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I'm Frustrated | Elizabeth Crary

My silly right eye seems to have contracted pink eye or some other virus. I‘m at the doctor waiting to get it checked out right now but this is really really annoying. I guess I‘ll be depending on audiobooks to get me through my #24B42019 readathon. ☹️😠 #vent

LibrarianRyan Uggghhh. That sucks. My mom has something similar and went to the walk in. The walk in sent her to the emergency room. She had to wait 9 hours to get in even though the doctors sent her over there. Turned out to be a special sensitivity because of the fluorescents and the computer screens. Hopefully yours is something not to bad. I truest feel for you me plight right now. 13mo
Bookjunkie57 @LibrarianRyan Lord knows I hope I‘m not stuck in the ER for 9 hours. Thank you for your concern. 13mo
LibrarianRyan @Bookjunkie57 sucky ER in a small sucky town. They did nothing. She had to go to the major hospital the next day. I bet you are going to be fine. 13mo
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The Upside of Unrequited | Becky Albertalli
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It's hard to explain in a sensitive way that I actually want to, but I very much relate to Molly's high school experience.. it's 90% my thoughts, especially around boys. Still, sort of, though it's morphed into this whole other monster of a thing. And I've been drinking and reading a little... Guys, I'm sorry.. I'm feeling weirdness I haven't in a while.

#vent #drinkandread #booksandbeer

josie281 Your post made we want to read this. 3y
BestOfFates Litsy is a safe space! 3y
UnidragonFrag @josie281 I'm not sure how I feel about that! But cool! It's a pretty good book! @BestOfFates I've found that's true, thank you :) 3y
josie281 Meaning your honesty of the book! It was a positive. 3y
UnidragonFrag @josie281 Ah, ok! Well.. :) 3y
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