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The Rains: A Novel | Gregg Hurwitz
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I don‘t know about you all but around here the changing of the #seasonsoflove normally brings the Storm and the rains. ☔️ ☔️☔️

@Cinfhen @vivastory

MCYmermaid Nice choices! 11mo
vivastory We had freezing rain today 😬 11mo
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I was away for the past few days for an out of town family wedding and got back just recently so catching up!

A trip to Florence ushers in #SeasonsOfLove for Lucy, also prompting a season of self-discovery.

Heathcliff & Cathy would both qualify for this one.

A tense, subversive, and heartaching read dealing with #WhoLivesWhoDies in a home invasion.

@Cinfhen @vivastory

readordierachel Great choices! 11mo
Cinfhen Soooo good!!! Love these choices 11mo
GlassAsDiamonds 😂😂😂 I particularly love the Wuthering Heights tag, that is brilliant! (Also, you know you live in India when your phone wants to auto correct “tag” to “Taj” 😂😂😂). 11mo
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Tanisha_A Yay, you are back! 😃 11mo
rohit-sawant @GlassAsDiamonds Hahaha, I've had that happen as well! 11mo
rohit-sawant Thanks, @Tanisha_A! 😀 🙌🏽 11mo
vivastory Haven't read Forster, but the other 2 are among the best I read last year. Fantastic choices & so glad you're joining the photo challenge! 11mo
Tanisha_A Listen, do you know anyone at Penguin Random House India office? 11mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A I wish I could say I did, but unfortunately no. The only association I have with Penguin India is a badly written collection of stories I submitted to them years ago when I was a total noobe. 🙈 Needless to say I didn't hear back. 11mo
rohit-sawant @vivastory Of course! Loving the prompts. And I think you'll dig A Room with a View. I was really delighted knowing you liked Wuthering Heights, as well! It's one of those polarizing reads where people either love it or want to pitch it out a window. 11mo
Tanisha_A @rohit-sawant Ah okay. I really want to work with their operations team! Let me see if I could find something out. 11mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A Oo, that sounds exciting! In case you haven't, you could check out their site and LinkedIn page for listings. Hope things work out for you! 🤞🏼 11mo
Tanisha_A @rohit-sawant Yes, been checking LinkedIn. Will write an email too. By the way, I may visit Bombay in Feb, would love to meet you too! Will keep you posted. 11mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A Oh cool, and likewise! Do let me know later. And hope you get a positive response to the email! 11mo
Tanisha_A @rohit-sawant Eee, yep! Thank you! 😃 11mo
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Betsy-Tacy and Tib | Maud Hart Lovelace
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It‘s always #seasonsoflove on the Bench. #MusicalNewYear

vivastory Lovely illustration! 11mo
LeahBergen ❤️❤️ Did you walk up the hill and sit on their bench when you visited Mankato? 11mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Yes I did! 😊 11mo
LeahBergen Well, someday we‘ll meet there. 😆 11mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen You bring the unfrosted cake. 😄 11mo
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Hotel Silence | Audur Ava lafsdttir
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What am I to do with a whole six days? Excluding seven hours of sleep, that leaves me with seventeen hours a day to be filled.
“Seventeen times six equals a hundred and two hours” Mom would immediately have answered.
That means the glowing star will rise above the horizon six more times.

A beautiful little book about a middle-aged handyman who decides his time has come. And the people and tiny acts that delay him.

#seasonsoflove #musicalnewyear

Cinfhen Sounds like an Ove book 💔 11mo
RachelO @Cinfhen I should probably read that sometime! 11mo
Cinfhen If I had it I‘d mail it to you....it‘s definitely a book you should read❤️ 11mo
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RachelO @Cinfhen Thank you! I‘ll track one down at some point - pretty sure our library should have copies 😊 11mo
vivastory Sounds interesting. It's on my TBR, I love the cover design! 11mo
LeahBergen This looks good. Stacked! 11mo
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“To being an Us for once, instead of a Them!” RENT is my absolute favorite musical of all time! Hands down, no question. I love its music & message, and I adore its characters! I‘ve seen it on broadway, on tour, watch the movie regularly, have the soundtrack on vinyl, and try to live its words daily. Thanks @Cinfhen and @vivastory for this lovely prompt to start 2019! #seasonsoflove #musicalnewyear Can‘t wait until Jan 27 for RENT Live!

LaraReads The 1st pic above is from last year seeing it on tour! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 11mo
Cinfhen What a beautiful collage!!! And how exciting that you got to meet some of the performers ❤️ 11mo
vivastory I have only seen it live once, but it's definitely a favorite. I love this post! 👏🙌 11mo
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A Virtuous Woman | Kaye Gibbons
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A brash, honest look at the love between Jack & Ruby as they move through many #seasonsoflove in their long marriage. I loved this sometimes brutal depiction of marriage that proves hard times can build a strong, and ultimately loving, relationship.

vivastory I've never heard of this before, but it sounds great. Stacked! 11mo
Crazeedi Hmmm, I think I'd like to read! Thanks! 11mo
Reggie This sounds great. #stacked 11mo
Reviewsbylola On my TBR. 11mo
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Just like the lyrics of the inspiring song, this book teaches “choose Love”. #seasonsoflove #musicalnewyear

vivastory Sounds very inspiring! 11mo
Cinfhen #ChooseLove ❤️🙌🏻 11mo
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My latest binge on #KindleDeals and #NetGalley requests leave me with #SeasonsOfLove ...book love, that is! #MusicalNewYear

HardcoverHearts Those Dorothy Sayers books! 😍 11mo
vivastory Book love is the best love 😆 11mo
RadicalReader @Librarybelle nothing more sensational than sweeping up some sensational reads to enjoy while out and about without having to lug around physical copies 11mo
Cinfhen I‘m interested in that Dinosaur book 😍 11mo
ferskner The bottom left covers 😍😍😍 11mo
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These poems contain much tenderness of love and the power of passion. I plan to read more poems this year, too.

#musicalnewyear #seasonsoflove
#anewchapter #newbeginnings

vkois88 Sounds like a plan! 11mo
TiredLibrarian I agree; for a long time I forgot how much I love poetry. And I should give this a re-read, too - great stuff. 💜 11mo
vivastory Ah, I love Neruda! Definitely wrote some of my favorite poetry, I really like his 11mo
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BarbaraBB Echoing @vivastory , I ❤️ Neruda! 11mo
Cathythoughts Yes ! Agree ! Pablo Neruda ♥️♥️♥️ 11mo
Lalaomi Oh. I read this book. In my opinion one of his finest job.! Good pick 👍🏽 11mo
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I don‘t know how many times I saw RENT while I was living in NYC - but it was a lot. And I wasn‘t aware that Anthony Rapp had a memoir! 🙀 I started listening to this yesterday and now I can‘t stop. I love his descriptions of 1990s NYC because that will forever be “my” NYC ❤️. He also chronicles his mom‘s diagnosis with cancer. You definitely don‘t need to be a fan of RENT to be moved by this beautiful story. #seasonsoflove #musicalnewyear

whippoorwill815 Oh my gosh I remember when this came out! He came to my college to do a talk/book signing. It was so cool to meet him, it‘s the only book signing I‘ve ever gotten to attend. 11mo
LauraBeth @whippoorwill815 wow! That‘s a pretty great book signing to attend! 11mo
vivastory I don't read memoirs very often, but I will definitely be checking this out! 11mo
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ErikaB He also released an album a few years ago called “Without You (A Musical Memoir)”. I haven‘t had a chance to buy the whole thing yet, but I did buy the first track, which happens to be “Losing My Religion” and I had been dying to hear his version since I found out it was his audition song all those years ago. 11mo
Cinfhen I literally got goosebumps reading your description, Laura. I will be looking for this audio and I can‘t wait to hear his rendition of Losing My Religion @ErikaB 11mo
ErikaB @Cinfhen There‘s also a live album called “Acoustically Speaking” performed with Adam Pascal from 2016 that‘s worth checking out, if you‘d like to hear his covers of “The Origin of Love” and “Falling Slowly”. I saw one of their concerts in 2012 and it was amazing, even if I was practically incoherent by the time I got to the signing line afterwards! (They were very sweet - I think they‘re used to somewhat emotional fans.) 11mo
Cinfhen Ha, I‘m sure they are @ErikaB I think musicians really have a unique gift in their ability to reach us in such a haunting and personal way. I‘m blown away by that type of power they can produce from singing 🎶 11mo
LauraBeth @ErikaB thanks - I found it on Apple Music and am now streaming it! 🙌 Have you read this memoir yet? The first chapter is titled Losing My Religion 💕 @Cinfhen this album is great so far! Although...big tears 😭 11mo
Bookzombie This has been on my library wish list for a while. I‘m going to bump it up! 🙂 11mo
ErikaB @LauraBeth I own the Kindle version (will have buy a hard copy if I‘m ever lucky enough to go to another concert/signing) but haven‘t read it yet. One of my general resolutions for this year is to stop saving things for “later” and actually use/read/enjoy them. Hopefully I‘ll get to it this year - I can think of at least two reading challenge prompts where this would work! 11mo
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