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Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine | Joe Hagan
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The first and only biography of Jann Wenner, the iconic founder of Rolling Stone magazine, and a romp through the hothouses of rock and roll, politics, media, and Hollywood, from the Summer of Love to the Internet age. Lennon. Dylan. Jagger. Belushi. Leibovitz. The story of Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone's founder, editor, and publisher, is an insider's trip through the backstages of storied concert venues, rock-star hotel rooms, and the political ups and downs of the latter half of the Twentieth Century, right up through the digital age: connecting the counterculture of Haight Ashbury to the "straight world." Supplemented by a cache of extraordinary documents and letters from Wenner's personal archives, Sticky Fingers is the story of a mercurial, wide-eyed rock and roll fan of ambiguous sexuality but unambiguous ambition who reinvents youth culture, marketing the libertine world of the late sixties counterculture in a stylish, glossy package that would stand for decades as a testament to the cultural power of American youth. Joe Hagan captures in stunning detail the extraordinary lives constellated around a magazine that began as a scrappy rebellion and became a locus of power, influence, and access--using hundreds of hours of reporting and exclusive interviews. The result is a fascinating and complex portrait of Jann Wenner that is also a biography of popular culture, celebrity, music, and politics in America over the last fifty years.
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After months, I FINALLY finished this book. It's well written and researched in rich detail, but Jann Wenner is such a repugnant character I could only take him in small doses. Cruel, vindictive, petty, shallow, greedy, narcissistic and vain, he had few redeeming qualities. This only gets a pick because of the nostalgia factor for me as a long time reader of Rolling Stone magazine (1977-2000). 3 🎸🎸🎸 1/2
7/10 #bookbuyingdiet

RamsFan1963 My first issue of Rolling Stone was August 1977 and I didn't even know it was a music magazine. It had Star Wars on the cover and that's all I cared about. 3y
Crazeedi Your comment ⬆️ is so funny but so true, lol. 3y
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I am posting one book per day from my extensive to-be-read collection. No description or reason for wanting to read the book. Some are old and some will be new. Don't judge me - I have a lot of books.
Day 119

#tbrmountain #bookbuyingdiet

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I loved the details about early Rolling Stone, and the famous and infamous people who got their start there (Hunter S Thompson, Cameron Crowe, Annie Leibovitz), and the behind-the-scenes of famous covers (Lennon and Yoko, Mick Jagger, David Cassidy). But Jann Wenner, who participated extensively, mostly comes across as a pretentious asshole with a lot of issues, and I could have done with some shorter biographical sections.

Bklover This sounds intriguing! Maybe one to check out the good parts at the bookstore! (edited) 5y
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Haven‘t been posting much because I‘m on a long (research) road trip through the Southwest and California. Have I had any time to read? No. Has that stopped me buying new books? Also no. #bookhaul

CouronneDhiver Research for a book or something else? 5y
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Halfway through this and thoroughly enjoying it. “...Wenner survived by being an inveterate cheapskate. He once asked writers to use three-minute egg timers to make long-distance calls.”

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#ManicMonday @JoScho
1. Apart from the tagged book , there's a glorious book called ' The love you make ' about The Beatles.
2. Fleetwood Mac , the Doors, Moody Blues , ABBA, Spice Girls, Alisha Chinai
3. A tribute concert to Bob Dylan, BBC Proms-Copland's Lincoln Portrait by the CSO
4. Right now, Sza and Kendrick Lamar's 'All the stars '

JoScho Thanks for playing ❤️🎶 5y
LitsyOwl #2 great picks! (edited) 5y
Vansa @LitsyOwl I LOVE Fleetwood Mac !! 5y
Vansa @JoScho thanks for the fun challenge ! Makes a painful Monday more interesting :-) 5y
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Since I don't have a cat - here's my latest read curled up in a patch of sunshine

saresmoore 🙃 6y
Ericmanciniwriter Hi @saresmoore ! Long time no talk - how's life? 6y
saresmoore Life is good! We are mostly settled in a new home/new city, which is brimming with bookstores and kid-friendly activities. How are you? How is writing and/or pursuing graduate degrees coming? 6y
cathysaid 😂😂 6y
Ericmanciniwriter @saresmoore that's great - congrats on your move! Writing is going okay - I was stuck on the second book for a while so I'm trying to take pieces of it and work through them as short stories to get the engine running again. So far so good (edited) 6y
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Over the next few days I‘ll be posting bookish gifts that I got various family members. These are for my hippy uncle.

Thanks for the heads-up about the new Hendrix biography @LibrarianRyan The black part of the cover is velvet! Far out!

LibrarianRyan Ohhhhhhh. That's the one bad thing about digital galleys. You don't get the real feel. Hope he likes it. 6y
GrilledCheeseSamurai That Hendrix book is 🤘👍✌️ 6y
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