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The Fire Next Time | James Baldwin
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#riotgrams day 15: #hotbooks. (I‘m catching up.) I chose James Baldwin‘s The Fire Next Time: fiery title, fiery ideas inside. Also a hot book this month because Duncan Jones chose it as the book for the David Bowie Book Club, so people all over the world are reading it. 🙂

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Untitled | Unknown
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What‘s hotter than a love letter?
#hotbooks #riotgrams

Firelight | Kristen Callihan
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Fire is hot so I think these qualify as #hotbooks. #riotgrams

bentchbites Wildfire in print looks cool! I‘m starting the ebook this week. :) 2y
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
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#hotbooks #riotgrams @bookriot
Our library is currently closed while they adapt a new temporary space. However, we can reserve things and pick up! I‘m #250 or so for the ebook of this and 6th on a print copy at another library. MY library had it all processed so I snagged it!

MinDea I just won this! It looks so good. Look forward to your review on it! 2y
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#Hotbooks 🔥
My collection is complete!!! 👏🏻👏🏻
Yeah, I took this before I left home!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Catching Fire | Suzanne Collins
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#riotgrams challenge: Hot Books🔥
These YA favorites are the hottest books in my house right now 🔥

#day15 #hotbooks

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Ebola and the Olympics ;) I'm excited to finally get to watch some figure skating! This book is stressful because it is real. I do not want to get Ebola. #hotbooks #riotgrams

JillPill I read this book last year and it is so freaky! It's good but it scared me the whole time 2y
AmyG I read this years ago and it was great..and scary as hell. 2y
MichelleScott_author This book scared me to death! 2y
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ChelseaM6010 I got this book for Valentine's day! 2y
SandyW Loved this book, but boy did it scare the heck out of me! 👀 2y
RachLovesTV Yay figure skating! I can't read when I'm olympics-watching, though, I get to into the sports and distracted. 2y
knittedgnome @JillPill @AmyG @Coffeeshopreviews @SandyW I actually googled if it really was true hoping that it wasn't! Lol! Nope. True. Even more scary! 2y
knittedgnome @Chelsealpatt that's an awesome Valentine's present! 2y
knittedgnome @RachLovesTV I did ok for a while but then got distracted by the TV and the new kitten. 2y
RachLovesTV @knittedgnome ooooo new kitten too? 🐱🐱 2y
knittedgnome @RachLovesTV yep! My 16 year old cat passed away in July and I was finally ready for a new friend. I was hoping Pip was more snuggling but he is still very kitten playful! But he does like to cuddle in between playing. 2y
RachLovesTV @knittedgnome so sorry about your old buddy, that's really hard. Maybe pip will grow into a snuggler! 2y
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Burned: A House of Night Novel | P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast
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This isn't an obvious choice as one of my #hotbooks for #riotgrams day 15. But. When I took the dust jacket off this book, my jaw literally dropped. It's stunning! (And I don't even like snakes!) It may be the most attractive book on my shelves.

TNbookworm I don't like snakes either but this is gorgeous💚 2y
britt_brooke Beautiful! 2y
dsfisher Wow, stunning 2y
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thecurlybookworm I'm terrified of snakes & this gave me a mini heart attack 😂 But a very pretty scary snake! 2y
diovival That's a beauty! 2y
sunnyaltman @TNbookworm I know right?! 💙 2y
sunnyaltman @britt_brooke Such an unexpectedly beautiful surprise! 2y
sunnyaltman @dsfisher It's such an unexpected treat! 2y
sunnyaltman @diovival It really is! 2y
RachLovesTV I'm in the same boat as @thecurlybookworm 🙈🙈🙈 But it is very beautiful! I appreciate when they put so much detail into the design. 2y
sunnyaltman @RachLovesTV 🙈is what I would have expected my reaction to be too! 2y
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