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Inception | Bianca Scardoni
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Starting this book on my kindle before I cancel my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I hope it‘s good! I don‘t really know what to expect. Has anyone else read it? #inception #themarked

Crazeedi Welcome to litsy! 6mo
ejgbooknerd Thank you :):):) I‘m loving it! 6mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 6mo
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ejgbooknerd @CoffeeNBooks Thank you!! 6mo
RaimeyGallant Nope, but hope you enjoy it. And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon
Bklover Welcome to Litsy! 6mo
Cinfhen I just canceled my #KindleUnlimited too 😝😢 6mo
BookwormAHN Welcome to Litsy 😺 6mo
ejgbooknerd @RaimeyGallant I will check it out. Thanks for the help. 6mo
ejgbooknerd @Bklover Thank you 😊😊 6mo
ejgbooknerd @Cinfhen It‘s so sad! I only got it for three months because it was on sale for $2. 6mo
ejgbooknerd @BookwormAHN Thank you 😊😊😊 6mo
RaimeyGallant My pleasure. :) 6mo
Cinfhen I got 3 months for 99 cents!!!! Which was awesome!!! And I would have happily continued paying $1 or $2 a month but I couldn‘t justify spending @9.99 a month 😜I‘m hoping they will try to lure me back with a deal @ejgbooknerd (edited) 6mo
ejgbooknerd @Cinfhen That‘s what I‘m hoping for, too. 😂😂 6mo
Cinfhen 🤞🏼🤞🏼 6mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!📚📖💜💛💙 6mo
ejgbooknerd @ProfReader Thank you 😊😊 6mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy. 🌺 6mo
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Inception: The Shooting Script | Christopher Nolan, Jonah Nolan
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#RRSciFiMonth Day 7 - Dream a little bigger, darling. I was going to post a book, but honestly the most dream related things I have read have been A/E fan fic.

#dontkillmeireadfanfic #inception

imyril ...I‘m not sure I needed to be reminded there‘s Arthur!Eames fic out there ;) 8mo
Eos462 @imyril I mean, I got some fic recs if you want them... 8mo
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Patchwork | Karsten Knight
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‪Given the comparison on the back cover, the score to Inception seemed a perfect choice while reading Patchwork at the gym today. #Patchwork #KarstenKnight#readingmusic #music #soundtrack #Inception #HansZimmer

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Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. Don't be misled by this catchy title...its not about Einstein at all, but rather memory and the mnemonics people create to help them remember thousands of digits or the order of ten decks of cards. I'd like to see this made as a spiritual sequel to Inception.

#bookreview #books #booksandcoffee #bookstagram #instabooks #moonwalkingwitheinstein #joshuafoer #inception

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Almost done with all my reading for my journalism class this semester... has anyone read either of these for fun? #journalism #socialmedia #inception