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Some childhood favorites with #TitleWith?or! Or in the case of the tagged book, both an ! & a ? ❓❗️⁉️

TheSpineView I loved Harry! ❤️🐕 1mo
tpixie @TheSpineView yes! Harry! 🐶🤎🤍🤎 1mo
DebinHawaii @TheSpineView @tpixie Harry is the best! 🐕 💚 1mo
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Eggs We love Harry 🦮🌹🐕 1mo
LeahBergen I had that edition of Are You There, God and I totally remember the cover of Dinky Hocker but I don‘t think I ever read it! 1mo
DebinHawaii @LeahBergen I had that AYTGIMM? & that Dinky Hocker cover too. A few months ago I found some After School Specials on YouTube & watched Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack! 😆 1mo
LeahBergen I need to look those up. I used to love them. 😆😆 1mo
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My husband's favorite book as a child.

#ittakesallkinds #titlewith?or!

Eggs Perfect 🩷⁉️🖤 1mo
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Saw this and laughed. I thought about all of us Litsy's😂

SpellboundReader Totally relate! 🤣📚📚📚 2mo
dabbe 😂 2mo
ShyBookOwl 💯 2mo
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I love Dr. Seuss. He has cute and interesting books. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #bookblogger #bookreviewer #bookworm #booknerd #drseuss #picturebook #childrensbook #childrensbookreviewer

Hop on Pop | Seuss
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😍 11 months old and already captivated by books lol

Bookwomble This is good parenting! 4mo
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Hi everyone! Here‘s a bit about me:
1. I love the Yankee Swaps - with my dad‘s family, my in laws, and my work family..
2. I look forward to all the fun posts… and the games I like most involve bingo boards & the #wintergames #wordsearch .
3. House to myself, dogs snuggled with me on the couch, and a fabulous book

Julsmarshall Love this! 5mo
RedxoHearts That sounds like a perfect set up for reading. Especially with the cooler weather. What kind of dogs do you have? I have 3 but only my mini dachshund and great dane mix likes to snuggle up. Of course he takes up a lot of room 5mo
RedxoHearts 🤣 I just realized that kind of made it sound like the dachshund and great dane was one dog. LOL The mini dachshund Fancy and the great dane is Chase. 5mo
Sarahreadstoomuch @RedxoHearts cute! I have two rescues- so we aren‘t completely sure of breeds…. But the 6yr old (Luna) is mostly retriever/boxer mix and the 2 yr old (Stella) is a red hound. They are both 55-60 pounds and LOVE to snuggle! 5mo
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Eggs Excellent 👌🏼 5mo
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Lovely. It would be a great gift for someone graduating. I often give his book Oh The Places you'll Go. This is maybe better.

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These Dr. Seuss books are cute, but trying to keep the tongue-twisting flow while in a head-cold brain fog is TOUGH 😅 our whole house has it pretty bad this week 🤒🤧

Eggbeater What a beautiful baby! I hope you all feel better soon. 💓 9mo
ShyBookOwl @Eggbeater Thank you! I'm hoping the same 9mo
AmyG Oh no! Hope everyone is better soon. 9mo
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Ruthiella Hope you feel better soon! 🤒❤️ 9mo
Vansa Such an adorable photo, what a sweet baby! 9mo
dabbe Adorable! 🤩 Hope you're all feeling better soon! 🤗 9mo
ShyBookOwl @dabbe Thank you!! ❤️ 9mo
ShyBookOwl @Ruthiella Thx! Finally getting there 9mo
ShyBookOwl @Vansa Thank you 😊 9mo
ShyBookOwl @AmyG Thx!! We're on our way 9mo
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The Eye Book | Dr. Seuss
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Quarterly appointment with my Retinal specialist today, which is practically an all day thing due to travel, needing to have lunch so I don‘t starve, and DC traffic.
The vision in my left eye is as above, due to a retinal tear - I lost my reading spot in that eye as well, so I can only read with my right eye.
The good news is that both eyes are stable right now, and I can relax for another four months. Yay!

Ruthiella Good news! 14mo
mabell That is great news! 14mo
Aimeesue @Ruthiella @mabell Keeping my fingers crossed! 14mo
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