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A well constructed story with much truth and humanity. A story that has #depth and layered with the complexity of motherhood, class, race, and adoption among others. It tracks the fallout of a well planned, idyllic community and the actions of some individuals who challenge the status quo. I feel the story only picked up after the second half, but there‘s plenty to digest in Ng‘s descriptions. Do read it before the tv series comes out.

erzascarletbookgasm I didn‘t love it but it‘s a good story which I liked. Many important topics for a book club discussion. 2y
erzascarletbookgasm #readingresolutions @jess7 I feel like I missed a good discussion on the #lfereadalong last year. 2y
kspenmoll Our bookclub pick in June. 2y
bedandabook I really enjoyed this one, and agree that it throws up lots of good discussion issues. 2y
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Jess7 Yes!! We did a question about this quote for #LFEReadAlong last year!! Great discussion ensued! 2y
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Much Litsy love for this book, going to dive into it later tonight.
For #fictionfriday #readingresolutions

TrishB Lovely pic 👍🏻 2y
Jess7 Ohhh I loved this one. We did a read along for this one back in September 2017. Checkout the hashtag #lfereadalong if you‘re interested in seeing some of the discussion on it as you read it. It‘s divided into weekly discussions 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Alright, thanks @Jess7 🙂 2y
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Just came across a great question in LFE. “What made someone a mother? Was it biology alone, or was it love?”

What are your thoughts on this question?#ATB #24in48 #LittleFiresEverywhere

BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m a stepmom. Have been for 20+ years. For me, love made me a mom. ❤️💙💛 2y
Jess7 Loved this book. We had a great discussion on this book, including this quote — checkout #lfereadalong - from September 2017 2y
Erin7 @BarbaraTheBibliophage I feel that way about my mom too. She didn‘t give birth to me, but she‘s been there for me for 37 years now. My birth mom hasn‘t been in the picture by choice. But my mom loved me and taught me how to be a good person. 2y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @Erin7 Yes! Adopted families have great homes too. I‘m sure you tell your mom what you just wrote, right? 😎 2y
Erin7 We‘ve talked about it recently. Having kids of my own now has really brought us closer. I was kind of a handful growing up. 2y
readinginthedark Always love, I think, even with biological mothers. It wasn‘t pushing my son out that made me a mother but taking care of him, being here for him, etc. The love that develops from taking care of another human being. 2y
AceOnRoam Hmm, hard for me to comment as I'm not a mother.. by choice. 2y
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Voices raised; lots of good food eaten in our host‘s vintage crockery; arguments about family, selfishness, self-righteousness and agreeing-to-disagree on perceived interpretations of characters‘ motives and intentions; and lots of laughter over latest gossip and updates on each other‘s lives. Little Fires Everywhere indeed. :) Book Club MeetUp. :)

Suet624 💕💕💕 2y
Cathythoughts Oh I do love the bookclub meetup 👍🎉🎉 2y
Mdargusch Sounds like fun! 👍🏼 2y
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Jess7 Loved this book. Check our #LFEreadalong for some of our old weekly discussion posts. Curious to hear your thoughts. These were posted in September 2y
GatheringBooks @Suet624 😍 indeed 2y
GatheringBooks @Cathythoughts this was a particularly good meet up 2y
GatheringBooks @Mdargusch loads of fun indeed! 2y
GatheringBooks @Jess7 wildly varying opinions about different characters - but the fact that it elicited such strong emotions - decidedly-negative-with-judgmental-overtones/neutral/tentatively-positive suggests that it was effective overall in its storytelling - will definitely check out your discussion. am sorry i missed it! what is the next book up for discussion? 2y
Jess7 We‘re reading The Women in the Castle for February and Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore for March. Check out @LitsyBuddyRead 2y
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These are my choices for February. Even though MMD book club will be reading the Kristin Hannah selection later this year, I did not opt to take that one as I am not a Kristin Hannah fan, and won‘t participate in the reading and discussion that particular month. I‘m trying to content myself with not reading every book just because it might be the selection for any of my various book clubs. Not every book is for everyone.

Christine11 That‘s very true - sometimes certain books just really don‘t work for some people! Little Fires Everywhere is great - hope you enjoy 😊 2y
Jess7 Agreed!! I loved Little Fires Everywhere! Hope you enjoy it! 2y
Suelizbeth @Christine11 @Jess7 I loved Everything I Never Told You so I‘m assuming I‘ll love 2y
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Jess7 @Suelizbeth - imo LFE was better. I read LFE before EINTY - and I think the author did a better job at some of the similar themes the second time around in #LittleFiresEverywhere. I hope you read it. If you search #LFEREADALONG you can find old discussion questions that Mindy and I posted for when we hosted that read along back in September of 2017. 🤗 2y
Suelizbeth @Jess7 Thanks! I‘ll look for the discussion. They always help my understanding. 2y
Prairiegirl_reading Agreed! I haven‘t tried Kristin Hannah yet but feel this way about Elizabeth Strout. There are too many books out there, I can‘t be reading stuff I don‘t like just because everyone else is. 2y
Suelizbeth @Prairiegirl_reading Not an Elizabeth Strout fan, either. 2y
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Trying to decide what to read next... opinions welcome!

Jess7 LFE is awesome! 2y
ReadingRuby @Jess7 it‘s decided then, I will start it tomorrow. Thanks! 2y
Jess7 You‘re welcome! Hope you like it! 2y
Jess7 When you finish it check out the hashtag #LFEreadalong - @MinDea and I hosted that one several months ago. There is good discussion on this book there. 2y
ReadingRuby @Jess7 oh that sounds great, I will 2y
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I enjoyed many of my October picks but Little Fires Everywhere was probably my favorite. What book did you enjoy the most in October?⠀

October Reading Recap:
Little Fires Everywhere⠀
American Fire⠀
Final Girls⠀
Braving the Wilderness ⠀
When She Woke⠀
MBS and the Perilous Journey
Alexander Hamilton
Mouthful of Forevers⠀
Hello, Sunshine⠀
We Have Always Lived in the Castle⠀
When We Were Worthy ⠀
The Lying Game ⠀
A Share in Death

Jess7 Lfe was my favorite October read too! Did you join our #lfereadalong #botmbuddyread this past month? If not, search those hashtags for our discussion questions and add your thoughts. :-) 2y
Jess7 American Fire is our #botmbuddyread for December - you can still join the discussion each week even if you‘ve already read it - just no spoilers. Our November pick is #Furies - if you haven‘t read it already - read pages 1-102 and join in this Sunday! 2y
GA_Bookworm07 How is little fires ever where 2y
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Lindsy I really want to read that Brene Brown title! Love her. 2y
drinkteareadbooks @Lindsy I thought it was really good. Definitely recommend reading it! 2y
drinkteareadbooks @AvidBookWorm02 I really enjoyed it! I‘ve heard some folks mention that they thought it took a while to pick up but it hooked me from page one. 2y
drinkteareadbooks @jess7 Yes, I definitely want to join these discussions! The Heart‘s Invisible Furies is sitting on my nightstand. I‘ve been intimidated by the size but everyone gives it such rave reviews. Hopefully this will motivate me to tackle it! 2y
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Work is killing my soul. I‘m trying to maintain a small piece of it.

Kaye Hang onto your books. They‘ll keep replacing a bit of your soul so you don‘t lose it all. 📗 (edited) 2y
Jess7 I loved this book! @MinDea and I just hosted our final book discussion of this book for #botmbuddyread last Sunday. As you make your way through it check out our old reading schedule and look for our old posts to add your thoughts on the topics and read what others said. We had such a great discussion of this one! 😍 #LFEREADALONG (edited) 2y
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Today #LFEReadAlong ended AND #TheHeartsInvisibleFuries started! @Jess7 and I are rolling off as the co-hosts for this month's #botmBuddyRead and @bookloo and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks are rolling on to co-host November's book and lead the discussions every Sunday.

Looking forward to starting this tomorrow! Has everyone else already started? How far is everyone?

@MrsV @TheBookHippie

peaknit I‘m just finishing The Hearts Invisible Furies. What an epic read❤️ 2y
MinDea @peaknit join the discussion on Sunday's! 2y
Redwritinghood I haven‘t started yet, but plan to do so soon. 2y
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peaknit Thank you! 2y
BarbaraBB I had to force myself to stop after the assigned pages 😉 2y
TricksyTails My book hasn't arrived yet. 😫👎 2y
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