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Stonehenge Complete | Christopher Chippindale
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These all send me #IntoTheMystic That wonderful Van Morrison album , gotta play it again.Every song is great. #MarchIntoThe70s

TrishB Great selections 👍🏻 8mo
gradcat I played it yesterday after this prompt...so great! I love Van Morrison. 8mo
Cinfhen Love this ♥️ 8mo
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Leftcoastzen @TrishB thanks!You‘re watching footie I bet! 8mo
Leftcoastzen @gradcat He‘s so good! 8mo
TrishB It‘s sooooooo stressful at the moment. Phew, another game done. 8mo
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Into the Wild | Jon Krakauer
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#IntotheMystic | I‘ll never truly understand this story, but Jon Krakauer did a respectable job of trying.


Carleneishere My husband read a book (or maybe a long form article?) about Chris McCabdliss written by his sister that he said shed a lot of understanding on their family 8mo
britt_brooke @Carleneishere His sister wrote a book, which I have, but haven‘t read yet. Thanks for the reminder! I need to move it up in my TBR. It‘s such a bizarre story. (edited) 8mo
Skyrimir I watched the movie first and I disliked Chris so much that it kept me from the book for years (I was pretty young when I saw it). Maybe it‘s maturity, but I think it‘s also Jon‘s ability to dig into the story and really shed light on Chris‘s possible motivations. I recommend the book over the movie every time now. I‘m curious to read his sister‘s book as well. 8mo
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Clare_Riley @britt_brooke I watched the film many years ago, and it upset me so much that I couldn‘t stop thinking about it for weeks afterwards. I don‘t think I could read the book! It just seemed such a pointless loss of life, and the way he died really upset me - alone and scared, I should think. As you can see, I am the Queen of Overthinking 🙄 8mo
gradcat @Clare_Riley I think you might find that the book addresses your issues with a great deal of sensitivity...that‘s something Krakauer is good at. But you‘re absolutely right—it was a pointless loss of life. 8mo
Cinfhen Such a sad story 8mo
kspenmoll Agree with you all-Incredibly sad and pointless loss of life. After reading the book I just could not watch the movie. 8mo
britt_brooke @Skyrimir I watched the movie immediately after finishing the book. I‘ll never understand why he died this way, but it broke my heart because it seemed so avoidable. 8mo
britt_brooke @Clare_Riley @gradcat @Cinfhen @kspenmoll It‘s so sad, but seemed so avoidable. I‘m very curious about his sister‘s book and plan to read it soon. 8mo
Clare_Riley @britt_brooke I‘ll be waiting to see what you think of his sisters take on it. 8mo
kspenmoll Very avoidable in my mind but wonder about his mental health? Lack of planning, new names, impulsive, grandiose thinking re:Alaska or just ignorant. My brother lives in Alaska & people there have little sympathy ( according to him) as Alaska is a wild challenging place & it‘s wilderness demands preparedness. If he had a map, or knew about the seasons he might have survived. He seemed to think it was heroic to survive on his own with a few items. (edited) 8mo
britt_brooke @kspenmoll I wonder about his mental health, too. Curious if the sister‘s book sheds light on this. 8mo
britt_brooke @kspenmoll Interesting - thanks! 8mo
Suet624 I‘ve always loved this picture of Chris. My brother is very similar to Chris and I‘m often surprised he‘s still alive. 8mo
readinginthedark @kspenmoll Thanks for the link! I think I'll have to read that one. 8mo
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Nightlord: Shadows | Garon Whited
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“[T]he whole 'know thyself' thing isn‘t a journey to a fixed destination. Learning about myself changes me, forcing me to learn more. 'Know thyself' isn‘t a goal; it‘s a road.”

#MarchIntoThe70s | 16: #IntoTheMystic

📷: Made with Typorama

staci.reads I really like this quote. It speaks to me right now. Thanks for sharing! 8mo
LiterRohde @staci.reads 👍 8mo
gradcat Very cool. Just that. 8mo
Cinfhen Brilliant 8mo
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#IntoTheMystic is just one of those songs that kinda makes you feel like you're on drugs without drugs. I love the experience 😂😂😂 Pink Floyd is the best for that #MarchIntoThe70s @Cinfhen @Lizpixie

Cinfhen Ha🙌🏻😂so true 8mo
gradcat Ha ha ha...I just listened to it yesterday, and I agree with you 100%! 8mo
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The Unidentified Redhead | Alice Clayton
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“This song never ceases to make me happy. If I had a top-five song list, this would be on it.” I leaned my head back against the leather seat and let #IntotheMystic pour over me.


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This is this week‘s Penguin Modern, number 11 in the set. It does fit rather well with today‘s prompt #intothemystic, but goodness me, it‘s hard going! 😒


TrishB Only little....you can do it. 8mo
squirrelbrain I did it @trishb! Second story was better than the first, but I don‘t think I‘ll be rushing to read more... 8mo
TrishB Yay 🎉😘 8mo
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gradcat Your latest posts are conspiring to educate me, I must admit! 😂 8mo
squirrelbrain @gradcat, educating you on which books *not* to read?! 🤣 8mo
gradcat Not at all, @squirrelbrain For one, I was unaware of the story of Windrush until I read your post, and this post tells me of an author I‘ve never even heard of...so you are filling in my gaps (read: ignorance), so to speak, and I love it!! 🥰 8mo
squirrelbrain @gradcat that‘s lovely of you to say so - I think we all learn from each other on a Litsy don‘t we?! 8mo
gradcat Indeed. Hope you keep on educating me...it keeps me enthusiastic! 8mo
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Temeraire | Naomi Novik
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This seems to fit today's #intothemystic #marchintothe70s . Love, love, love this book and series.
@Cinfhen @Lizpixie

TheBookKeepers Same!! 8mo
gradcat Lovely pic! 8mo
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Day 16: #intothemystic #marchintothe70s

🎶 Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly
Into the mystic 🎶

@Lizpixie @Cinfhen

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CoffeeNBooks I love Van Morrison! Into the Mystic is such a great song! 🎶 8mo
GripLitGrl @CoffeeNBooks 😊💕🎶 8mo
KathyWheeler I love this song so much!❤️ 8mo
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On Mystic Lake | Kristin Hannah
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I wanna rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
Then magnificently we will float
Into the mystic....Van Morrison

#intothemystic #marchintothe70s @Cinfhen @Lizpixie

Djspens I love Kristin Hannah 😍 every book is so different and just as good as the last one! Working my way through them all.... 8mo
Eggs @Djspens Me too🤗 8mo
cathysaid Those lyrics...*sigh* 8mo
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Eggs @cathysaid yes, sigh.... 8mo
Cinfhen Well done💚 8mo
Eggs Thanks Cindy 🤗💙🤗 @Cinfhen (edited) 8mo
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