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The Secret History | Donna Tartt
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“One likes to think there's something in it, that old platitude amor vincit omnia. But if I've learned one thing in my short sad life, it is that that particular platitude is a lie. Love doesn't conquer everything. And whoever thinks it does is a fool.”

#AnglophileApril | 27: #NeverGoingToGiveYouUp

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Cinfhen Your graphics are amazing!!! And your passages are on point💥 7mo
Mdargusch Love these quotes together from one of my favorite books! 🖤 7mo
emilyhaldi Fab book 🙌🏻 7mo
Reviewsbylola Loved this book and this is a fantastic quote. 7mo
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Another Country | James A Baldwin
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I started this powerful novel a few hours ago. I've read about 20% and I think it's safe to say that several of the characters are driven by their obsessions, hatreds and addictions.
#NeverGoingToGiveYouUp #AnglophileApril
@Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen

Cinfhen STILL need to read Baldwin #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 7mo
Mdargusch It sounds intense! 7mo
emilyhaldi I agree with all of the above! 7mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds amazing. 7mo
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Bridget Jones's Diary | Helen Fielding
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I got to go through @Mdargusch ‘s and @emilyhaldi ‘s castoffs tonight. Of course I found some books to take home with me . . . including the bottom three that I gave to Emily last year during a purge. 😆🙄

#nevergoingtogiveyouup #anglophileapril

readordierachel Ooh, Penguin Ink editions 😍 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm The Ink editions are cool! 7mo
Cinfhen What goes around comes around 😘love those bottom 3 covers !! 7mo
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Kalalalatja Love the Ink editions 🙌 7mo
Mdargusch I can‘t wait for you to read Birchbark House. 😁 7mo
emilyhaldi LOL and now you took them back?! 😆 7mo
Reviewsbylola Sure did! @emilyhaldi Brian was yelling from the other room NO NO but I just ignored him. 7mo
vivastory I don't blame you for taking back the Ink Editions!! They're amazing! 7mo
emilyhaldi LOLOL poor Brian 😆 7mo
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Back | Henry Green
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Charley Summers leaves his deceased love, Rose, behind after returning home from the war and a POW camp. Upon his return he meets another woman, Nancy, and becomes convinced that she is indeed his first lost love Rose... #nevergoingtogiveyouup

Reviewsbylola Beautiful! 🥰 7mo
Cinfhen That cover 🤩 7mo
BarbaraBB So where is the book that stuck out (the one langer than the others)? 😀 7mo
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Mdargusch Lovely 💗 7mo
emilyhaldi Lol @BarbaraBB it's currently hidden off on the end 😑 it's really frustrating for my color-sorting sensibilities but even worse the other way!!! 7mo
BarbaraBB 😂😂 The best solution probably! 7mo
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Romeo and Juliet (Updated) | William Shakespeare
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Made me think of one of the original stories on the #Nevergoingtogiveyouup theme!

Mdargusch Very clever! 7mo
Reviewsbylola Perfect pick! 💔 7mo
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I wasn‘t going to buy too many books today but I couldn‘t stop. 🙀

Cinfhen Fun! 7mo
Mdargusch It‘s always fun to meet the authors @Cinfhen but then I‘m a sucker for their books. 7mo
emilyhaldi That looks like a fun mix of books!!! 7mo
Suet624 It‘s hard not to. 7mo
Reviewsbylola At least you spent less than me. 😆 7mo
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(Day 27 - #NeverGoingToGiveYouUp)

*I cannot stand this guy (& it goes without saying—but I‘ll say it—I hate his music), but funnily enough, I only learned about “Rickrolling” a few months ago. Live (long enough) and learn...at 60 years old, I just learned about a phenomenon from 1987. Go figure. Anyway, consider yourselves Rickrolled.

Velvetfur That's from 1987?!?! I only discovered Rickrolling about 5 years ago, I thought it was a new thing!! Well I'll be.... 😂 7mo
JSW I saw Rick Astley in concert and loved his music!! 🙌🏼😂 ah, the 80‘s. 7mo
Andrew65 @JSW He was always my wife‘s favourite! 7mo
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Bookwomble He's a really down-to-earth, very nice guy. I'm not a great fan of his music, but as a person he's pretty cool. 7mo
Mdargusch I have no idea who he is! 👵🏻 7mo
gradcat @mdargusch You always crack me up! 😅🤣😂 7mo
gradcat @Velvetfur At least you found out five years ago...I mean, honestly, he‘s of my time period, and I didn‘t even know who he was (much less the “rickroll”) until—I kid you not—about 5 months ago! 😂 7mo
gradcat @JSW @Andrew65 I‘m sorry...I hope you don‘t take my musical opinions personally. And @Bookwomble I believe you! It‘s only, like you say, I‘m not a fan of his music. Sorry guys!! 😱 7mo
Bookwomble @gradcat No offence taken at all 😊 ❤ 7mo
Andrew65 @gradcat Of course we don‘t. 😍 7mo
GripLitGrl 😂🤣😂 7mo
JSW No offense taken at all!!! 😁👍🏼 I find it funny that he‘s still in pop culture after all this time. 7mo
Reviewsbylola My husband and stepdaughter had to explain rick roll to me after one of her friends sang this song at a choir concert and everyone found it hilarious. I was def confused. 7mo
emilyhaldi Ok well am I the only one here now who doesn't know what a Rick roll is? 7mo
Velvetfur @gradcat Hahaha! When he first became popular, I have to admit, I was a fan! 😲 I was young, don't @ me, lol! (not a fan now) 7mo
Velvetfur @emilyhaldi I didn't know how to explain it so I got you this! - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickrolling 7mo
emilyhaldi Well, who woulda thought?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 7mo
gradcat @Reviewsbylola & @emilyhaldi You see how much we learn here on Litsy?! 😂 7mo
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All I'll say is I'm blown away by how huge an achievement the film is & so emotionally satisfying. In awe of everyone involved, from the creative team to the performers. The screenplay, editing & vfx designs are especially outstanding, all crafted with the intricate care of a watchmaker putting together a timepiece. What a trip it has been.
@Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch

Cinfhen My kids are eagerly waiting to see this movie!!! I think it‘s tonight‘s big plans!!! Glad the ending lived up to all the anticipation 7mo
rohit-sawant @Cinfhen Awesome! And gosh did it live up to the anticipation. I'm always wary of hype and avoided the trailers and various fan theories. Going in blind is so much more satisfying. 7mo
Tanisha_A Can't wait to get to it! 7mo
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JillR My son has been to see this today and has talked about nothing else since despite the fact I have no idea what he is talking about.... 😬 7mo
Mdargusch Sounds outstanding! 7mo
stacybmartin The movie was amazing!! 💙 7mo
Reviewsbylola Never even heard of this movie. 😆🙈 7mo
readordierachel I loved it too ❤ 7mo
emilyhaldi My husband has been talking about it nonstop for the past week 🙉 7mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A Hope you catch it soon! 7mo
swishandflick It's a fantastic movie but I don't know if "emotionally satisfying" is how I would describe it, I was crying by the end ? 7mo
rohit-sawant @JillR @emilyhaldi I've been babbling about it likewise. 😆😁 7mo
rohit-sawant @Reviewsbylola Oh it's this awesome indie film made on a shoestring budget 😉 7mo
rohit-sawant @swishandflick Haha, same! That's part of what made it so fulfilling for me. Can't really get into the details without spewing spoilers 😆 7mo
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Bodies of Light | Sarah Moss
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My #currentread follows Ally, who struggles against social prejudice to study to become one of the first female doctors in England. Ally‘s determination and devotion are driven by her mother‘s expectations and her hunger for her mother‘s approval, and although she is treated with harsh treatments and no love, she never gives up her dream to become a female doctor.
#anglophileapril #nevergoingtogiveyouup

Cathythoughts I put this one into #hibernation Must bring it out again. (edited) 7mo
Penny_LiteraryHoarders I just bought this one! 7mo
Cinfhen Keep seeing this author on Litsy!! Which book should I read first from her?? 7mo
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Mdargusch Great tie in! 7mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve heard such great things about this author. 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm @Cinfhen This is a standalone novel which can be read first (it‘s my first book by Moss), but maybe @Kalalalatja can enlighten us as she loves this author and introduces me to her. 7mo
emilyhaldi I love Moss but this book was tough to get through at times 7mo
Cinfhen Ok, thanks!! I‘ll wait & see what @Kalalalatja or @TrishB suggests 😁 7mo
Kalalalatja I started with The Tidal Zone, which was great! But this is the first in a duology, and it is loosely connected to Night Waking, which is set in our time, while the duology is historical fiction. You cans tart with both Night Waking or this @Cinfhen both are great in their own way 👍 7mo
Cinfhen I‘m worried it‘s gonna be too YA @Kalalalatja what do u think ?? 7mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen no, no not YA at all! It is definitely books for adults. Most of Moss‘ books deals with themes like parenthood (mostly motherhood), feminism, family relationships, both healthy and unhealthy. No love triangles, no teenage angst in these books 7mo
Cinfhen Oooh!! Good to know @Kalalalatja thanks 👍🏻😁 7mo
TrishB Definitely not YA. Night Waking really spoke to me about the juggle of small kids and trying to have a career. No such thing as a perfect mum and we‘re judged every day! 7mo
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