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A Jane Austen Christmas
A Jane Austen Christmas: Regency Christmas Traditions | Maria Grace
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Many Christmas traditions and images of 'old fashioned' holidays are based on Victorian celebrations. Going back just a little further, to the beginning of the 19th century, the holiday Jane Austen knew would have looked distinctly odd to modern sensibilities. How odd? Families rarely decorated Christmas trees. Festivities centered on socializing instead of gift-giving. Festivities focused on adults, with children largely consigned to the nursery. Holiday events, including balls, parties, dinners, and even weddings celebrations, started a week before Advent and extended all the way through to Twelfth Night in January. Take a step into history with Maria Grace as she explores the traditions, celebrations, games and foods that made up Christmastide in Jane Austen's era. Packed with information and rich with detail from period authors, Maria Grace transports the reader to a longed-for old fashioned Christmas. Non-fiction
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This was so fun! I learned loads about a “Classic English Christmas” and bookmarked so many games and recipes. Black Butter specifically sounds amazing! 🥂

Black Butter: “This is a very nice preserve to spread on bread for children and much healthier in the winter than salt butter. Take any kind of berries, currants, or cherries...” (continued in comments)

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Linsy ... “(the latter must be stoned)—to every pound of fruit allow half a pound of sugar, and boil till it is reduced on fourth.” (edited) 1mo
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Plum pudding has a fascinating history. Not only did it change from stew to dessert over the course of 500 years, but it caused its own bit of contention. Oliver Cromwell banned it, King George I revived it and Anthony Trollope officially dubbed it “Christmas Pudding.” 🍮

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