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A Penny for Your Thoughts
A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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Callie Webber investigates charities for the J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation, seeing if they are worthy of the generosity of her employer Tom. She goes to Philadelphia to present a friend of Tom with a check and finds the man dead. Tom wants her to look into his death. The dead man's family however has secrets to protect.
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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1. Joe from You. He‘d find a reason to murder me!
2. Eyebrows! I have a funny-shaped head
3. Preserving fresh water reserves/resources
4. Dial soap
5. where are baby back ribs on a pig
6. Recumbent, also I can never pronounce vulnerable
7. Over 4 life!!!

nu-bibliophile Thanks for playing!😀 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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1. Mrs. Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)
2. Shave my eyebrows.
3. Sexual education. It's the 21st century, why are we still having this conversation?!
4. Lancome
5. Who's David Sedaris?
6. acquises...acquisize... acquiesces. There 😂
7. Over. It's patented that way, did you know?

nu-bibliophile 3. 👍👍 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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@nu-bibliophile #pennyforyourthoughts

1. Scarlett O‘Hara, since I‘m reading GWTW now
2. Go bald - I have four scars on my head that‘d make me look fierce!
3. Arresting climate change
4. Honda - we‘ve owned 5
5. 2019 reading challenge from @thereadingwomen
6. Assassinate (predictive text never believes me)
7. Over, always

nu-bibliophile 2. 😂 7mo
Rachbb3 I agree with Scarlett. Fiddledeedee....I'd probably kill her. 😂 7mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Rachbb3 She‘s ballsy and I love that, but as a roommate I‘d definitely want to strangle her. 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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1. Jack Torrence from The Shining
2. Shave my eyebrows because you can always draw them on
3. Keeping our oceans clean
4. Coffee Mate creamer, coconut cream flavor. It goes perfectly in any flavor of coffee
5. How to poach an egg
6. Recieve versus receive is one I always mess up
7. Always over!

nu-bibliophile 2. Hehe. 4. I love coconut flavor. 7mo
CindyMyLifeIsLit Coconut cream—that sounds wonderful! 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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1. Lydia Bennett from P&P
2. Go bald I think, so many wig possibilities
3. Good public education
4. Dove soap
5. Disney, just bought tickets for our vacation next summer!
6. Ironically misspell, I often miss the extra s
7. Over, always over!

RestlessFickleBookHoarder Amen to your answer for 3! 7mo
jillannjohn Love your # 3 answer. 7mo
nu-bibliophile 2. I forgot about the wig possibilities. 3. 👍👍 5. Enjoy! 7mo
Nessavamusic Yes isn‘t the solution to most of our problems a better educated population? 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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1) Hannibal Lecter, although Joffrey from GOT would also be terrible.
2) Eyebrows...at least I can draw them back on.
3) Global warming, animal protection, & in general not being dicks.
4) Caribou Coffee. Lindt Chocolate.
5) a phone number that called...I don't answer #s I don't recognize
6) so so many words...especially words with repeating consonants like in parallel.
7) over, but not that important to me.
#PennyForYourThoughts @nu-bibliophile

nu-bibliophile 2. That was my reasoning for it too lol. Thanks for playing! 7mo
nu-bibliophile Great number 3 answer 👍👍 7mo
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A Penny for Your Thoughts | Mindy Starns Clark
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#PennyForYourThoughts @nu-bibliophile

1) Moaning Myrtle
2) as long as it's not permanently, I've been dreaming of shaving my head and go bald for a while
3) global warming and climate change
4) The Body Shop cosmetics, Puma sneakers
5) Good Omens air date (supposed to be in the first half of 2019)
6) parallel - always struggle with the double L placement
7) over

nu-bibliophile Moaning Myrtle😂 I love the body yogurt at The Body Shop 👍 7mo
julesG @nu-bibliophile I do not want to be woken by her crying. And I don't want to take her up on her offer to share her U-bend with me. 😂😂😂 I love the almond milk and honey products. All of them, not just the body yoghurt. 7mo
GingerAntics That‘s the last thing I googled, too!!! lol 7mo
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julesG @GingerAntics I wonder why. 😉 7mo
GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 - wait, actually I couldn‘t remember how to spell Elliot from Pete‘s Dragon (one T or two) so I googled that after the air date for Good Omens. lol oops 7mo
julesG @GingerAntics 😂😂😂 7mo
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