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Murder in the Crooked House
Murder in the Crooked House | Soji Shimada
A fiendish LOCKED ROOM MYSTERY from the Japanese master of the genre. Never before available in English. By the author of the acclaimed Tokyo Zodiac Murders. The Crooked House sits on a snowbound cliff overlooking icy seas at the remote northern tip of Japan. A curious place for the millionaire Kozaburo Hamamoto to build a house, but even more curious is the house itself - a disorienting maze of sloping floors and strangely situated staircases, full of bloodcurdling masks and uncanny, lifesize dolls. When a man is found dead in one of the mansion's rooms, murdered in seemingly impossible circumstances, the police are called. But they are unable to solve the puzzle, and powerless to protect the party of house guests as more bizarre deaths follow. Enter Kiyoshi Mitarai, the renowned sleuth, famous for unmasking the culprit behind the notorious Umezawa family massacre. Surely if anyone can crack these cryptic murders he will. But you have all the clues too - can you solve the mystery of the murders in The Crooked House first?
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According to the blurb, Soji Shimada is referred to as ‘The God of Mystery‘ in Japan, having published over 100 mystery books. Needless to say, still on the TBR!
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Cathythoughts Sounds so good ! Stacked 2mo
OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚😊 2mo
LeahBergen This sounds good! 👍🏻 2mo
batsy On my TBR as well! I've been lucky to read a few of the Pushkin Vertigos as ARCs and I've enjoyed them all. 2mo
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Birthday bookhaul. My family and friends know me! ❤

Megabooks Happy birthday!! 3mo
AutumnRLS @Megabooks thanks! ❤ 3mo
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My book club pick for this month is a classic locked-room mystery. It was a little creepy & bizarre though. Nothing seemed to make sense but quite a thrilling read nonetheless.

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I finished this one yesterday. I enjoyed it. I thought I knew who was behind things, but I was wrong. I have missed reading mysteries like this.

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Hiya #lmpbc #groupY ! A quite random selection here - Would you have any interest in any of these?

RachelO Happy to find another selection if you don‘t fancy this little lot! 6mo
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RachelO (3rd attempt to link to one with a blurb!) 6mo
jenniferw88 I'm intrigued by all but this one appeals to me most! 6mo
jhod I have read the history of bees (and its really good!), no prefefences, all look interesting!! 6mo
RachelO @jhod fab - I didn‘t really want to write in that one, but thought it‘d be fun to read with people! 6mo
Cathythoughts Oh brilliant! I havnt read any & I‘m open to them all ... they look great ! Well picked 6mo
Cathythoughts I‘m learning.. I see you & Jenny tagged the books ... Litsy learning curve 😁 6mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts 😁 I just copied Jenny! Great - I‘ll have a think... 6mo
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A few firsts for me with this book, first Japanese Author, first locked room murder and I'm left with mixed feelings.
See my full review here:

rretzler I read The 8 Mansion Murders (also a shin honkaku) earlier this year and it had an introduction by Shimada. By the description of the book and Shimada‘s intro, I thought the book would be perfect for me. I had mixed feelings about it as well. Shimada made it sound as though it would be really funny, and I suppose it would have been if one were into the Three Stooges. I was thinking I would look for other shin honkaku but now I‘m not so sure. ☹️ 7mo
cathysaid A few of my favorites...Hiromi Kawakami, Keigo Higashino, and Kazuo Ishiguro. And of course, Murakami. But it seems Murakami is not for everyone. Higashino has several crime novels I liked. And I liked the following by Kawakami 7mo
Michellesibs @cathysaid so many people have mentioned murakami to me so he is on my list to try 🙂 7mo
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Michellesibs @rretzler it's hard isn't it because you don't know if the author or the translator is not for you. I will try more Japanese authors though at some stage 7mo
rretzler I‘ve read and liked several Japanese authors, but I think the locked room mysteries may not be for me - which is disappointing because I love British locked room mysteries. You may want to also try Banana Yoshimoto. I enjoyed her book Kitchen. Ishiguro is one of my favorite authors. I‘m not a huge Murakami fan, but I‘ve only read 1Q84 and found it to be very repetitive, which since it is a long book (1,332 pages) turned me off in the end. 7mo
rretzler For The 8 Mansion Murders, I would definitely say it was the author because it was the slap-stick nature of the humor that did not appeal to me. The actual mystery and solution were well-plotted and if the author would have stuck with that instead of trying to add humor, I think I would have enjoyed it more! I get what you mean about simplistic writing - it has a way of turning me off as well, and that could definitely be a translation issue. 7mo
Michellesibs @rretzler is there any British locked room mysteries you'd recommend? I'd never heard of this genre until very recently and while this book has let me down I'd definitely try a British one 7mo
rretzler John Dickson Carr is known as the master of the locked room mystery. He was an American author who lived in England and was a member of the Detection Club. The Hollow Man is probably his best though he wrote many others. GK Chesterton wrote the Father Brown mysteries - some of those short stories are locked room. Gaston Leroux‘s Mystery of the Yellow Room is very good as is Jacques Futrelle‘s The Problem of Cell 13. Freeman Wills Croft is another 7mo
rretzler FWC from last post is another author who wrote locked room mysteries. Many of the locked room mysteries were written in the 1920s and 1930s or prior. However one of my favorite modern mystery authors, Peter Lovesey, has a locked room mystery - Bloodhounds, which is also good. I‘ve read many more but that‘s all I could come up with off the top of my head. Goodreads has a list - https://bit.ly/2Wia0tD - but not all are locked room IMO 7mo
Michellesibs @rretzler you are amazing! I will be adding these to my list and again thank you for the goodreads list. I am on goodreads, the link is in my bio, I'd love to have you on there as it seems you know your books so please feel free to add me and recommend 🙂 7mo
rretzler @Michellesibs Thanks so much! That‘s very flattering. I‘m headed to GR now to friend you! 7mo
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