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The Jersey Brothers
The Jersey Brothers: A Missing Naval Officer in the Pacific and His Family's Quest to Bring Him Home | Sally Mott Freeman
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The extraordinary, real-life adventure of three brothers at the center of the most dramatic turning points of World War II and their mad race to change historyand save one of their own. They are three brothers, all Navy men, who end up coincidentally and extraordinarily at the epicenter of three of the wars most crucial moments. Bill is picked by Roosevelt to run his first Map Room in Washington. Benny is the gunnery and anti-aircraft officer on the USS Enterprise, one of the only carriers to escape Pearl Harbor and by the end of 1942 the last one left in the Pacific to defend against the Japanese. Barton, the youngest and least distinguished of the three, is shuffled off to the Navy Supply Corps because his mother wants him out of harms way. But this protection plan backfires when Barton is sent to the Philippines and listed as missing-in-action after a Japanese attack. Now it is up to Bill and Benny to find and rescue him. Based on ten years of research drawn from archives around the world, interviews with fellow shipmates and POWs, and primary sources including diaries, unpublished memoirs, and letters half-forgotten in basements, The Jersey Brothers is a remarkable story of agony and triumphfrom the home front to Roosevelts White House, and Pearl Harbor to Midway and Bataan. It is the story, written with intimate, novelistic detail, of an ordinary young man who shows extraordinary courage as the Japanese do everything short of killing him. And it is, above all, a story of brotherly love: of three men finding their loyalty to each other tested under the tortures of warand knowing that their success or failure to save their youngest brother will shape their family forever.
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Story that needed to be told.

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BookExpo Day2:


Seeing Hillary speak last night was AMAZING, so inspirational AND the interviewer was Cheryl Strayed!!
Then....Mrs. Clinton answered MY question which was read aloud by Cheryl w my name!

"What are u currently reading/on your nightstand?"

To which she RAVED about Freeman's book which I've tagged for you guys!

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Because #BookMail is always #FunFunFun to find waiting after work. #RockinMay

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