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#BeatleMaynia #TicketToRide Eve Gardiner is part of the network of spies during WWII, and must travel back and forth delivering information.

Aims42 I‘m reading this right now! It‘s fascinating!! 4mo
CoffeeNBooks @Aims42 I loved this book! 4mo
Eggs Loved this book 4mo
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Kendrapedia A great recommendation if you like it is Code Name Verity. It's YA about a teen spy in France who's captured by the Nazis. Riveting! 4mo
CoffeeNBooks @Kendrapedia That sounds really interesting! I'm going to put it on my TBR list! 4mo
Abby_Bastian Loved this book!! 4mo
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Not sure I want a #tickettoride on this train! 😧 #beatlemaynia

batsy Cool edition! 4mo
Eggs 👏🏻🤗💗 4mo
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Travels with My Aunt | Graham Greene
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Still on my tbr, supposed to be an enjoyable read about Hanry Pulling, a retiree who got a #TicketToRide with his Aunt Augusta who persuaded him to travel across Europe.


CarolynM I'm going to try to read this in the next week to round out my book group's Graham Greene month (edited) 4mo
Eggs Nice choice 🤗💗 4mo
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The Namesake | Jhumpa Lahiri
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The main character‘s namesake all starts when his father purchases a #tickettoride the train in India. #BeatleMaynia

Eggs This photo!! 4mo
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You need a #tickettoride on Thomas the Tank Engine 🚂.

These books were my husband‘s when he was little....


CarolynM This brings back memories. My son was OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine when he was little🙄😬🙂 4mo
kezzlou85 My daughter loved these books and all the shows. 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm We loved the tv shows! 4mo
Eggs 💗💗Thomas!! 4mo
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4:50 from Paddington | Agatha Christie
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Eggs Love the art❣️ 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Taking a break from tonight‘s reading to enjoy some games 🚂 #tickettoride

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Trying to catch up on #HeyJune so here goes. Hercule Poirot got a #TicketToRide the Orient Express at the last minute in this classic murder mistery

Cinfhen Nice choice ❤️great graphics 1y
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Noisy Train Book | Sam Taplin, Stephen Cartwright
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Over Memorial Day weekend the kids and I took a long train ride. This book and a train book by Floca tagged below helped to keep us entertained. I love train 🚂 travel and the kids had a blast! #tickettoride #heyjune

HiddenGemBooks Your boy has adequate sass in his eyes 😂👌 1y
Blaire @HiddenGemBooks yep...he has an impish streak for sure. 😍😍😍 1y
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Cinfhen I used to take the kids to NY by train ~ ALWAYS an adventure 😂 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen we only had once incident that resulted in bleeding - so a success! 😂😂😂. Pro-tip I learned a packet of sugar will clot a bleeding lip immediately. 1y
Cinfhen #LiveandLearn was not aware! I just thought sugar packs stop a whining kid from crying for candy!!! 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen I‘d never heard of it either but there was an emt on the train and he ran over with a sugar pack and had me pull down my daughter‘s lip. No stinging and clotted right up! #parenthacks 1y
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The Orphan's Tale | Pam Jenoff
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#HeyJune #TicketToRide

Ticket to ride, combined with the "I don't know why she's ridin' so high..." made me think of this WW2 historical novel where 16-year-old Noa, who lives above a German railroad station, rescues a Jewish baby from a boxcar bound for a concentration camp. To hide them both in a traveling circus, she has to learn the trapeze act from Astrid, the unfriendly lead aerialist.
This book brought out all of the feels. ?????

GypsyKat Ohh! I have this but haven‘t read it yet. I‘m glad to know it‘s good! 1y
Cinfhen Same @GypsyKat 💜💜 1y
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