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I generally struggle with the decision to DNF, so I have a few selections that qualify for #didntlikestillfinished. These are from the last 6 months or so. I'm always hoping a book will redeem itself. #marchintoreading @RealLifeReading

drokka I struggled with a different David Liss book. If it hadn't been a book group read I reckon it would have been my first DNF. However it did make my #threwitacrosstheroom list. 3y
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But for every good read, there's got to be a stinker. My #worstof2016: Burying The Honeysuckle Girls (ugh), Oh Dear Silvia (ughhhh), Double Exposure (wonderful premise, dull execution - how was this so dull???) and The Last Boy And Girl In The World (my #1 #threwitacrosstheroom)

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Doesn't this sound patronizing? So, he could have done better? Geez. In case you missed my last post, Bell was married to a deaf woman (Picture of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife taken from internet). Almost ready to be a #threwitacrosstheroom

Foxyfictionista Oh dear... He sounds like an ass. 3y
DreesReads I don't think there's any nice way to rationalize someone marrying their student. It can't be done. 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Misogyny and eugenics. Vomit. 3y
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8little_paws I really appreciate your insight on this. 3y
ValerieAndBooks @Foxyfictionista he basically was! @AudreyMorris true, even for back then! It might be ok if a teacher ran into a former student years later, but to start a relationship while still in the student/teacher scenario...no. @BarbaraTheBibliophage views that were more common at the time, but still 😡. @8little_paws thanks. Not many know about AGB beyond the telephone. 3y
becausetrains Yep, he was an establishment toolbag. Fits right in with Edison. 3y
ValerieAndBooks @becausetrains exactly! I haven't been able to bring myself to get back to this book. Maybe I won't-- I basically know how it all ends anyway. 3y
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After this election I was hurt. Hurt that we elected a human with so much hatred. I didn't know how this could happen, but I realized I was confused and hurt because I didn't understand. I had blinders on. I realized-to understand, I would need to explore differences. My 2017 goal is to read, experience, and learn as much as possible. The only way to create meaningful change is to celebrate and respect difference. I felt Bern was the best start.

Ericmanciniwriter Well said 3y
HotMessJess @Eamann thank you. I plan on reading all sides of the argument this year. My next will be In Trump We Trust by Ann Coulter, ....painful to admit, but I need to explore the right a bit more. No point in holing myself up for the next two years :) 3y
Ericmanciniwriter That's really brave of you - that woman is tough to handle even in her 5 minute Bill Mather appearances. Good candidate for a future #threwitacrosstheroom 3y
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howlinglibraries @HotMessJess I agree with @Eamann - you're a brave lady for facing that title! It's actually inspiring and I may do the same. It never hurts to know what we're up against. 3y
HotMessJess @howling_libraries I don't feel like I can construct arguments without knowing where they're coming from..... I also grew up in a VERY red area. I must've just ignored everyone growing up hahaha. It's going to be a TOUGH read for sure. But I'm fascinated to say the least. 3y
howlinglibraries @HotMessJess I hear you! I'm in the Georgia mountains, where Trump won 77% of the vote (and Johnson won most of the rest). I can see how it would help to build a better argument, for sure. 3y
HotMessJess @howling_libraries about the same in my tiny home town in Oregon :( 3y
MrBook Good goal 😊👏🏻😎👌🏻! 3y
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Friday night question: should Litsy be a safe place for Trump supporters? I get the sense that most of our American Littens preferred Clinton. Should we embrace people regardless of Presidential preference?

Sapphire I hope for a politics free zone. Only politics from published books, and then only as it relates to the book. That is my hope. Safe for everyone. Treat each other with respect and civility. A hatch act for the reading public 😂#hereforthebooks #readingwithoutwalls 3y
Shemac77 I think that fighting for and discussing what's right is appropriate for any forum. 3y
Shemac77 And if people don't like it, unfollow. I refuse to quiet my voice when it's raised in defense of others. That's what is safe. Because the fact is is that there are many people that won't be safe. We have a responsibility as human beings. Just my opinion though. 3y
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rachelm I think it's a wonderfully free country- and ever more free internet! As long as others are respectful, I try to give respect. I live in a rural community-- many of my friends voted for Trump. 3y
mauveandrosysky I personally can't interact with Trump supporters right now, but that's just me. So far I've yet to see anyone on here say anything cruel about Trump supporters (and that's good) but I think the priority right now should be providing a safe space for the people who feel directly threatened and triggered by his victory. That's who really needs a safe space at the moment. 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage If this community would exclude any portion of it's own because of their differences, we would have become the thing we fear the most. Give respect. Get respect. 3y
BookishFeminist I'm with you @mauveandrosysky. I don't mind but I am prioritizing a safe space whose literal human rights are threatened, particularly in light of hate crimes and violence. I always advocate for freedom of speech but I don't have to interact with people with whom I disagree and fear and find dangerous. Litsy is an open forum, as are books, and the wonder of a social media account is the ability to self police what content you allow in your feeds. 3y
BookishFeminist I always advocate for respect as well so I tend to disengage with folks I find argumentative. I want a safe space that has open discussion and things do no move forward without discussion on both ends. But I do not think everyone owes each other the time of day as long as disengagement is respectful. Some folks have very valid fears from the election results and I will always advocate for respect, agency over your feed, and empathy. 3y
mauveandrosysky Yes, what @BookishFeminist said 👍🏻I think for many of us self-care is extremely important right now, so we have to focus on making our own individual feeds here on Litsy as conducive to our well-being as possible. I, too, am grateful that we each have that choice. 3y
LauraBrook Yes to all, but especially @BarbaraTheBibliophage. I haven't seen anyone say anything threatening about trump supporters (and by no means do I follow everyone), but if someone is saying something you don't like, unfollowing is always an option. We are all in this together, both in the US and around the world. This has been a tough week after a too-long campaign. Give respect, get respect. ❤️ 3y
SimplyShelia I am most definitely not a supporter of his. I would be willing to discuss varying ideas and viewpoints. That being said, in such a discussion, I will always advocate for human rights. If respect is extended in both directions, I will not shut anyone out of my space, (how else can we learn?) I do believe that many books are inherently political. I personally think we should feel free to discuss parallels or observations. 3y
MyNamesParadise Unless they start with antagonizing posts, there shouldn't be a reason to keep them from Litsy. How would that make us any better? Sometimes I see posts I don't agree with (involving Clinton- didn't like her personally, but voted for her bc of issues that were important to me) and I don't engage (meaning like or comment on it) bc I don't feel the need to. I have to say personally on Litsy I haven't seen any pro-Trump posts... 3y
saguarosally @Sapphire @Shemac77 @rachelm @mauveandrosysky @BarbaraTheBibliophage @BookishFeminist @ocdIrene @LauraBrook @Shelia @MyNamesParadise Please forgive me, I posted this and then ran off to a bookstore. I see where people are coming from and am especially thrilled that through varying opinions, everyone is respectful. I personally want to see opinions from people who support Trump and wonder why it's so hard to find. 3y
TheBookAddict We shouldn't exclude people just because of their beliefs. As long as they aren't being disrespectful, threatening, or insulting people they are welcomed here. If we don't like what we see we can always just unfollow or skip the post and not say anything. I hope Litsy remains a wonderful form of social media where we can all remain mature, civilized, and respectful adults. 💕 3y
Christy2318 I would hope everyone feels welcome here so long as there is no trolling or bullying behavior. Perhaps some people prefer not to discuss their politics or may not feel comfortable sharing in place where they appear to have a minority viewpoint. I also think that book people often tend to lean to the more liberal side or the spectrum. 3y
Foxyfictionista I don't believe in excluding anyone but I will not tolerate any abuse to others. I saw a comment where a Trump supporter said that she didn't feel welcome on this site but there are millions of Americans who don't feel welcome in their own country so it made it difficult for me to sympathise. She didn't say anything objectionable though so in cases like that I don't tend to comment. We should be inclusive but it should also be a safe space. 3y
saguarosally @TheBookAddict @Christy2318 Thank you. I'm just glad I have seen respectful opinions. 3y
saguarosally @Foxyfictionista That's my worry, that Trump supporters won't feel welcome here. When I think of reading diverse books, I think of reading conservative pundits' books (and then using the hashtag #threwitacrosstheroom ). I guess I personally need to be in a world where conservative and liberal voices exist. It's difficult to seek out and include both. 3y
Foxyfictionista @saguarosally Why wouldn't they feel welcome? So far I've only seen an outpouring of support for those who are distressed about the results. I haven't seen anyone attacking Trump supporters unless it's happening off my feed. If they are just uncomfortable with people talking about the election results then that's their problem. What is the issue here? 3y
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The Phantom of Manhattan | Frederick Forsyth
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Day 9 of #angiebookishnovember is the WORST book I have ever read. I read it with a coworker since we both adore #thephantomoftheopera. It read like exceptionally bad and pretentious fanfiction. #threwitacrosstheroom

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The first paragraph of chapter 3 is a wa-a-y overdone attempt at "atmosphere." I nearly #threwitacrosstheroom for what we folks in Texas call "hokeyness." Get over yourself and get on with the story. Needless to say by the next paragraph the author abandoned most of the "atmosphere" and it hasn't been seen since. And the book has markedly improved for it. Why didn't an editor chop this idiotic paragraph?

Modelland | Tyra Banks
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I have a stack of books (waiting to be donated) that could qualify for #threwitacrosstheroom but in all honesty aside from never actually throwing a book the only book I can think of in recent history that mad me mad enough to consider throwing it was The Concubine's Daughter by Pai Kit Fai. I actually never finished the book and ended up giving it to my mother in law.#photoadaynov16

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The biggest #eatmetryme moment in a book was when Edmond goes all piggy for Turkish delight... And then I tried it myself and was pretty much confused and offended 😂 #novemberland. Since I'm thinking of Narnia, the last book in this series was totally a #threwitacrosstheroom (I felt so betrayed that I felt he sacrificed the story for the moral!) though the short story (wasn't it by Gaiman?) sort of brought it home for me. #photoadaynov16

Larkken Also if imma gonna go all over cheating, it always seemed like an awful lot of these books happened on trains... 😅 3y
Linsy I was so disappointed when I finally tried Turkish delight! I was like, come on Edmund, it's not worth it! Now, maybe if he'd been offered an éclair ... 3y
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The Wild Swans | Hans Christian Andersen
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Eek! Crazy weekend meant that I fell behind in posting my #picturebookmonth installments. This looks like I #threwitacrosstheroom, but in reality it was one of my all-time favorite fairy tales as a kid. I loved anything with witches and spells turning people into animals. There seemed to be so much danger and evil in this story.