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The Death of Murat Idrissi
The Death of Murat Idrissi | Tommy Wieringa
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Two venturesome women on a journey through the land of their fathers and mothers. A wrong turn. A bad decision. They had no idea, when they arrived in Morocco, that their usual freedoms as young European women would not be available. So, when the spry Saleh presents himself as their guide and saviour, they embrace his offer. He extracts them from a tight space, only to lead them inexorably into an even tighter one: and from this far darker space there is no exit. Their tale of confinement and escape is as old as the landscapes and cultures so vividly depicted in this story of where Europe and Africa come closest to meeting, even if they never quite touch.
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Home is #SoFarAway when you‘re driving with a dead refugee in the trunk of your car from Morroco to the Netherlands. And where is home actually when your parents are Morrocan but you are born and raised in the Netherlands? Neither feels like home. The eternal dilemma of the migrant and the current flow of North Africans crossing the Mediterranean form the core of this novel.

#ATY2019 Set in a Mediterranean country

Kalalalatja Oh, sounds really good! 6mo
Mdargusch Great review! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Very intriguing. 6mo
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Cinfhen Your review makes me want to read this book, even though @Simona gave it a so-so. But im gonna go library route #BorrowNotBuy 6mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen it is a #borrownotbuy kind of book indeed! I would have send you my copy but I‘m afraid it wouldn‘t be of much help 😉😘 6mo
Cinfhen Hahaha!!! You‘re so sweet and I see it‘s in Dutch!!! How awesome 🙌🏻😂😂 6mo
emilyhaldi Yikes!!! Sounds like a rough road trip 😬 6mo
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I can‘t tell you why my rating is so-so, because I can‘t figure it out why and what doesn‘t work for me in this story about 2nd generation of migrants - for the first time in Morocco and on the way back to Netherlands experiencing some bad things. The narrator‘s view point on the subject is interesting and quite fresh, but I‘m not sure of everything else ... ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #MBIP2019 #ManBookerInternationalPrize

Cinfhen The premise sounds great and the writing looks good. Was it the (lack of) length? 7mo
Cinfhen Was the subject matter to uncomfortable?? 7mo
Simona @Cinfhen The subject is tough, but I don‘t feel uncomfortable about it. I have the feeling that this was originally a short story, prolonged into novella. 7mo
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BookwormM I didn‘t enjoy this one. The blurb promised me one kind of book and then gave me something completely different. I think I would have appreciated it if the girls had actually grown up and taken responsibility for their actions 7mo
BarbaraBB @BookwormM @Simona @cinfhen I did enjoy it because it is very recognizable for me: the story of 2nd generation Morrocans in the Netherlands. But I also felt like that should be what the story was about - now there was a lot more and not all of it worked well. (edited) 6mo
Simona @BookwormM @BarbaraBB I don‘t think that it was bad, I was between pick and so-so, and I‘m almost sure that this one is going to be on my shortlist, but unfortunately it was also very unsatisfying read for me... 6mo
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Not the book the blurb promised me

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