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The Husband's Secret | Liane Moriarty
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Thank you so much for the #jolabokaflodswap gifts, @Julsmarshall ! We got home too late for me to enjoy them on Christmas Eve, but I plan to tuck in today!

Julsmarshall I‘m so glad!! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon I love her books. 🎁🎄🍫 📚 Happy #Jolakabodflod 3y
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Thanks so much @Nessavamusic for a great #JolabokaflodSwap ! I didn't actually read the book yesterday, as I'm in the middle of rereading this series, but I'm super excited to own it. The chocolate looks delicious and the bookmark is cute.

Thanks @MaleficentBookDragon for setting up this swap.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to those who don't.

Nessavamusic Yay I‘m glad you like it! Merry Christmas! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon That looks like a fun series. 🎁🎄🍫 📚 Happy #Jolakabodflod! 3y
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Thank you, @rachelm for this book! I can‘t wait to read it. It was a great choice! And your chocolate choice was spot on! Thank you again, and Merry Christmas! And thank you for @MaleficentBookDragon for putting this swap together. #jolabokaflodswap

Bklover Such a good book!! 3y
rachelm You‘re welcome! Happy holidays!! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon 🎁🎄🍫 📚 Happy #Jolakabodflod 3y
FantasyChick Oh I've heard great things about this book! Enjoy! 3y
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Attachments | Rainbow Rowell
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Thank you @TheAromaofBooks Love dark chocolate and I‘m so excited to read this book! I‘ve loved all her books that I‘ve read so far! Merry Christmas all! 🎅🏻🎄 #jolabokaflodswap

Megabooks Such a great book! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon 🎁🎄🍫 📚 Happy #Jolakabodflod 3y
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! When I saw that one on your list, I knew it was the one. It's a favorite of mine so I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!! 3y
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Thank you so much Hallie for the book, my favorite Hershey‘s Chocolate with almonds, & hot chocolate! It makes my Christmas Eve cozy. My family gets together on Christmas Eve, so it was wonderful to come home & get in bed with a new book & chocolate!

Thank you for hosting @MaleficentBookDragon

hes7 Yay! Merry Christmas! 3y
umbrellagirl Merry Christmas 🎄🎄 3y
kspenmoll @umbrellagirl Merry Christmas to you as well! 3y
kspenmoll @hes7 Merry Christmas! 3y
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The Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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I am finally home, and was able to open my #jolabokaflodswap package!

Thank you SO MUCH Wendy! I think this was the book I was hoping for the most this Christmas... I listened to the audiobook as soon as it came out and knew I needed to own the book.

The chocolates are yummy, too! Merry Christmas and thank you again! 😊

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I keep seeing this book!! Awesome gift 💝 3y
Prettytears I'm ready to read this book too✨ 3y
MaleficentBookDragon This might be the most gifted book for the swap. Happy #Jolakabodflod! 3y
Meaw_catlady I got that book too so excited for it!! 3y
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I know this is late, but I did open it earlier in the day! Thank you @IndoorDame ! I'm excited to get started--probably tomorrow once I get home from visiting family. ❤🎄❤📚❤ Happy holidays!
#jolabokaflodswap @MaleficentBookDragon

IndoorDame Enjoy! 😊 Happy holidays to you too! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon I just finished that book and ♥♥♥ it. Happy #Jolakabodflod! 3y
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Thank you so much @Karkar for the book, for my favorite chocolates, and for the very kind doggy treats from your doggies. This is a wonderful #jolabokaflodswap and I am so grateful! These treats are perfect, my older dog, Kiyo, has been having some health issues and these will be good for her. Thank you @MaleficentBookDragon for hosting!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Nice gifts!! 3y
Karkar So glad you like them! 3y
MaleficentBookDragon Puppies deserve the love too. Happy #Jolakabodflod! 3y
iread2much @Karkar really do! Thank you soooo much! 3y
iread2much @MaleficentBookDragon thank you! You too! 😄 3y
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Chocolate Christmas | Amy Robertson
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Look at this lovely #jolabokaflodswap package from @SheReadsAndWrites! Thank you so much, Lara! I love the book and cannot wait until bedtime to start it and eat these lovely chocolates. Godiva chocolate is my absolute favorite and the others look amazing! Thanks for everything. Happy Christmas. 🎄📚

Thank you for hosting @MaleficentBookDragon! 💙

SheReadsAndWrites You are most welcome!! I hope you enjoy! 😊 Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄 3y
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