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(Day 14 - #HeartOfGold)

I can‘t help but think of Baum‘s Tin Man who wanted a heart so desperately, when he actually had a “heart of gold” all along....

Cinfhen GREAT PICK ♥️ 8mo
gradcat @Cinfhen Thank you, and as always, your comments make me a happy woman! 😊😊😊 8mo
Soubhiville Perfect choice! 8mo
gradcat @Soubhiville Thank you!! 🙏😊❤️ 8mo
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A Simple Path | Mother Teresa
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Cathythoughts ♥️♥️♥️ 8mo
Cinfhen Love this❣️❣️❣️ 8mo
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Neil Young: Heart of Gold | Harvey Kubernik
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#MarchIntoThe70s #HeartOfGold Many years , many songs , many bands. One amazing Canadian!🇨🇦A rock legend I have not seen live.

Cinfhen Which Neil do you prefer?? Young or Diamond??!!?? 8mo
Leftcoastzen @Cinfhen Though I would join in on the singing of Sweet Caroline at a Red Sox game, I would say I prefer Young. 8mo
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“You don‘t do the right thing for a reward. You do it because it‘s right.”

#MarchIntoThe70s | 14: #HeartOfGold

📷: Made with Typorama

Slajaunie ❤️❤️❤️ 8mo
Cinfhen TRUTH 8mo
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I can't help but just think of poetry books when I listen to #HeartOfGold

@Cinfhen @Lizpixie #MarchIntoThe70s

Cinfhen I totally agree❣️ 8mo
gradcat I love Tupac! Really miss his beautiful voice ❤️ 8mo
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Day 14: #heartofgold #marchintothe70s

From Rumpelstiltskin...

"Now get to work! If you don't spin this straw into gold by morning, then you must die."

@Lizpixie @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Clever choice (edited) 8mo
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Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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Fanny Price has certainly got a #heartofgold. It‘s impossible not to root for her as you read through Mansfield Park. This happens to be my favorite Austen, so I plan to reread it at some point.


BarbaraBB Great pic 💜💜 8mo
Cinfhen Love the graphics ❤️ 8mo
gradcat Is this the cover? It‘s so lovely 💕❤️🥰 8mo
Reviewsbylola @gradcat It was from an article that featured different artistic interpretations inspired by MP. I want to say the article was from The Guardian but I can't remember. 8mo
gradcat The Guardian & The New Yorker have great illustrations ❤️ 8mo
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Angel Kungazara has a heart of Gold. This book set in Rwanda about Angel, who bakes cakes, is a wonderful read. Fully recommended to everyone.
#HeartOfGold #MarchIntoThe70s

BookNAround I loved this one. 8mo
Cinfhen I feel the love from the cover art 💛 8mo
gradcat I can smell the food from the cover art—yum! 😋😂 8mo
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#HeartofGold | Sandra Pankhurst: trauma survivor, and now trauma cleaner. She‘s pretty amazing. 💛

📷: Sandra Pankhurst

JennyM Great choice. She‘s an amazing lady! ❤️ 8mo
britt_brooke @JennyM Thanks! Her story is so remarkable. 💛 8mo
gentlepet I LOVED THIS 8mo
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Velvetfur That book sounds sooooo good from the synopsis on here! 8mo
Cinfhen Such a great pick 🙌🏻 8mo
britt_brooke @gentlepet I think Krasnostein really did this story justice. 8mo
britt_brooke @Velvetfur 5⭐️ from me! It was like nothing I‘ve ever read before. I listened to the audio and it was fantastic. 8mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Thanks! And credit goes to you for pointing me in this book‘s direction! 🤗 8mo
wanderinglynn Wow. That sounds like an incredible read. 8mo
britt_brooke @wanderinglynn It‘s such a great read! Sandra is amazing. 8mo
Megabooks Yaaaasss! Loved this! 8mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks It was so good. 💚 Sandra is amazing. I‘ve been recommending this a lot. I want everyone to read it! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I agree, totally amazing! 8mo
CuriousG Have this one waiting in my audiobook queue. Can't wait to get started! 8mo
britt_brooke @CuriousG The audio is fantastic! Hope you enjoy. She‘s had a tough life, but she‘s truly amazing. 8mo
Cinfhen That‘s why I ♥️Litsy!!! Some of my best reads were found here suggested by other readers❣️❣️❣️🙌🏻 8mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Same here!! 💚 8mo
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