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Monster Mash | David Catrow
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Sharing the beginnings of a Halloween playlist with a few minutes left on the clock! Something tells me Spooky Season doesn‘t end on the 31st for most of us...& might never end. 🌚 I‘ll continue to work on this for awhile & will get many car-rides worth of listening material out of it, I‘m sure.

Let me know what you think (& if you have suggestions)!


Meaw_catlady Omg I‘m so excited!!!! I will listen !! 2w
sprainedbrain Great playlist! I use Apple Music and still have a #WitchPlease playlist there that I *think* maybe you started last year? I added some to it, and it looks like I‘m going to be adding some songs to it again from this list. Any list containing Dead Man‘s Bones, SP, and Jack White is bound to speak to me. 🖤 2w
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Sea Witch | Sarah Henning
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Last of this year's witchy reads. I checked out Sea Witch because of the cover but stayed for the story. 🧞‍♀️🧙‍♀️🎃
#coverlove #witchplease #happyhalloween

Dogs on Instagram | @dogs_of_instagram
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Here is a close-up of the beautiful painting @MeganAnn did for me for the #BasicWitchSwap ♥️ Nico & Charlie are the best #familiars a girl could ask for!

I‘m framing this painting and putting it on my bookshelf ASAP!

I‘m so lucky to have gotten to shop for and swap with you, Megan! You truly are amazing!

#BasicWitch #WitchPlease #DogsOfLitsy #NicoBlueHound #CharlieTheFox

AmyG That is so special. How lovely! 2w
sprainedbrain @MeganAnn You are incredible! 🖤 2w
ljuliel Wow, that is really nice ! 2w
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monalyisha @MeganAnn You just keep getting cooler & cooler! This is amazing! 😍✨ (edited) 2w
Eggs Awesomely wonderful 2w
Chrissyreadit Beautiful!!! 2w
BethM Wow @MeganAnn that is beautiful in thought and form! 2w
Jas16 That is amazing! 2w
MeganAnn Oh I‘m SO happy you like it! I was worried I‘d be rusty, but I felt I had to create something for you ✨🖌🖤 2w
MeganAnn @sprainedbrain @monalyisha @BethM aww thank you all! 😊💖 2w
Meaw_catlady Wow! @MeganAnn this is amazing and so thoughtful! Looks like you 2 were a perfect match! 🖤🖤🖤 2w
Bklover That is BEAUTIFUL! @MeganAnn what a wonderful gift! You are so talented. ❤️ 2w
Redwritinghood Wow! What a great gift. It looks wonderful. 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! What a great gift! It‘s so beautiful @MeganAnn ! 2w
Marmie7 So beautiful! What a thoughtful gift😍 2w
readordierachel That is so lovely! 2w
JoScho 🖤🖤🖤 2w
hermyknee @Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain thank you for all of the hard work you did putting all this together! I‘ve only hosted a swap once and it really does take a lot of work— you guys nailed it!!! 2w
sprainedbrain @hermyknee thank you so much for joining us! I love seeing all of these posts. 🖤 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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It‘s tiiime!!! #BasicWitchSwap 🖤 Look at the gorgeous wrapping @MeganAnn did!

#BasicWitch #WitchPlease

erzascarletbookgasm Love the wrappers! 👍 2w
sprainedbrain 🖤🖤🖤 2w
monalyisha Love that full moon ribbon & The Craft bookmark! 2w
Meaw_catlady Wow!!! So gorgeous! 2w
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One more meme before I dive back into reading. Next restbreak I will unleash some more! #HalloweenLaughs #MemesBeHaunted #WitchPlease #Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter 6points #PointsTotal-1,203

MommyOfTwo 🤣 3w
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Ah some of these women were so unlikeable! It made me not want to pick up the book sometimes. I liked the second half of the book better than the first. I found Young Ursele and Irene so awful. Veronica was my favorite. I also didn‘t expect the final years to be set during WWII. That was interesting.

#Booked2019 - gifted to you (got in #witchplease Swap last year)
#readingwomenchallenge - multigenerational story

Cinfhen Two prompts one book that‘s good #DoubleDip 🍦🍦 2mo
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Hey all my lovely littens! Question : is anyone hosting a Halloween/ witch swap for October? If anyone is good at organizing and want to get together with me and co host one if it doesn‘t exist let me know!
For real this heat is the worst and I‘m ready for fall!

BethM A bunch of swaps are usually run in October. 4mo
Birdsong28 @BookishMarginalia Are you doing one? 📚📖 4mo
sprainedbrain The #witchplease swap that @monalyisha hosted last year was one of the best swaps I‘ve done. I would love it if another happened this year! 😉 4mo
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monalyisha @sprainedbrain That‘s super nice! I‘m not planning on hosting one again but I‘d be totally cool with someone taking it over. 🌚 4mo
Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain @monalyisha yes it was my favorite! It was amazing!! Loved it and if anyone was willing to help me host it I would be down. I‘m the worst at organization!! Ah my stress levels get high! But a co op would be good ! ☺️ 4mo
sprainedbrain It‘s been over a year since I cohosted our Jane Austen swap... it was quite an undertaking, but I might be able to handle sharing duties again. 🤔 4mo
Meaw_catlady @sprainedbrain email me or if you have me on Instagram under the same handle dm me and we can chat about it :) my email is evemag92@ hotmail.com 4mo
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Calling all witches! I love SockDreams‘ quirky sock selection and this does not disappoint! #sockdreams #witchplease https://www.sockdreams.com/occult-net-tights.html

Rhode Island Beer: Ocean State History on Tap | Ashleigh Bennett, Kristie Martin
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A friend snapped this shot of me & my husband, Adam, today. We‘re hanging out in the absolute *freezing* cold, drinking at a local brewery.

It was a good day, despite the frigid temps. More of this, please.

Tagged a book about beer written by a friend/former co-worker, with whom I saw Neil Gaiman perform some of his short stories. 🖤

Laughterhp Have you guys been to Buttonwood Brewery? It‘s in Cranston. My husband loves it and they have a dog mascot! 10mo
monalyisha @Laughterhp We‘ve been there before! It‘s pretty good. We were at Proclamation today, in Warwick (they do a lot of IPAs, but I actually drank two rounds of a bomb-ass Mango Sour today). Our fave is Revival, also in Cranston. They‘ve got a dog mascot, too! Brewery dogs are the best. 🐶😍 10mo
monalyisha @Laughterhp Oh! Beer on Earth is also really good! It‘s in North Kingstown. It‘s right on the bike path & they have AMAZING, fresh-baked pretzels, too. 🤤🥨 10mo
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Laughterhp So I actually can‘t drink beer because of the celiac disease, but it‘s one of my husband‘s favorite activities! 🤦‍♀️😬🤷🏻‍♀️I almost said it looked like you were at Proclamation, but didn‘t want to sound creepy! 😂 10mo
monalyisha @Laughterhp Oh man! 😆 Good eye! 10mo
Laughterhp I don‘t think we‘ve ever been to beer or earth! 10mo
ChasingOm Mango Sour sounds delicious! 🤤 10mo
ladyneverwhere This is so random, but I was at Grey Sail brewery today! My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Rhode Island for my birthday because it's one of the last three states I have to visit before I get to all 50. And I have heroine complex with me #newyearwhodis 😊 10mo
monalyisha What! @ladyneverwhere That‘s amazing! And so funny that you visited Rhode Island in the Winter. 😅 Come back during the Summer months so you can get the full experience & beach it up! Also...happy birthday! Is it today? Because — another serendipitous coincidence: mine is in less than a week. 😮🥳 10mo
julesG @ladyneverwhere Happy Birthday! 10mo
ladyneverwhere @julesG thank you!! @monalyisha yeah it was yesterday! I forgot how close our birthdays are, I remember now talking about it during the #witchplease swap. And I actually love cold weather, ocean stuff so this trip has been great for that. But I'll definitely be back to enjoy the beaches when it's warmer! 10mo
monalyisha @ladyneverwhere You clearly have a great memory. I... do not. 😆 I‘m happy you enjoyed your trip! 10mo
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My #FavoritePoetSwap package is wrapped and ready to go in the mail on Monday. I‘ll send it priority mail to make sure it arrives in plenty of time. Can‘t wait until November 14 😊

monalyisha Ah! I love this! I‘ll have to keep an eye on the hashtag. I‘ve been busy &, realistically, it‘s good that I didn‘t know about this or commit to participating in it but... man, it‘s so cool! 😍 12mo
mklong @monalyisha I wish I could afford to do them all. Your #WitchPlease swap looked so fun! 12mo
Bookishthoughts Yay!🎊 12mo
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