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The Queen of Nothing | Holly Black
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Yesterday we summarized December's adult picks. Today, we're doing the same for the YA picks. Again, let us know what you're thinking and ways we can improve these posts so they can be as helpful as possible for making your decision.


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Dear Edward | Ann Napolitano
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There has been a lot of discussion about which books to pick.

So today on the blog we combed tons of reviews to give you the most in depth, spoiler free info about each pick. Plus we provided some comparable BOTM titles as a point of reference. Let us know what you're picking in the comments!


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mrsthilkey Long Bright River! 2mo
8little_paws Likely going to skip this month! I have a decent sized pile from November to get through, plus I haven't read my October selection yet, plus I borrowed a few BOTM's from my mom, PLUS I have a very tiny backlog from prior months that I think I want to knock out over the months of December and January and get into 2020 with ZERO backlog. 2mo
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The Wife Between Us | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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Finally was able to do my #botm picks! I am so excited about these 3! What did everyone else get?

TheLibrarian All of them (well not City of Brass because I already own it). 2y
Reviewsbylola I got these three plus Eleanor!! 2y
Laughterhp I got the Chalk Man and the City of Brass. I did add The English Wife to my TBR! 2y
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Redwritinghood I didn‘t get The Wife Between Us but got the other two you did. 2y
KarenUK Wife between and English Wife 👍💕 2y
The_Heeler_Booklife The City of Brass, The English Wife, and The Wife Between Us. 2y
shendrix413 I picked the wife between 2y
AmyG The Chalk Man 2y
emilyhaldi All 5 🤭 2y
MinDea @Reviewsbylola do you have 2 accounts? 2y
mrozzz Also Chalk Man! Looking out for reviews on your other 2. Many seemed to pick the "Wife" books this month ? 2y
tammysue I'm ordering The Wife.. + Chalk Man. :) 2y
GAustin I went Elenor Oliphant is Completely Fine and added Manhattan Beach because I regret passing on it previously. 2y
MinDea @GAustin we just read Eleanor is Completely fine for #LitsyBuddyRead last month. I really enjoyed it! 2y
Reviewsbylola Yes I have two accounts again. 😬 2y
JenlovesJT47 I had to get the Wife Between Us because the blurb sounded so good! 😳 Also got the new John Greene book and something else that is escaping me at the moment - I blame pregnancy brain! 😂😳 2y
JenlovesJT47 Ah yes, The English Wife. I really liked the cover! 2y
Jess7 The Wife Between Us, but if #botm would of chosen #EleanorOliphant a couple months ago I would have gotten that one bc I loved it! I also enjoyed our #litsybuddyread of it. Highly recommend Eleanor to anyone still undecided on their #botmpicks! I‘m interested to hear what you think of the other two (chalk man and the English wife). 2y
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