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All Souls Trilogy | Deborah Harkness
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I‘m really enjoying this series, admittedly I‘m not quite finished with the last book yet, but you know it‘s good when this not so cuddly gal gets jealous because I‘m so preoccupied. #😳 #booksandcats #allsouls #nightreading #bookoflife #weekendsareforreading #whataboutme

booksbrewsandbooze Ok your profile name is EVERYTHING!!!!! 😍 3w
Biblio_Baggins @booksbrewsandbooze 🤣I‘m glad you like it! 3w
booksbrewsandbooze @Biblio_Baggins best name ever!!!!! 3w
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#NamasteNovember #NightReading #Day1 #catsoflitsy
#Emcat #booksandcats

My #NightReading always involves my current read & Emmy.Poe joins in when my husband joins me. He reads before falling asleep too.
Tonight‘s read is November Road for #botmbuddyread

Bklover Looks so cozy! 1mo
Dragon 😻 1mo
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In hour nine (?) of #readathon. I have finished one book and getting close to finishing that and occasionally switching it up with an audiobook. How is everyone else doing? #deweysreadathon #deweys24hourreadathon #bookstagram #readathon #booksandcats #catsofinstagram #bookaholic #deweysoct

rsteve388 I just got She Said from the library today it will be one of my first non fiction reads in November 1mo
ReadingSusan @rsteve388 it‘s a tough read but important. 1mo
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There‘s nothing like finding a well-aged book or a cuddly reading buddy. #booksandcats #EdgarAllenPoe #October #readingbuddy

Readswithcoffee Cute kitty! Welcome to Litsy! ☕️📚📚📚☕️ 2mo
Bklover Pretty kitty! Welcome to Litsy!! 2mo
QuietlyLaura Welcome to Litsy! Adorable kitty! ☺️📚 2mo
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CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 2mo
Biblio_Baggins @readswithcoffee @Bklover @QuietlyLaura @CoffeeNBooks Thank you all for the welcome, I'm excited to use this app 😁 2mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🎉👋🏻📚 2mo
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Now Entering Addamsville | Francesca Zappia
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This one started a little slow for me, but now that I‘m getting more into the meat of the story, I‘ve been enjoying it! It‘s a good spooky-light (really, not spooky at all...but there are ghosts and other supernatural beings) read for the season! 👻 Gatsby was enjoying rubbing his face on the corner and pawing at the pages last night too! 🐱❤️
#arc #octoberreads #catsoflitsy #readingbuddy #booksandcats

CoffeeCatsBooks What a handsome fellow! And how they 🐱 do love book corners for scratching. 2mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Gatsby is adorable!! 1mo
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I Found You | Lisa Jewell
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Hanging with one of my favourite soul finishing up this book tonight #cats #booksandcats #lisajewell

Tadams4 Beautiful cat! 8mo
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Cats | Michaela Miller
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Happy #nationalpetday !!! These are my fur babies, Nessie & Bigfoot 😍 We fostered them for a couple of months when they were just tiny, sick babies before making them a permanent addition to our family. They've been with us for a little more than a year now and I just couldn't imagine our home without these crazy, little sister and brother kitties!
#allthebooksapril19 Book & Pet
#bookyardingapr19 Pet Day
#booksandpets #booksandcats #catsoflitsy

kspenmoll They remind me of ours! Ours are older and more dark than your cuties! 😻😻 8mo
AmyG Awwww. So sweet. 8mo
Annl Beautiful 8mo
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#Saturdaymorning #booksandcats #catsofLitsy
Not sure if Emmy wants to read with me or distract me from my book. 😸📚

Hope_a Aww she is so beautiful 😍 9mo
Dragon 😻 9mo
squirrelbrain She‘s gorgeous! 9mo
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BiblioLitten Emmy is beautiful! 9mo
Smrloomis 😻 9mo
BarbaraJean Those eyes!! 😻 9mo
readinginthedark What a beautiful kitty!!! 9mo
kspenmoll @Hope_a @Dragon @squirrelbrain @BiblioLitten @Smrloomis @BarbaraJean @readinginthedark Thank you all, we do love her so. Yes, her eyes are such a beautiful green.❤️😻 9mo
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Lilac Girls: A Novel | Martha Hall Kelly
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After the last 24hrs I've had, this beer is needed. Maybe a book too will make me as relaxed as Simba? #bottomsup #booksandbrews #booksandcats

JoScho Happy kitty 😺 10mo
ErinGoBragh1011 @JoScho He really is. You would never know that he was a big "gangsta" street cat. 10mo
JoScho Lol we have one of those. He was thug on the streets but a mushy lump at home. 10mo
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Taking a break from #knitting to read. Ms. Annabel Lee is keeping me company and I am trying to decide if I want another press of coffee. #booksandcats #literarycats #snowday ☕🤔 #catsoflitsy

Eggs Beautiful pattern 10mo
ErinGoBragh1011 @Eggs thank you! It's really easy but somehow has proven to me that I didn't learn to count properly in kindergarten lol 10mo
Eggs Perfection is overrated... 10mo
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