Witches, I would recommend you read this one first then Secret History, which begins where this story ends. 4mo
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