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The Black Rose
The Black Rose | Thomas B. Costain
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After he is forced to leave Oxford for participating in the riots of 1273, Walter of Gurnie travels to China with his friend Tristam.
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The Black Rose | Thomas B. Costain
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Fun idea and I love learning about my fellow Littens! Tagging some new-to-me Littens hoping to learn more about you. @hhavel @Crazeedi @fangirl.way @Cweeeevs

Kaye Can you tell me more about your favorite book ? I haven‘t heard of it. How did you meet your husband since he‘s from so far away from Texas ? 10mo
Texreader @kaye He got a scholarship to attend a public policy seminar in Massachusetts that I was attending for my job with an economics studies non-profit. 1 week with him in Massachusetts convinced us to marry. Now 30 years later apparently we were right. 10mo
Texreader @Kaye And the book: ❤️❤️❤️ Adventurous historical fiction shortly after the Normans defeated the Saxons. About the MC‘s travels to an unknown land, Cathay (China). Started my intense love of historical fiction. Book was my grandmother‘s, so can only find it in used bookstores. So worth it. Thanks for asking!! 10mo
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LibrarianRyan 👍🏻😁🤓 10mo
TrishB I‘m an 80s girl too ❤️ 10mo
Booksnchill All our lawyers showing up! #LawyersOfLitsy. High School in the 80‘s for me but I remember A-Ha as the best video from that new little channel MTV! 10mo
Crazeedi Omgoodness I forgot about this book, it was a great one I read as a youth 10mo
Crazeedi @Texreader thanks for tagging me! I'm making my list and posting in a bit 10mo
Tanisha_A Switzerland is sooo beautiful! 10mo
wanderinglynn Love A-ha! And I would love to get into genealogy. 👍🏻 10mo
wanderinglynn Plus I‘m a #LawyerOfLitsy too! 10mo
heikemarie Typesetter! Cool! 10mo
Bookzombie Now I have Take On Me in my head, lol. 🙂 10mo
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The Black Rose | Thomas B. Costain
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Best. Book. Ever. I promised if I ever found copies I'd buy them up. It's been years and then this weekend look what I found! In beautiful condition. It is partly romantic; but much more historical action adventure, which is my first love. Found my first copy in my grandmother's book collection, who died when my mom was young. So this book is a connection to an amazing woman I never knew. But this book!!! Movie=meh. Book=❤️. More 👇🏻

Texreader The Black Rose is a 1945 historical novel by Thomas B. Costain. It is a fictional story set in the 13th century about a young Saxon who journeys to the far-away land of Cathay in search of fortune. From Wikipedia 3y
Gezemice Sounds great! I love historical fiction but nowadays they are mostly romance novels... 🙁 So I always like ideas that are not! 3y
Texreader @Gezemice It really bugs me that the paper cover calls it a romantic novel. There is a love story--a nice one that goes well with the overall story. But I've always felt the book was about the amazing journey from England to China and back before Englishmen knew about China. And a story about friendship and class relations (Anglos and Saxons), and riches to rags story. It has everything! 3y
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Gezemice @Texreader Sounds great! I think it uses romantic in the sense of historic adventure, not romance. My mother has a series of "the romantic classics" and they are adventure novels. From the twenties! 3y
LeahBergen Now I need to find this! I love that era. 3y
Texreader Costain was Canadian! Wonder if you might have more luck finding his books. 3y
Texreader @Gezemice Well I'll be darned. I learned something new again! Thanks for that explanation. Makes all sorts of sense now. 3y
BarbaraJean This sounds so good! I'll have to keep an eye out for it. @Texreader @Gezemice, I wonder if either of you have heard of the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett? They follow a fascinating roguish anti-hero through 16th-century Europe, Russia, & the Ottoman Empire. Dunnett can be a bit hard to get into- she packs SO much into her writing- but it's worth it. I cannot recommend the series highly enough! Lymond is one of my favorite characters ever. (edited) 3y
Texreader @BarbaraJean Sounds amazing! I'll have to keep an eye out for this author! Thanks so much!! 3y
LeahBergen Oh! I just saw your comment 👆🏻 Come to think of it, I HAVE seen a lot of his books at book sales. 👍🏼 3y
Texreader @LeahBergen oh so fortunate! I actually have a number of his books. But I've never made it through them. If they didn't grab me as fast as the Black Rose then I bailed. I guess I need to give them a try. Well, do look for this one. It is so good. 3y
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The Black Rose | Thomas B. Costain

This book is probably my favorite of all time. I've read it over and over. It's terrific historical fiction and full of adventure. It is one of the few items I inherited from a grandmother who died before I was born. An oldie but a goodie. When you can find it, buy it.

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