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#AnglophileApril #SpiceUpYourLife

Spice up your own life by reading about Jane Austen‘s life and times and the do and don‘t of society.

Reviewsbylola I really enjoyed this book! 3y
emilyhaldi Oooohh fun!! 3y
Cinfhen Fun!!!!! 3y
Mdargusch Stacking! 3y
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“There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will.”

“I never feel guilty eating anything.”
This recepie book inspired by the show has been on my TBR for ages.

“It would be a hard life, but it would be theirs alone. Here at the world's edge, far from everything familiar and safe, they would build a new home in the wilderness and do it as partners.”
Art via https://bit.ly/2Dc9G4S

erzascarletbookgasm Great picks! I especially like your pick for #spiceupyourlife 👏😄 3y
rohit-sawant @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you! 😁 🍽 3y
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emilyhaldi That cookbook 😱😂 3y
Mdargusch Omg that cookbook. 🤢 3y
Reviewsbylola Great choice with The Yellow Wallpaper!! 3y
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The Indian Cooking Course | Monisha Bharadwaj
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I love Indian food and I would love to #SpiceUpYourLife with this awesome-sounding cookbook 👌


Mdargusch Perfect choice! ❤️ 3y
Cinfhen Love the cover!! Looks 🙌🏻💕 3y
Redwritinghood I love Indian food, too! Looks like a good cookbook. 3y
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Reviewsbylola Love it! 3y
emilyhaldi Delish!! 3y
ferskner Indian food is my favorite! This looks amazing 3y
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The Spice Cookbook | Avanelle Day, Lillie Stuckey
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#anglophileapril #spiceupyourlife Some spice cookbooks from the stash !

Reviewsbylola I love the variation of the covers. 3y
Cinfhen Love cookbooks! I could be happy just to collect them 3y
emilyhaldi Gorgeous ❤️ 3y
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I‘m hoping to #spiceupyourlife with some home grown herbs and vegetables in my little garden... but the rabbits are already eating all of my lettuce and the supposed snow on Monday might kill everything else 🤷🏻‍♀️ (I have no idea what I‘m doing, even WITH this book) #anglophileapril

Mdargusch It looks pretty! 🌱🌱🌱 3y
CarolynM The Rosemary will be ok in the snow and the thyme will reappear in the spring🌱 3y
Suet624 Nice work! 3y
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Cinfhen Snow???? Monday??? Ugh!!!!!! 3y
janeycanuck If you‘ve got any tomatoes, move your basil to right near them - something about them together makes basil grow way better! 3y
janeycanuck Oh, and when we‘re expecting frost or snow, we put a bed sheet over everything. A couple of stakes scattered throughout the garden keep the sheet from crushing everything. 3y
BarbaraBB Lol, my little garden looks exactly the same and I wanted to grow herbs etc there too but I just don‘t have green fingers 😱😂 3y
emilyhaldi @BarbaraBB but the plants already grown like I did 😜 I also planted some seeds myself (radish, peas, zinnias!) but I‘m just kind of experimenting... 3y
emilyhaldi Good tips!!! @janeycanuck I will definitely be adding tomatoes in a few weeks once it‘s a bit warmer 🤗🍅 3y
Reviewsbylola 🐸 🐸 🐸 3y
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#spiceupyourlife with this cookbook! It has beautiful photos and recipes that are relatively easy. My son in law gave me this and I treasure it.


Reviewsbylola Beautiful! What have you made from it? 3y
Mdargusch Nothing yet. But I‘m going to make some of the salads -they are super easy. @Reviewsbylola (edited) 3y
Cinfhen That‘s a very thoughtful SIL ❤️ 3y
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Mdargusch Right? I‘ve got three of the best! @Cinfhen 3y
Cinfhen Heee, I‘m just waiting for ONE!!!!! Niki‘s dating a good one right now 🤞🏼🤞🏼 3y
emilyhaldi Is this from my husband?? 🤔😆 3y
Mdargusch Yes! Is this where you got that yummy pimento cheese recipe? @emilyhaldi 3y
emilyhaldi Yes!!! The best pimento cheese 🤤 3y
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#spiceupyourlife with another P&P retelling! I‘m not sure I‘ll find a retelling that can impress me as much as Eligible but I‘ll give it a shot. #anglophileapril

Melissa_J And this one is my favourite retelling 3y
CrowCAH Almost thought there‘d be recipes included, since those could be “other flavors”. 3y
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Mdargusch I can‘t wait to see because I loved Eligible! 3y
CarolynM My book group once had a P&P on film night where we watched the same 2 scenes in 4 different versions - Bride and Prejudice, a Bollywood-style version, was a lot of fun. I imagine this book would be too🙂 3y
Reviewsbylola That sounds fun! Cool idea. @CarolynM 3y
Reviewsbylola Thanks for the recs, those are new to me! @Melissa_J 3y
Cinfhen Potential is there 🤞🏼🤞🏼 3y
emilyhaldi Curious to hear your thoughts! 3y
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On Dublin Street | Samantha Young
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Reviewsbylola Looks like a spicy read! 3y
Mdargusch Good one! 3y
emilyhaldi Nice 🔥🔥🔥 3y
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