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In a long-term relationship with books 📚
The Old Man & the Sea | Ernest Hemingway
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Thanks for the tag @Blackink_WhitePaper ♥️

⛱️ I have finally started creating a blogging website(for a course). It feels good though damn frustrating and not giving me much time to read books 😝😝

⛱️ Summer of '69

Anyone who wants to play along 😀

MoonWitch94 Great song choice!!! 🌞 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper Great book..👍 thanks for playing 💐 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thanks for the tag @Blackink_WhitePaper ♥️ Happy 74th Independence day 🇮🇳

1. Loads and loads! Space isn't enough 😁

2. Again, the list is huge!

3. 3 times a day 🙈

Please feel free to tag along 😀

Blackink_WhitePaper Thanks for playing 🥰🥰💐 2y
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This is fun! Thanks for the tag @MoonWitch94 😀♥️

🧇 With chocolate sauce and strawberry topping 😋
🍰 Anytime, anyday 😁
📖 Paperback! Easier to carry around 😉
🌶️ Both. Depending on my mood! I love tangy food too 😀

Would you would like to join the fun
@Blackink_WhitePaper @Andrew65 @RamsFan1963 @LibrarianRyan @TheSpineView @Caroline2

MoonWitch94 Those waffles sound delicious 😋 Thanks for playing 🎂✨☺️ 2y
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag! 😊 2y
Blackink_WhitePaper Thanks for the tag 😍💐 2y
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag 😊👍 2y
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Hello everyone 👋
Having received a warm welcome and looking at all the tasks and activites, I'm convinced that this platform is lit 🔥
Thanks to my friend Akhila @Blackink_WhitePaper for introducing me to Litsy ♥️

So, here's my first post and I'm all in to take on #bookspin and #bookspinbingo tasks 😀 Hope I remain as excited throughout the month and complete atleast one task 😁

Thank you @TheAromaofBooks for encouraging readers to read more!

TheAromaofBooks Yay!! So glad to have you along!! 2y
fiction_addict @TheAromaofBooks Thanks a ton! 💙 2y
slategreyskies Welcome to Litsy!! :) 2y
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Blackink_WhitePaper Great list 😀👍 happy reading 💐 2y
fiction_addict @slategreyskies Thanks for the warm welcome and suggestions 🤗 following everyone on the list! 2y
fiction_addict @Blackink_WhitePaper Thanks Akhila 😊♥️ 2y
slategreyskies The God of Small Things is one of my favorite books. It‘s probably been twenty years since I last read it. I need to read it again. :) 2y
TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy! It is a wonderful community of book loving people! So glad to have you!🤩📚🌞😍💜📚 Here are a few more suggestions of you to follow @wanderinglynn @JoScho @MrBook @LibrarianRyan @MoonWitch94 @JoScho @klou @jb72 @4thhouseontheleft @DaveGreen7777 @RamsFan1963 @Nute @Andrew65 and tons more. At least a start. 2y
TheSpineView @slategreyskies Thanks for the tag!🏷🌞 2y
jb72 Great list! Welcome to Litsy! 2y
Andrew65 Loved The Silent Patient. Thanks for the tag @TheSpineView 😊👍 2y
LibrarianRyan @TheSpineView thanks for the tag. @fiction_addict welcome. Don‘t feel bad if you don‘t get a bingo. I have yet to accomplish that feat. 2y
Caroline2 That‘s a great list. 😀 I really liked Educated and Handmaids tale. 👍 2y
wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag 🥰 @TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻 @fiction_addict 2y
TheSpineView @wanderinglynn You're welcome! 😊😘 2y
TheSpineView @LibrarianRyan 👍🤗🌞📚🤩 2y
MoonWitch94 Welcome!!!!! You will love it here! 🥳☺️♥️ 2y
fiction_addict @slategreyskies I've been meaning to read it for a while now. Hope I get to read it in August 😀🤞 2y
fiction_addict @TheSpineView Thanks much for the welcome and suggestions 🤗 I'm loving the community already 😍♥️ 2y
fiction_addict @jb72 Thank you ☺️ 2y
fiction_addict @Andrew65 I wil definitely read it then 😀 thanks! 2y
fiction_addict @LibrarianRyan That's reassuring! Thanks a ton ♥️ 2y
fiction_addict @Caroline2 Thank you! Hoping to read them both soon 😊 2y
LiteraryinLawrence Welcome!! I hope they pick 5 because Nina Hill is suuuuuuch a good book. It was the book that helped me get out of my “I can‘t focus on anything because the world is falling apart” phase at the start of quarantine. 💜 2y
fiction_addict @LiteraryinLititz Wow! Nice 😀 Glad I added this book to the list 💙 2y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🥳🤗 2y
fiction_addict @Eggs Thank you 😍♥️ 2y
Nute Just came across this shoutout @TheSpineView ...thanks so much!💕Hello @fiction_addict 👋🏽 Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a warm and friendly community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I‘m looking forward to getting to know you!🙂 2y
TheSpineView @Nute You're welcome! 🥰 2y
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