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The Coffee Trader
The Coffee Trader: A Novel | David Liss
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The Edgar Awardwinning novel A Conspiracy of Paper was one of the most acclaimed debuts of 2000. In his richly suspenseful second novel, author David Liss once again travels back in time to a crucial moment in cultural and financial history. His destination: Amsterdam, 1659a mysterious world of trade populated by schemers and rogues, where deception rules the day. On the worlds first commodities exchange, fortunes are won and lost in an instant. Miguel Lienzo, a sharp-witted trader in the citys close-knit community of Portuguese Jews, knows this only too well. Once among the citys most envied merchants, Miguel has lost everything in a sudden shift in the sugar markets. Now, impoverished and humiliated, living on the charity of his petty younger brother, Miguel must find a way to restore his wealth and reputation. Miguel enters into a partnership with a seduc-tive Dutchwoman who offers him one last chance at successa daring plot to corner the market of an astonishing new commodity called coffee. To succeed, Miguel must risk everything he values and test the limits of his commercial guile, facing not only the chaos of the markets and the greed of his competitors, but also a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to see him ruined. Miguel will learn that among Amsterdams ruthless businessmen, betrayal lurks everywhere, and even friends hide secret agendas. With humor, imagination, and mystery, David Liss depicts a world of subterfuge, danger, and repressed longing, where religious and cultural traditions clash with the demands of a new and exciting way of doing business. Readers of historical suspense and lovers of coffee (even decaf) will be up all night with this beguiling novel. From the Hardcover edition.
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#AprilBookishMadness #photochallenge @maich


It's really hot chocolate in my mug, as I don't actually like coffee. 😉

Dolly I LOVE coffee. I hope you‘ll review it when you read it - sounds good! 2y
jamie_in_the_library Now I just want hot coco 🤤 2y
Traci1 ❤ the mug. 2y
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Swe_Eva Lovely mug! 2y
kspenmoll Great mug! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The mug!! 💗💗 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @kspenmoll @Traci1 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Swe_Eva Thanks. I got it from FrostBreard. The mostly make book candles, but they have some cute merch too. https://www.frostbeardstudio.com 2y
dgingo Fabulous mug!!! 💕📖 2y
maich Love that mug😍😍 2y
revenge4porgy Love that book! ❤️ 2y
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Now this is an occupation I could get into! #fallintobooks #occupationintitle

kspenmoll 😍☕️ (edited) 2y
BarbaraBB I've had that one on my TBR forever. Maybe your thoughts will convince me to finally read it! 2y
SharonGoforth @BarbaraBB It's been on mine forever, too! But after pulling it off the shelf today, I might go ahead and read it! 2y
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It took me three months to read this for an online book group. I hated the characters so much, then it dawned on me that perhaps that was the point.

The book is about the creation of futures (trading terminology that I'm ill equipped to explain) in 17th century (IIRC) Netherlands. It also explores how Jews were viewed at the time and as traders. #unlikeablecharacters #aprilbookshowers

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