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Guests on Earth
Guests on Earth: A Novel | Lee Smith
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“Reading Lee Smith ranks among the great pleasures of American fiction . . . Gives evidence again of the grace and insight that distinguish her work.” —Robert Stone, author of Death of the Black-Haired Girl It’s 1936 when orphaned thirteen-year-old Evalina Toussaint is admitted to Highland Hospital, a mental institution in Asheville, North Carolina, known for its innovative treatments for nervous disorders and addictions. Taken under the wing of the hospital’s most notable patient, Zelda Fitzgerald, Evalina witnesses cascading events that lead up to the tragic fire of 1948 that killed nine women in a locked ward, Zelda among them. Author Lee Smith has created, through a seamless blending of fiction and fact, a mesmerizing novel about a world apart--in which art and madness are luminously intertwined.
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"Let's sign up for cooking," I suggested to Dixie, as squares of gingerbread still warm from the oven were passed out to us all at the afternoon "social" on #Halloween.
"Not me." To my surprise, Dixie shook her head so vigorously that I could see the bluish shaved spots at each temple where they affixed the electrodes for her still-ongoing electroshock treatments. . ."

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Sitting at the Biltmore Estate by the French Broad River with this Asheville based book. Not loving it so far but I'm only on page 37 so I'm sure it will get better!

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Trying again to get into listening to books. This was on sale for $3.99 on #audible. Guests on Earth is a #bookclub pick, but I'll read any book about Zelda Fitzgerald.


Since beginning Z, I've been trying to recall this fictionalized account involving Zelda Fitzgerald's time in hospital in Asheville. I read this some time ago but it has stuck with me because of the beautiful imagery.

Callemarie I'm becoming more and more fascinated with learning about them. 3y
LitHousewife I enjoyed all three Zelda books that came out at that time. I read this one just before visiting Asheville for Booktopia. It was the weekend read and perfect. Seeing the place where she died was an experience. 3y
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This book is just amazing. It's poignant and vibrant. Based on factual events of an asylum in NC that burned and one of its most well known patients, Zelda Fitzgerald.

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