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Will | Will Smith
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Totally blaming this #ImpulseBuy on @MicheleinPhilly and I‘m LOVING it!! #PhillyRules 🥰♥️

Cinfhen I think you‘d love the audio too @Megabooks 12mo
Cinfhen @MicheleinPhilly THIS book is SCORCHED EARTH 🙌🏻 12mo
Megabooks Waiting to see if my library gets it! I requested awhile back. 12mo
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Cinfhen It‘s TOTALLY worth a credit!!! It‘s gonna be my BEST audio of the year @Megabooks 12mo
julesG You're not making it any easier for me to resist getting/reading this book. I don't do memoirs. This is definitely not for me. And don't even think of telling me otherwise, I'll just go 🙉🙉🙉 Lala Lala Lala 😉 12mo
Cinfhen I‘m REALLY sorry #NotSorry @julesG but as a #PhillyGirl and #EightiesGirl NOTHING could be any BETTER than hearing Will Smith read this audio!!! He raps, sings, acts and dishes….. #NoParalysisThrougAnalysis 12mo
Cinfhen It‘s FANTASTIC @julesG @Megabooks 12mo
julesG I'm a big Will Smith fan (actually we all are). I was hoooooooooping you'd put me off the book. You didn't, of course. 😬 Sold! 12mo
Cinfhen If you enjoy audios @julesG I suggest you go that route although @MicheleinPhilly read the book and she loved it in print - so either way you WIN 🏆 12mo
MicheleinPhilly YAY!!! I loved it so so much. I didn‘t go to his book tour stop here but I did watch the livestream. It was 🔥. Queen Latifah interviewed him and he and Jeff put on a mini concert at the end. 12mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! That must have been AMAZING to watch @MicheleinPhilly 12mo
kspenmoll I just adore the cover! 12mo
Cinfhen The cover art is UH.MAY.ZING @kspenmoll but the content is EVEN BETTER!! Audio narration by Smith is epic 12mo
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With the Fire on High | Elizabeth Acevedo
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Ok, so this book is DEFINITELY YA and I‘m DEFINITELY no longer a YA....however, that didn‘t stop me from really enjoying this story. Parts were eye-rolling but overall #PhillyRules and this story was 🔥🔥🔥🔥This review was written with a sprinkle of cinnamon and less salt then usual xx

Challenge Prompts: #Booked2020 #YAWrittenByAPoC
#ReadingEurope2020 #Spain And shoutout to the author for a fabulous narration 🙌🏻🎧

julesG 👏👏👏 Great review. Now I'm stacking it. 3y
Cinfhen It‘s really fun and young and spicy 🌶 I think you‘ll like it @julesG even if you‘re not from Philly 😉😊😘 3y
julesG I'm a citizen of the world. 😉 The places I've been (in books), the streets I've roamed (in books),... 😁 3y
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Cinfhen @julesG 🙌🏻💗can‘t argue with that😁 3y
Tanisha_A @julesG Love that! 3y
BarbaraBB A sprinkle of cinnamon 🧡 3y
NeedsMoreBooks This turned out to be an unexpected favorite 💖 3y
Cinfhen @NeedsMoreBooks so then I think you‘ll REALLY LIKE 3y
Cinfhen Sometimes us #SaltyGirls can be sweet @BarbaraBB 😘😘 3y
JennyM Love it! 😆 3y
NeedsMoreBooks @Cinfhen I think so. Have only read a few pages but I am enjoying it 😊 3y
Suet624 Her first book was soooo good that I was just a touch let down by this one. But I agree that it was a good one. 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Ha, cute review! 3y
Geenie I‘ve been loving YA too. Reading it not knowing what it was! 3y
Librarybelle I may have to use this one for the #YANovelByAPoC prompt too! 3y
alisiakae Acevedo has become a favorite YA author for me! Have you read Poet X? It‘s also great on audio. 3y
Megabooks This is such a fantastic book. I wish YA were more like this because then I‘d read it more. There‘s too much immature romance for me in most, but this hit the right note, or flavor! 😉😊 3y
Cinfhen No @4thhouseontheleft but I will check it out!!! Go for it @Librarybelle it was a quick listen and I imagine a short read 3y
Cinfhen I‘m generally a #BookSnob about YA which is totally unfair @Geenie as I‘m not the intended audience so I have no place judging but this book was really charming. It‘s my 3 YA since January and I‘ve liked all 3!!! 3y
Cinfhen @Megabooks I like what you did there!!!! 🤣 3y
Cinfhen Ok #BookTwin #SoulSister I‘m gonna check out Poet X next time I‘m craving something less heavy then my current NF / Holocaust reads @Suet624 3y
Suet624 I loved the format of the physical copy of poet x. I read it and then listened to it. Both were excellent but If possible I‘d encourage you to read it first. 3y
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