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Survival Math | Mitchell S. Jackson
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The optimistic physical stack for January.
Any feedback? Survival Math will be Patreon book club pick for Feb 10, if anyone is interested in a discussion!
#pdx #race #caste #bookclub #variety #buddyreads #icontainmultitudes #diversereads

Inkblotsandcoffeestains I absolutely loved the Priory of the Orange Tree! But it starts very slow! 2y
MargaretPinardAuthor @Inkblotsandcoffeestains I started Priory first and the feeling to me is very carefully laid dominos...not boring, but very precise with the names and places to break me in... 🤗 2y
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Guest Cat | Takashi Hiraide
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So I‘ve gone from Books of Blood by Clive Barker, (read the first volume and decided to take a break)

To the Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide

Variety is the spice of life I suppose 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

#variety #whynot #guestcat #booksofblood

Pocket Poems | Bobbi Katz
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Pocket poems is a book about, well, poems! This P book was selected by Bobbi Katz and illustrated by Marylin Hafner. This book is very interesting. You can pick out a poem at random and read it aloud to the class which is why I think this book would be an amazing RA book. #LAE3414sp19

LaGasseSam1996 This book would work well with UDL 2.1. This book has a lot of different poems inside it that cover a range of words. For example, if the word ‘trudge‘ is a vocabulary word you could read the poem “Call Me Polar Bear” in the book. 4y
LaGasseSam1996 ESOL 11 would work well in this context. The poems in this book give meaning to the text. Most of these poems are short so the words that are being used are there for their importance. 4y
LaGasseSam1996 http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/calendar-activities/participat... I think this lesson plan would be great to use with both ESOL and English speaking students. The students creating their own poems would allow them to select the words and make those words have meaning in their context. 4y
DrSpalding I like the idea of having children walk around with poems in their pockets. You could have them share their poems while waiting in line for specials, lunch, recess… Your use of high-quality resources is appreciated. Keep using RWT! 3y
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I've made my pile. They are all pretty short, although some are heavy topics. I'm also hoping to finish the book I've been working on this week. Cannot wait for tomorrow! #24in48 #TBR #shortbooks #variety

Lmstraubie There are a few people I'd like to say this to today 😉 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage @lmstraubie Haha. Yes indeed. 6y
PurpleyPumpkin Wow, your stack looks great!📚 6y
DogMomIrene Nice stack! I loved People of the Book. I need to read more of Geraldine Brooks. 6y
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