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Journey to Portugal
Journey to Portugal: In Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture | José Saramago
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When José Saramago decided some twenty years ago to write a book about Portugal, his only desire was that it be unlike all other books on the subject, and in this he has certainly succeeded. Recording the events and observations of a journey across the length and breadth of the country he loves dearly, Saramago brings Portugal to life as only a writer of his brilliance can. Forfeiting sources of information such as tourist guides and road maps, he scours the country with the eyes and ears of an observer fascinated by the ancient myths and history of his people. Whether an inaccessible medieval fortress set on a cliff, a wayside chapel thick with cobwebs, or a grand mansion in the city, the extraordinary places of this land come alive with kings, warriors, painters, explorers, writers, saints, and sinners. Always meticulously attentive to those elements of ancient Portugal that persist today, Saramago examines the country in its current period of rapid transition and growth. Infused with the tenderness and intelligence that have become familiar to his readers, Saramago's Journey to Portugal is an ode of love for a country and its rich traditions.
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Another wonderful day of exploring in Portugal. We are in Coimbra now and today I dragged hubby to the University Library which is rich in design and books. It holds more than 60,000 books from the 16th to 18th century‘s. Unfortunately they don‘t allow photography in the most divine section. The bottom left photo I took looking from across the river up to the University on top of the hill😍

DivineDiana Thank you for inspiring my dreams today! ❤️ 4mo
Gina Wow, now that is dreamy... 4mo
Crazeedi So absolutely gorgeous, would just love to see this country... 4mo
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CarolynM Fabulous! I really want to visit Portugal one day. 4mo
SW-T Gorgeous! 4mo
Freespirit @DivineDiana it is such a lovely country. Hoping to encourage other travellers😍 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @Gina 😊 4mo
Freespirit @Crazeedi @CarolynM OMG go if you can. It‘s very reasonably priced and so easy to travel and so much to see! 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @SW-T 😊 4mo
Velvetfur Coimbra is one of the main towns there I haven't yet visited but have always wanted to! Thank you for posting these pics, they're gorgeous 😍 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @Velvetfur the University in Coimbra is amazing!! 4mo
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Ancient book shelves in the scriptorium of The Convento de Christo in Tomar, Portugal took my eye😍😍 They have been around since the 12th century!!

Tamra Beautiful space! 4mo
DivineDiana Love. 💗 4mo
Gina Ohhhh myyyyy... um, um, ummmm 4mo
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jenniferajanes Gorgeous! 4mo
Redwritinghood 😍😍 4mo
Freespirit Hard to believe how clever they were then @Tamra @DivineDiana @Gina @jenniferajanes @Redwritinghood 😍 4mo
jenniferajanes @Freespirit Sometimes I think ancient people were smarter than we are! We have a lot of technology and equipment but still haven‘t figured out things like: exactly how the Egyptians built the pyramids (super heavy blocks of stone!) or how the statues on Easter Island were put in place. I love watching documentaries about things like this as they test theories. Amazing! (edited) 4mo
Freespirit I feel the same....how did they lift huge stone blocks? And what they built then has lasted...forever😊 @jenniferajanes 4mo
CarolynM Lovely😍 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @CarolynM 😊 4mo
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I'm going to Portugal in early March! I'm looking for suggestions of books set in or about Portugal in preparation. Any suggestions welcome! 🇵🇹📚

BookishTrish Where in Portugal? I used to live there and want to retire there one day. Suggestions incoming... 4mo
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Bibliogeekery @BookishTrish Lagos will be the home base. I welcome travel suggestions too! 4mo
BookishTrish Lagos is simply stunning. 4mo
BookishTrish Get to Sintra if you can 4mo
BookishTrish And since you‘ll be in the Algarve try 4mo
Bibliogeekery @BookishTrish thanks SO much! I appreciate the books and any tips you have! 4mo
BookishTrish I lived up north in Vila Nova de Gaia and we only went to the Algarve once on holiday. It was so relaxing. 4mo
Bibliogeekery @BookishTrish were you born in Portugal? 4mo
BookishTrish No. I taught English there for two years in my 20s. 4mo
Bibliogeekery @BookishTrish what a cool experience that must have been! 4mo
BookishTrish It was pretty great. We moved there on a whim and learned so much and saw as much of the country as we could. We‘re hoping to go back this year. Maybe in the summer. 4mo
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