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My Wars Are Laid Away in Books
My Wars Are Laid Away in Books: The Life of Emily Dickinson | Alfred Habegger
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Explores the life of the enigmatic nineteenth-century American poet by drawing upon legal archives, congregational records, contemporary women's writing, and previously unpublished excerpts of Dickinson's letters.
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Just me, the rain, ED and COVID for the past two days. Nothing like forced isolation to get you through a 600 + page biography! I loved it. I had wanted to place Emily‘s writing in context of community and cohorts and family and domestic detail which this really does well. Habegger has his idea of who “Master” is, i think it remains a mystery myself. And isn‘t that fitting! The work here on her family is thorough and well balanced I think ⬇️

Centique I expect I‘ll read one or two more biographies of ED before I‘m done (I have at least that many on my shelves unread) 3mo
Rissreads I hope you are feeling ok? I‘m still recovering from covid 2 weeks ago. It‘s really taken the wind out of me! 3mo
CarolynM Oh no! Hope it‘s not too bad and you‘re well again soon💐 Hope you‘re fully recovered soon @Rissreads 💐 3mo
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Centique @Rissreads oh you poor thing! A lot of my friends have said the same thing, even the younger really fit ones. They did get their energy back eventually. I‘ve just started to cough, I‘m hoping I‘m over the worst of it though. @CarolynM 3mo
Cinfhen Oh no!!! Is it only you or does the whole family have Covid?? Sending loads of love and get well wishes xxxx 3mo
batsy I'm sorry to hear that, Paula. Take care and gets lost of rest and I hope it's not too bad for you 💕💐 (This ED biography sounds pretty great!) 3mo
Centique @Cinfhen just me at this point. But a few of my friends I saw in the weekend have it now as well. We have finally got to the same point as Australia where almost everyone has had it. Good thing is that I hadn‘t gone to see dad this weekend 👍 3mo
Centique @batsy you might like it! Do you like biographies? It seems strange that I read biographies like they‘re page turners but then struggle with other non-fiction like memoirs and books of essays. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
Bookwormjillk I hope you have a speedy recovery 3mo
Cinfhen Im sorry you have it but glad you weren‘t around your dad 🙏🏼 3mo
batsy Yes! I'm exactly the same with biographies 💕 A well-written one gives me so much pleasure and devour most of them but I tend to run into a stumbling block with most memoirs and essay collections, too. 3mo
MaureenMc Wishes for a quick recovery! ❤️‍🩹 3mo
Megabooks I‘m so sorry you‘re dealing with Covid! Sending get well wishes. 💜💜 3mo
Anna40 Feel better! 🌺 3mo
Cathythoughts I hope you feel better soon ♥️ 3mo
Reggie I‘m sorry, Paula. I hope it goes away as soon as possible. We keep seeing it here at work. 3mo
Reggie I‘m sorry Paula. I hope you feel better. 3mo
TrishB Hope you‘re on the mend ❤️ 3mo
Centique @TrishB @Reggie I‘m much improved today! Cooked the dinner and cleaned the kitchen after a weeks worth of my husbands cooking 😂😂 3mo
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I seem to be living in the land of #chunksters lately. Still on an ED kick after reading her letters. Thought I‘d start with this biography which is said to be the most thorough and then I‘ll check out something more modern for a different perspective. See you in 630 pages!

TrishB That looks fab 👍🏻 3mo
tpixie A little emersion is fun 🤩 3mo
Rissreads You are a machine! ♥️ 3mo
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Spotted in Reader's Digest India, Feb '20. 😁

BookishMe 😄😂😆 3y
NeedsMoreBooks 😂😂 3y
JennyM 🙃 3y
sudi 😂 3y
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