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Himself: A Novel | Jess Kidd
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I am so in love with this book! 🐝🍃 Not only is the cover art beautiful, but the story is captivating. Jess Kidd writes her characters - both human and ghost - into the same world, sharing an adjacent existence. Her prose is poetically crafted and a delight to read! 📗

#jesskidd #himself #ireland #book #ghost #irish #fiction #inlove #readmore #beautiful #coverart

DebinHawaii I really enjoyed this one too! Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚🎉Hope you enjoy it here! 2mo
RhianJMartin @DebinHawaii So glad to hear that - yes, it's a lovely book! And thank you, very happy to be here. 😊📙 2mo
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Doggy Day Care | AJ Stern
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Everyone meet Riot. We got him yesterday and he has been amazing. Minus his anxiety/separation anxiety, but we are trying to work on it.
#riot #dog #rescuedog #cute #buddyread #cutenessoverload #inlove #love #puppy #litsy #littens

ladym30 He is adorable!❤️ 5mo
Zelma Such a cutie. Congrats on the new family member! 5mo
DivineDiana How exciting! 👏🏻❤️🐶 5mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww ❤️❤️ 5mo
JoScho Sweet baby. Hopefully the anxiety will get better when he realizes you aren‘t going to get rid of him or return him. Poor little guy doesn‘t know what‘s going on. ❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
allthingskayla @JoScho we literally took him on 3 walks today, which were a mile each. Then, he went to the dog park and he ran for a while. So, we tried to get him tired for his crate when we ran errands. He barked a bit and tried opening his crate with his teeth, which we know because we put a camera on him to see what he does. He did sleep in it for a bit. But, I‘m hoping all goes well with him. Supposedly with his old home he was destructive because he never 5mo
allthingskayla @JoScho got out. 5mo
allthingskayla @Zelma thank you! 5mo
allthingskayla @ladym30 thank you! 5mo
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My short stack haul. The ONLY thing keeping me from breaking my bank account was my limited time.

I am obsessed. It is officially my favorite store. I need ALL the things in there!


Stephuhhnieee @Andrew65 I put another book back over this one 😂. I‘ve heard it‘s really good and have wanted to read it! I was stoked to find it used at a fair price. 7mo
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My Ideal Bookshelf | Thessaly La Force
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I grew up in a house full of books with a family that made frequent trips to the library. For some reason, I never really thought to buy my own. Any trip to the bookstore was always to add to our collection of schoolbooks (I was homeschooled.) So, to get to start my own collection, and have a bookcase that is all my own...I am just so excited and loving it! All that to say-look at the pretty new lights I just put up! 😍#storytime #mybooks #inlove

Coraline | Neil Gaiman
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Can we all talk about how amazing this booksleeve is? Whoever created this fabric is a genius. #booksleeve #neilgaiman #inlove

KatieCarpenter 😍 10mo
britt_brooke Cute!! 10mo
quirkthenerd I love it 😍 10mo
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erzascarletbookgasm 😍 want! 10mo
Marilyncjackson Pure genius! 10mo
ThatBookishGal That is awesome! 10mo
tonyahoswalt Adorable! 10mo
BlameJennyJane Wow!!! Love!!! 💛💙💛 10mo
JaclynW That's awesome!! 10mo
julesG 😍😍 I might fall into a Google rabbit hole now. I don't need a book sleeve, but the fabric could be turned into a nice Christmas present. 10mo
Suetara That is amazing! 10mo
Craftylikefox Ahhh! I need that fabric! That is an awesome book sleeve! 10mo
TheLibrarian @julesG I can‘t even sew but just want to buy a ton of the fabric because of how amazing it is. Now I might fall into a Google rabbit hole trying to find it. 10mo
readordierachel So neat! 10mo
BetseyAnd So cute! Would be cute for a quilt 10mo
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Goldfinch | Donna Tartt
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There are writers, and then there is Donna Tartt. 🕊 #thegoldfinch #donnatartt #inlove

The Haunted Bookshop | Christopher Morley
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So I've read Parnassus on Wheels several times and love it beyond belief, but have never taken the leap to read the sequel. So glad I finally got started. #inlove #booksforthesoul #parnassus

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10th anniversary special edition! This book is beautiful beyond compare with lovely drawings and so many extras. I fell in love with this book when I first read it years ago and I still haven't found the right words to describe how amazing it is. It's a damn masterpiece
#fantasy #inlove #currentlyreading #reread #thenameofthewind #bibliophile

MinDea Nice edition!!! 2y
DuckOfDoom Uhhh! I preordered this! Looks like I made the right choice😍 2y
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Sandcastle Empire | Kayla Olson

It's 1 am and I'm using my phone as a light to read more. #books #love #booklife #reader #inlove