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My Name Is Legion
My Name Is Legion | Roger Zelazny
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A detective for a vast interworld agency accepts three extremely difficult and deadly assignments
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My Name Is Legion | Roger Zelazny
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Only 3 books completed in March, but they were good ones! It‘s difficult to pick a favourite because I loved them all for different reasons. I‘m also enjoying The Tenant of Wildfell Hall & think it could make its way onto my favourites list. #FavoritesofMarch #LiteraryLuck

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego You did great! 📖💖 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💚💚💚 6mo
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My Name Is Legion | Roger Zelazny
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I put my book down for a second and this happened. 🙄Who‘s a good #ReadingBuddy? Not Minerva. #KAL #CatsofLitsy

bookseller_cate She is beautiful! 😻 6mo
Crazeedi She wants to read too!! 😽💜 6mo
Birdsong28 Your not getting that back 😂😂😂😂📚📖 6mo
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Beatlefan129 That‘s quite the look! 6mo
AlaMich Oh man, that expression! 😆😻 6mo
Leftcoastzen She‘s so grown up. 6mo
TK-421 @bookseller_cate Thank you! 6mo
TK-421 @Beatlefan129 @AlaMich I know! It‘s like, “You want this, human? Too bad.” 6mo
TK-421 @Crazeedi 😸 6mo
TK-421 @Birdsong28 She finally let go but it took awhile! 😸 6mo
Eyelit Lol! This is why you always need a decoy book 😹 6mo
TK-421 @Leftcoastzen I know 🙁 Some days it really hits me just how much she‘s grown & I wish she could be tiny again! 6mo
TK-421 @Eyelit 😹 I‘ll have to keep that in mind! 6mo
AlaMich @TK-421 Yeah that, but with 4-letter words! 6mo
TK-421 @AlaMich 🤣 Yup! 6mo
tpixie @TK-421 She's beautiful!! #CatsOfLitsy 🐱 @Eyelit lol a decoy book 📚 😂 6mo
booklahoma Just give up. Minerva is the name of the goddess of wisdom and strategy. You can't win! 😼😺😸 6mo
Dragon 😻 6mo
TK-421 @tpixie Thanks! 😊 6mo
TK-421 @booklahoma I know! I never win 😂 6mo
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