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Before I moved, I did a bit of a book #unhaul by donating books to my local library and selling a few to an independent used bookstore. Most of them I read and enjoyed, but I won‘t read them again and would rather someone else enjoy them. A couple of them I didn‘t read, but have lost interest in (I can always get them from the library if my interest is renewed).

MrBook #NiceStack! Wait, you just moved too? 9mo
LauraJ Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎈🎂 9mo
candority @LauraJ Thank you! 🎉 9mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#unhaul some were given to me by a friend years ago and she reads a completely different genre than I do I just can't get into it the books by Schreiber and Sylvia day are the ones she gave me. I tried to finish dear Mr m but I found it confusing, creepy and boring. Anyone else have that issue where someone gives you books but there not in your genre? I must sound really ungrateful but maybe someone else will enjoy them :)

TheRomantiCate Ahhh!!! Dear Mr. M!! I have been searching high and low for that one... you lucky duckie!! ☺️☺️☺️ 1y
Carolhreads @TheRomantiCate I actually won that one as an arc from Goodreads☺️ I have been searching for so many books myself it seems like there are always a couple books I can't get my hands on without going to Barnes and Noble and paying full price :( 1y
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My books don‘t fit anymore. Guess it‘s time for an unhaul and a bookcase reorganization 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

#bookcase #bookshelf #shelfie #books #unhaul #obsessed #mpls #twincities

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It's great to have a sister who reads, because some of her #unhaul becomes my free #bookhaul!

TheBookKeepers Score!! 2y
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Stolen Innocence | Lisa Pulitzer, Elissa Wall
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Trying to get some #SpringCleaning done today so might as well try another #audiobook to make the time go! And yes, I'm also planning on going through my books as well so keep an eye out, there might be an #unhaul post coming up later today 😏

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Unhauling.... my entire library. Except my Pratchett, GRRM, Anske/Lovecraft and my classics because apparently I‘ve had a meltdown. 🤷🏼‍♀️😳 Can‘t turn back now though as I‘ve agreed to sell the lot! Best get packing! What kind of crazy moment did I have this morning!? 😳😳😳 #unhaul #unhauling #whydididothis #illhavenolibraryleft

Cathythoughts Spontaneous moment you had ! And one you can undo. I‘m a spontaneous type as well ... it can be great & entusiastic & sometimes we regret ....... sounds like you saved the day though ❤️ actually I‘m confused about the outcome ... what happened in the end ?? (edited) 2y
Cinfhen It‘s good to purge every so often...u can always buy again 😊 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @Cathythoughts Spontaneous indeed. A moment of madness. The outcome is that I have to sell the books. I‘d already agreed to it before starting to pack them and the courier is coming to collect them in the morning. Can‘t back out now - what‘s done in done. All I can do is remind myself never to do this again and then look forward to replacing them like @Cinfhen says 🖤🖤🖤👀👀👀 2y
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tpixie @Cinfhen purging is good! They will always be in your heart!! We need to learn to declutter! ♥️♥️♥️ 2y
Sophoclessweetheart @tpixie I‘m trying to look on the bright side. Purging means new books 😹😹🖤 2y
Cathythoughts @tpixie @Cinfhen yes @Wanderingwithwords I absolutely agree we need to declutter ... 2y
tpixie @Cathythoughts but it's terribly hard!!! 2y
tpixie @Wanderingwithwords lol right because now you‘re going to have more money to buy some! 2y
GatheringBooks well you can always change your mind! ;) 2y
wanderinglynn I did a major purged once. I ended up rebuying most of what I purged. 😂 Now I am very careful about purging too much. 2y
Cathythoughts @tpixie I find it easier to declutter now than when I was younger.... letting go 2y
tpixie @Cathythoughts yes- I moved to a smaller house and that helped. ( and seeing how much grandparents kept in their house that nobody really wanted once they passed made me realize we hold onto stuff a little longer than we need to) 2y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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When you decide to purge your #BOTM stash. 🤭😬 This is all that I‘m NOT keeping. Only 17 passed this round, and it doesn‘t count the ones on my bedside table. This isn‘t all the result of my less-than-positive feelings towards the company as a whole, but it certainly doesn‘t help. They take up A LOT of space and I don‘t typically keep books I‘ve read unless I love them.

Chellebearss Wow! That‘s a ton of books! 2y
Morr_Books Wow! It's hard to look at that and not say "I want!" ??? 2y
Laalaleighh Surprised to see Evelyn Hugo in this stack. Which ones are you keeping? Curious. 2y
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Samplergal That‘s a lot of books. Hope you have a good charity to receive those. 2y
mdm139 I am the same way, I don't keep many books after I read them, my tbr is much bigger than my keep pile. 2y
jillannjohn WOW! 2y
FantasyChick @Morr_Books I was thinking the same thing! That's a huge stack to #unhaul 😊 I need to do the same, though I doubt my stack will be this large 😁 2y
TheLibrarian That‘s a lot of books! I wish I had your ability to rid myself of that many. 2y
Cinfhen Whoa 😱😱😱😱😱 2y
Reviewsbylola Off the top of my head: Nicotine and Heat & Light (haven‘t read those two), Hearts Invisible Furies, Goodbye Vitamin, Startup, The Windfall, Flight of Dreams, I Let You Go, Enchanted Islands, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, Pull Me Under, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, Pachinko, Marlena, Killer Moon . . . @Laalaleighh 2y
Reviewsbylola I did waiver a tiny bit on Evelyn but I wanted to be very selective. @Laalaleighh 2y
Reviewsbylola It‘s taken me a long time to get to this place. 😂😂😂 @TheLibrarian 2y
Reviewsbylola @Cinfhen which was the one you wanted? I already forgot. 😂😂 2y
tstan I just got done culling my books, too. To the used bookstore to sell some and the library bookstore to donate the rest! 2y
BarbaraBB I thought you loved The Great Alone recently? You really are making a point 🙌 2y
Godmotherx5 I cancelled my account last year. (edited) 2y
MicheleinPhilly 😳 That‘s some willpower! Good for you! 2y
Cinfhen Thank you💕😘❣️ 2y
Lizpixie I‘ll put my hand up as a recipient of some of these! There‘s a few here I‘d love to read🤩 2y
Simona Ooo, nice big piles of books 😍😍😍 2y
mrsamandahood Did you read all of those because oh my god you are a BEAST! 2y
mrsamandahood Modern Lovers. What did you think? That‘s been on my TBR for awhile. Could never pull the trigger though. 🤔 2y
Reviewsbylola I did, and maybe would have kept it but I have a co worker who will really like it! @barbarabb 2y
Cinfhen I‘m surprised u kept 2y
Cinfhen That pile is quite insane!!!! (edited) 2y
StephanieGeiser Wow! That‘s quite a stack! 2y
Lmstraubie Wow 😳 2y
irre Wow. Now I want to see the pile you kept and love. 2y
bookish_wookish 😍😍 2y
Reviewsbylola Ok you got it. @Cinfhen 2y
Reviewsbylola There are two I didn‘t read. Swing Time and Into the Water! @mrsamandahood I really liked Modern Lovers but The Vacationers was my favorite. 2y
stuck.in.the.stacks I would love to take some of these! 2y
stuck.in.the.stacks I would happily take Thr Great Alone! 2y
stuck.in.the.stacks And Eleanor Oliphant. 2y
Kalalalatja Wow! You are definitely better at culling your books than I am! But I can see how much space they take up, so I get it! 2y
Suet624 Good for you! It‘s hard to do that. 2y
Laughterhp Wow! You have so many BOTM books!! I just canceled my subscription this month too. 2y
Soubhiville Oh my gosh that‘s a lot! It‘s hard to cull like that, but it also feels pretty good afterwards! Are you going to hold some giveaways? 2y
ephemeralwaltz Gooooorgeous!!!! 2y
Dolly There's one that strikes my fancy. Thanks for the giveaway👏😃 (edited) 2y
Gissy They look so pretty! 📚😍 2y
Li_21 Pretty jealous of your #BOTM stacks my favorite selection was Dead Letters. Thank you for hosting! 2y
TLVZ721 Wow! What a collection! There are some excellent titles in there, too. 2y
Valeka Oh wow! I see several I‘d gladly take off your hands if the books need new homes! 2y
Jess7 Yes so many good ones!!! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! So many good titles I want to read. If they need new homes, I‘ll be happy to take some off your hands! 😁 But I‘m not in the US, sadly ☹️ 2y
jmtrivera I'd also be happy to help you purge if you need help! 2y
Reviewsbylola @DivaDiane and @jess7 here are all the titles to choose from. 2y
Jess7 Awesome! There are so many awesome picks, but I would like Zadie Smith‘s Swing Time and Woman No 17 the most, please and thank you!!!! 🤗🤗 2y
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Sammy's Hill | Kristin Gore
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🙈📚📚📚📚....😟😕😔 #Unhaul #BookwormProblems #BookStacks

I plan to move in with my boyfriend in a few months & there's just no way I can take all my books - many which I've either already read, some duplicates, & others that I've had for years & don't think I'll read anytime soon.

But man, it's hard!!
This is my initial unhaul which I I'll be placing on the giveaway shelf in the my building's lobby for someone else to enjoy & treasure.

LauraBeth That is so hard! I've had to do this! 2y
elkeo_TheBookDragon Girl, are you a Freemason? Whichever neighbor picks that one up will soon be! 😹😹 2y
Nat_Reads Such lovely choices! It will be a gift to someone! Congrats on the move-in! 2y
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Jbakesmcgee3 Whenever I have to get rid of books I try to give them to friends because then it seems a little bit easier to part with them knowing that they're going to a good home. Sometimes I also put them in a little free library. 2y
MarticaMustRead Buahaha!!!? @elkeo - that book was actually donated to me because of my love of the movie "National Treasure" hehe.... yet I don't think I opened it more than 3 times!? 2y
MarticaMustRead Thanks guys, good news- I checked in on the shelf yesterday morning & all the books were already gone except for 2!! Success!!🤷🏻 @LauraBeth ; @Nat_Reads ; @Jbakesmcgee3 2y
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Looking for Trouble | Victoria Dahl
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Is anyone interested in a #bookswap?

Here's some books I'm planning to #purge #unhaul #readitforward #bookexchange
Quite a few are #duplicates that I own.

I was wondering if anyone wants any of these and swap for any off my #TBR or #Goodreads lists to exchange?

hermyknee I'm purging my bookshelves, too! 3y
thereadingunicorn I will like to do a book swap . 😊. @MaleficentBookDragon @hermyknee (edited) 3y
MaleficentBookDragon @Abbymom cool. what would you like? What do you want to swap? 3y
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thereadingunicorn I like anything romantic and suspense, crime suspense, YA Romance. I'm reading Quarantine by : Lex Thomas right now . Is there a certain book you want ? @MaleficentBookDragon (edited) 3y
MaleficentBookDragon @Abbymom I'd take anything on my TBR list. I don't read a lot of YA but I'm am curious about Cinder. Send me a pic of anything you are planning to purge and we can make a trade. ChelleRydz@gmail.com (edited) 3y
thereadingunicorn Okay sounds great 3y
thereadingunicorn I'm sending you a email now . @MaleficentBookDragon 3y
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"I cannot live without books; but fewer will suffice where amusement, and not use, is the only future object."
- Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 10 June 1815

I am #unhauling books my dear fellow Littens. I will post direct pictures in the coming days, first come first dib. I will ship internationally as I am able ? #unhaul