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Their Eyes Were Watching God | Zora Neale Hurston
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I still need to read the tagged book (and feel generally “poorly read” when it comes to most authors of The Harlem Renaissance 😬).


sprainedbrain Loved the tagged book, and I adore this quote! ❤️ 7mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Listen to this book, read by the incomparable Ruby Dee. 7mo
CoffeeNBooks I haven't read this since high school, many many years ago, so it's on my TBR list! 7mo
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Cinfhen I read this last year, I think it would be awesome on audio 7mo
LeahBergen @sprainedbrain I love this quote, too! 7mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for the recommendation. 😘 7mo
LeahBergen @CoffeeNBooks I hope to get to it in the coming year. 👍🏻 7mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen I bet it would (from what I‘ve heard about it)! 7mo
TrishB I still need to read too! But it‘s on the tbr! 7mo
batsy Me too! 7mo
Aimeesue Fabulous read! 7mo
Moray_Reads It is so, so good! 7mo
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Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance poet #WinterWonderland #AngelOfHarlem @trishb @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Wonderful choice! 7mo
TrishB And a poet I must read more of! 7mo
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Angel of Harlem: A Novel | Kuwana Haulsey
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Cinfhen 👍🏻 7mo
TrishB Good pick 👍🏻 7mo
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X: A Novel | Ilyasah Shabazz
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Malcolm X #AngelOfHarlem
Really enjoyed this fictionalised telling of Malcolm‘s early life, which is based on known facts and is also written by his daughter. Quite an interesting early life! Do thoroughly recommend it.

TrishB Stacked - sounds good 👍🏻 7mo
Andrew65 @TrishB I did it in audio, read by his daughter, and really enjoyed it. Just a shame it only covered his early life. 7mo
Moray_Reads Bought this today. Looking forward to it 7mo
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Andrew65 @Moray_Reads Hope you enjoy it! 👍 7mo
Cinfhen I read this one! It was well done 7mo
Cathythoughts Great cover 👍🏻♥️ 7mo
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Falling Angel: A Novel | William Hjortsberg
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#winterwonderland #angelofharlem
After seeing the brill posts so far esp ref the wonderful billie holliday i had to try and think of something. I saw the film yrs ago when rourke was handsome, harry angel detective, & de niro made good films +was the devil. But i looked up the book and it is now one i have to read, looks great - in searching the author mentions the seedy 50s ny he set the book in incl the 'long gone huberts flea circu harlem'.

TrishB Oh I loved this film! And I don‘t say that very often. 7mo
andrew61 @TrishB yes so did i although watched it on video in the 80's so definitely need to watch it again. 7mo
Cathythoughts Mickey Rourke & Robert DeNiro ?? I may never see the movie , but I‘ll stack the book 👍🏻👍🏻 7mo
andrew61 @Cathythoughts having read description i think it would fit in with the john conolly feel - im definitely going to read. 7mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts I agree with @andrew61 - definitely a Connolly vibe! 7mo
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Amiable with Big Teeth | Claude McKay
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One of the Harlem Renaissance writers. Hopefully I‘ll get to this next year
#AngelOfHarlem #WinterWonderland

Cinfhen Lots of new books for me today! Thanks for sharing 7mo
TrishB And me too @Cinfhen 7mo
AnneCecilie @Cinfhen @TrishB I saw some new books as well. I didn‘t now that the Harlem Renaissance was a thing until this fall when I visited a literary event. 7mo
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I stumbled across this at the library last night. Good timing!
@Cinfhen @TrishB

Cinfhen Definitely good timing 😊 7mo
TrishB Great timing 👍🏻 litsyluck 7mo
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The Street | Ann Petry
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There were men who thought Lutie Johnson was the #angelofharlem, but she just wanted to raise her son in peace. #winterwonderland @TrishB @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I‘m feeling anxious from your little blurb 😞feeling something sinister 🥺 7mo
TrishB Loving the cover 💕 7mo
Lcsmcat @Cinfhen It‘s not exactly a happy-ever-after book, but it‘s so well written and so important! 7mo
batsy I really want to read this. Love the vintage cover. 7mo
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Has anyone read Persia Walker? Her name keeps popping up when I‘m looking for challenge reads for next year. She writes crime novels, set in jazz-age Harlem. Think I may have to give them a go.

#angelofharlem #winterwonderland @Cinfhen @TrishB

AlaMich Ha! Not only does this author sound intriguing and stackable, her main character and I share the same name (Lanie/Lainie, a very uncommon one). 😊 7mo
Cinfhen This book cover is striking 💜 7mo
RachelO @AlaMich 😁Well it was obviously meant to be! I don‘t think I‘ve ever met a Lainie 👋 7mo
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AlaMich @RachelO There aren‘t too many of us, though I have run across a few little girls with the name in recent years. 7mo
TrishB And one of Gary Numan‘s daughters is called Persia 😁 7mo
RachelO @TrishB I am having a highly educational day! 7mo
TrishB That‘s Litsy for you 💕 7mo
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#angelofharlem #winterwonderland #poetrymatters One of my all time favorite poets

TrishB Not read much of his and mostly via Litsy! 7mo
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