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My favorite radio station is my local radio station. It‘s 94.5 The Buzz in Houston. The song that I just listened to the last few minutes of on the website was Rx (Medicate) by Theory Of A Deadman. I like that song. I haven‘t listened to this station in a while but I know that I can ask Alexa to play the station on my Amazon Echo device. I asked her to play it before. She can play any radio station that you want.


TieDyeDude Good song. I'm not familiar with them! My favorite station was advertising the Alexa feature for a while. We tried using an Amazon Echo device for a while, but quickly forgot about it and stopped. 😅 14h
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I have the unfortunate job of relaying the news that this short story collection is extraordinary and Em may be at the vertices of "beautiful" and "brilliant" on a graph of those categories. This is highly unfair, but also means that I can love her unconditionally because why would I even bother being toxically envious? We are different species.

And yet. What struck me about all of these stories was just the relatability of her experience.

TieDyeDude Interesting! For #tuesdaytunes, we did the worst songs in the world, and “Blurred Lines“ was mentioned. I think I saw the video once and she hasn't been on my radar at all since. It sounds like she is doing a lot, though, to combat sexism and promote female empowerment. 14h
currentlyreadinginCO I like that take because I didn't realize that she was in the Blurred Lines video until I read this 😂 @TieDyeDude . Apparently that was kind of a big deal, haha. I follow her on Instagram and I've watched her build her businesses and talk about things that I care about for a bit now, but I read it bc Jen Silverman loved it & I'm glad that I did. 11h
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I don't listen to much radio, but I used to live listening to Alan Cross' Ongoing History of New Music on Sunday mornings on The Edge. Great storytelling, it was always a treat to listen to in the car!

I haven't listened to it yet in its podcast era, but I really should! https://open.spotify.com/show/2UHz6WqVFz6iZkWgZ5lXDw?si=LqoQTI-kTimgB56nWqdKwA

#TuesdayTunes @TieDyeDude

TieDyeDude I find it disappointing that radio isn't as relevant as it used to be, but I am glad that a lot of programming has found its way to podcasts so they can continue! 14h
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#TuesdayTunes @TieDyeDude
I'll join @dabbe and @Cuilin in naming NPR as my personal favorite (and only) radio station I regularly listen to. My local affiliate WNYC is amazing: I listen in my car on 93.9 and stream it at home. I do miss having a music station (shout out to WFUV, my last fav) but I enjoy the new music updates from John Schaefer, and I'm not sure who selects the musical interludes between pieces, but they choose really good songs!

dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 1d
Cuilin NPR for the win 🏆 18h
TieDyeDude Excellent! Thanks for sharing. 14h
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BBC Radio 3 | Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome, John McBrewster
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#TuesdayTunes @TieDyeDude

Favourite radio station? Hmmm 🤔 It's a toss up for me between BBC Radio 3 and 4, but as I'm currently listening to the Night Tracks programme, I'll feature 3. I love discovering classical and avant garde music here.
Radio 4 has excellent drama, science, comedy and culture shows, of which my favourite is probably In Our Time, with national treasure Melvyn Bragg. 🎙️📡📻

TieDyeDude Excellent! My vehicle hasn't been able to get a radio signal since I bought it. I miss tuning in at different times for different offerings. I had Sirius XM, which was okay, but the signal doesn't work in Alaska. The Spotify algorithm just doesn't compare to a human curated programming. 1d
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Song of the Current | Sarah Tolcser
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I discovered The Current while on vacation in Minnesota. I really enjoy their programming, especially Teenage Kicks. Luckily I can listen online, so it's not a vacay only treat!

TieDyeDude Excellent! Thanks for sharing. 1d
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Untitled | Untitled
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#TuesdayTunes @TieDyeDude

Love the plays on BBC 4
I grew up listening to 2 fm, RIP Gerry Ryan my all time favorite DJ.
I also like NPR. Ira Glass, Terry Gross and “Wait, Wait don‘t tell me”. I liked Diane Rehm too.

TieDyeDude Thanks for sharing! 2d
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#TuesdayTunes @TheTieDieDude

#1 favorite radio station? All Things Considered ... it would be NPR. Pretty much all of it. Am I dating myself? 😂

TheSpineView I happen to be right there with you and I know I'm not dating myself. 🤣 2d
Susanita I still hear the theme music whenever someone says that phrase. 2d
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TieDyeDude Absolutely still relevant! Thanks for sharing! 2d
AmyG I love npr! 2d
dabbe @Susanita 🤩🤩🤩 2d
dabbe @TieDyeDude 🤩😀🤩 2d
dabbe @AmyG 🤩😀😘 2d
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My penultimate AI themed #tuesdaytunes. I asked for Minnie Riperton (Worst likeness of all AI pics I‘ve had generated) reading The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes; Carlos Santana reading Call of Cthulhu. I specifically asked for Genesis era Peter Gabriel reading Jane Eyre. Chick Corea reading James and the Giant Peach. Obviously Kate Bush would read Wuthering Heights and Elvis Costello doesn‘t want to go to Chelsea so reads Fever Pitch instead.

TieDyeDude I kinda want to see trading cards of these 😄 2d
The_Book_Ninja @TieDyeDude I like it🤩 2d
Bookwomble Love these 😊 Old AI does struggle with fingers, though 😄 1d
The_Book_Ninja @Bookwomble and Peter Gabriel it seems🤔 1d
Bookwomble @The_Book_Ninja He's a bit Keith Moon, isn't he? 1d
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My song 🛼🛼🪩

My birthday tune


dabbe You are the DANCING QUEEN! Happy birthday, darlin'! 💜💜💜 2d
Susanita Happy birthday, hon! 🎂 2d
quietlycuriouskate Happy birthday! 🎂📚🎁 2d
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TieDyeDude 🎈 💃👑 🎉 Thanks for sharing! 2d
Velvetfur Happy birthday! 😁 2d
lil1inblue Happy birthday! Dance away! 🎈 💗 💫 1d
curiouserandcurioser @TheBookHippie Happy Birthday!🎉🎉 hope your day is wonderful!:)💕 1d
Blerdgal_Fenix Happy Birthday 🎊🎈🎉🎁🎂 1d
MaureenMc Happy birthday! 🎈 1d
mrp27 Happy Birthday! 1d
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