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Death Note. Black edition | Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata
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✨Fav hobby: Blogging
✨Fav drink: Pepsi or Tea
✨Fav food: McDonald's Fries
✨Fav color: Pink
✨Fav city: London
✨Fav house location: Anywhere cold
✨Fav accessory: Fitbit Flex
✨Fav TV show: Doctor Who
✨Last movie seen in theatres: GOTG2
✨Currently reading: Deathnote

Varshitha Welcome to Litsy🤓 5y
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Wintersong | S Jae-Jones
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I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself! I'm Allison, hi.
Fave hobby: Outside of reading? Drinking tea... while reading
Fave drink: Tea, silly
Fave food: Toast
Fave colour: Black
Fave city: I'm not a big fan of cities.
Where would my dream house be: The Shire
Fave accessory: Don't ask me to choose!
Fave TV show: Bones
Last movie I saw in the theater: Rogue One
Current Read: Wintersong and The Fortune Teller


charissharpe Hello gorgeous! I love Bones too, although my other half totally doesn't get it 😂 5y
acwaechter @conversationswithcharis Haha! Doug doesn't really get it either. He has his programs and I have mine. 😂😘 5y
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A Room of One's Own | Virginia Woolf
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The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry
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To introduce myself... #asidefrombooks
Fave hobby: apart from reading?! 😱
Fave drink: 🍷 or ☕️
Fave food: eggs 🍳
Fave colour: pink 💕
Fave city: I live in Oxford which I love!
Where would dream house be: in a village in the countryside 🌳
Fave accessory: the one thing I never take off is my ruby ring that belonged to my great-aunt 👵🏻
Fave TV show: Murder She Wrote
Last movie I saw in theatres: absolutely no idea!
CR: The Essex Serpent 🐉

EvieBee Oxford?! Cool! 5y
charissharpe @EvieBeeReads yes, I moved here about 15 years ago & I love it 😍 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Super late but here's my #asidefrombooks
🎨Favourite hobby: Painting
☕Favourite drink: Tea
🍰Favourite food: Cake
🔥 Favourite colour: Orange
🏰 Favourite city: Oxford
🏡 Where would my dream house be: In the New Forest countryside
💍 Favourite accessory: Sister ring
📺 Favourite TV show: Anything David Attenborough
📽 Last movie I saw in Theatres: Pitch Perfect
📖 Currently reading: Past Mortems, Carla Valentine & Bitterblue, Kristen Cashore

Laura317 @emily_m_tubb Not many people like orange! You'd fit right in here in East Tennessee. Lots of orange fans here. Is that a guinea pig? 5y
emily_m_tubb @Laura317 I know, I don't know many people who like the colour at all! It is, this Guinea pig is actually my sister's, but I also have three of my own 😊 5y
charissharpe I live in Oxford 🙌 and I adore David Attenborough! 5y
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The Secret Life of Bees | Sue Monk Kidd
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#questionandanswer book tag. Some questions are the same as the #asidefrombooks tag
🌿Favorite Color: Blue
🌿Favorite Food: Chili
🌿Favorite book: A Secret Life of Bees (Image: Google)
🌿Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
🌿Favorite Actress/Actor: Jessica Raine/Dev Patel
🌿Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry
🌿Favorite Month: July
🌿Favorite Emoji:😍
🌿Favorite Instagrammer: Family/friends😊
🌿Favorite Hobby: Reading
tag: @jess_turtlebeanz

charissharpe Loved A Secret Life of Bees, such a beautiful book 🐝 5y
Myhometownandbeyond It's one of my favorites... So much character development 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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I don't take many pics of just me -and if I try to do so, this happens ☝ but joining the party a bit late with #asidefrombooks
🌞Hobby: writing
🌞Drink: Vanilla Coke
🌞Food: pasta or cheesecake
🌞Color: purple
🌞City: Oviedo. My hometown
🌞Accessory: I'm usually not without my ❤ necklace from hubby
🌞Dream House: One with a library.
🌞TV Show: I don't watch TV often, but I suppose, the Simpsons lol
🌞Last movie: The new Pirates of the Caribbean

britt_brooke Cute little photo crasher! 💚 5y
Smrloomis 😄 love it! So cute! 5y
maich You two are sweet💖❤ 5y
Smangela Cute picture! I ❤️ Vanilla Coke too! 5y
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Walkies with my little dog Rambo 🐶💜#asidefrombooks
🎀Fav hobby: Reading, video games, DIY, blogging
🎀Fav drink: Water, Nestea lemon 🍋
🎀Fav food: Chili 🌶, nachos, rice 🍚
🎀Fav color: 💚💓
🎀Fav city: Paris
🎀Fav house location: 🏝
🎀Fav accessory: Fitbit Blaze
🎀Fav TV show: Family Guy, Jane the Virgin
🎀Last movie seen in theatres: Beauty & the Beast
🎀Currently reading: Clean My Space

Cuteek I tag @prettygeekery ☺️🎀 5y
Cuteek Also tagging @eleaanormay 5y
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American Gods | Neil Gaiman
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Super late again but #asidefrombooks

Fav Hobby: Portraiture, films, guitar, gym

Fav Drink: Coffee

Fav Food: Anything home-cooked, sandwiches, biryani

Fav Color: Black, blue

Fav City: Mumbai, New York (would love to visit)

Dream House: Anywhere w/ a large skylight

Fav Accessory: Book, phone (Mainly b/c of Litsy!)

Fav TV Show: Hannibal, Les Revenant, Pushing Daisies

Last Movie: Baby Driver

Current Read: American Gods, The Satanic Verses

batsy Biryani 🙌 5y
Amanda23 Hannibal is brilliant! 5y
TheKidUpstairs ❤ Pushing Daisies 5y
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Hello, Hello | Fumiko Takeshita, Jun Takabatake
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All the cool kids 😎 are doing it 😉
📓Favorite Hobby: Writing. Wannabe crafter.
📓Favorite Drink: Green Tea 🍵 lattes
📓Favorite Food: Dessert 🍨
📓Favorite Color: Teal
📓Favorite City: New York or Chicago
📓Where would my dream 🏡 be: Not TX 😂 Maybe MN 💜
📓Favorite Accessory: JA Charm bracelet
📓Favorite TV show: Monk.
📓Last Movie Seen in a Theatre: Sully. It's been a while 😳
📓Currently Reading: The Road Out of Hell