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New additions to my #funkopop collection 😱😍 #strangerthings #popfunko

hermyknee Scoops Ahoy Steve!!! 🥰🥰🥰 23h
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I finished Stranger Things 3 on Sunday. Can‘t wait for more 🤗 for now it‘s on in the background as I read 🤓
#strangerthings #strangerthings3 #el #reader #readharder #booklover #bookish #bookishlove #booknerd #iheartstrangerthings #iheartreading

umbrellagirl Ugh, this was released while I am away. Can‘t wait to catch up when I get home! 1w
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It‘s rare that I suspend my reading to binge watch 📺.

Today is one of those days. #strangerthings

TrishB My daughter is having a lie down after binging it this afternoon! Enjoy 👍🏻 2w
Texreader So dang jealous! I have to wait till we back to the USA!! 2w
darklydreaming I can‘t wait to get home tonight to watch this!! ❤️ 2w
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Bookgirl This is my weekend plan!! 2w
AnneCecilie I‘ve started watching and after the first two episodes I‘m hooked. I‘ll continue watching tomorrow 2w
OriginalCyn620 I‘ve been bingeing this one today too! About to watch the last episode! 2w
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime I've been doing the same 2w
Owlizabeth We‘re at episode 6 and I‘ve got so much anxiety! So goooooood!!! 2w
Eyelit Just starting now! So excited! 2w
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Happy #StrangerThings Day! I am looking forward to some serious binge watching as soon as I‘m home from my shift tonight.

Mitch I can‘t wait ! 2w
TrishB My daughters finished.....she‘s gone for a lie down! 2w
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Loved Lucas's sassy little sister last season! Season Three is almost here!! #StrangerThings

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So hyped for season 3!!!!!! #strangerthings

Liked this Stranger Things novel a whole lot better than the other I've read (Suspicious Minds)
Max is not my favorite character still but this book made me appreciate her more

(Trigger warnings for physical abuse)

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Stranger Things: The Other Side was such a neat graphic novel that follows Will Byers when he was stuck in The Upside Down. A must read for fans of the show!


#graphicnovel #strangerthings

Paper Girls Vol. 1 | Brian K. Vaughan
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I was drawn to this simply because of its cover and was surprised by how sci-fi it was. A fun, fast story that somehow gets away with loads of strage plot twists. A must read for all #strangerthings fans!

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#freecomicbookday haul! 😁 We were first 50 in and got a swag bag with Guardians of the Galaxy and Hellboy posters and other fun stuff (#Avengers pin/comics, #StarWars, and more). We each picked 5 freebies (#Lumberjanes, New Emil Ferris short, #Buffy/Firefly crossover, #StrangerThings!). 30 for $10 back issues (Superman vs Dracula, Twilight Zone), got trades/#manga and the new #Catwoman and Detective 1000! #fcbd #comics #marvel #dc #graphicnovels

RealLifeReading So awesome!! 2mo
LiteraryinLititz What a great haul! 2mo
LibrarianRyan Wow!!!! We hit it late this year. I have one more stop. 2mo
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Eyelit Nice haul 😁 Please tell me more about this Buffy/Firefly crossover!! 2mo
bookandcat @Eyelit turned out it was just a preview of two separate comics that are running (one for Firefly one for Buffy), I was bummed by the way it was promoted :-( that being said if you want a really fun comic crossover, Star Trek and Doctor Who once did one together 😂 2mo
Clwojick What! 30/$10 is such a good deal! Mine only had 25%off 2mo
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This is an EXTREMELY RARE sight! My oldest daughter unfortunately is not a reader (thanks accelerated reader 😒). But luckily she found a Stranger Things book at Book-A-Million today and I‘m hoping 🤞🏼she will love it!!

#SassyBookworm😏 #StrangerThings #RaisingReaders #MommaWillBuyItIfSheWillReadIt #BAM

jb72 🤞🏻 Sometimes all it takes is the right book. 3mo
readordierachel Here's hoping! 3mo
Bookish_B 👏🏼👏🏼❤️ 3mo
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Sweetkokoro I hope she loves it! My daughter too is showing signs of not liking reading when she originally did like it. Once she was introduced the accelerated reading at school her interest took a nose dive, she hates falling the tests that go with the books. And half the ones she wants to read are not part of the lists of qualified books, It‘s rough. 3mo
SassyBookworm @jb72 exactly!!! And I will try anything to get her to love reading! @readordierachel I‘m crossing my fingers 🤞🏼! @Bookish_B thank you ❤️! 3mo
SassyBookworm @Sweetkokoro Alexa loved to read and be read to as a small child but the AR program killed it! She didn‘t like the books, she felt forced to read (I‘m the same way I don‘t like being forced), and she could easily read the 1pt books and make her quota. The high school has helped a little letting them choose books. But if she follows me it will be a while before she enjoys reading again. I was in my late 20s before I started to love to read again 3mo
Sweetkokoro Alanni is 10 & she loved being read to as well & enjoyed reading on her own. But she feels the same way as your daughter she feels forced to read & while she can pick what she wants the choices are undesirable. Her teacher doesn‘t allow them to gain points from grade levels below their appointed range and deletes points obtained by them, which makes Alanni super mad. I get the program but I feel it has the opposite effect on some kids. 3mo
Tamra I really wish it was open choice for students for so many reasons. 3mo
shellleigh33 My daughter is not a big reader either but she loves Stranger Things and graphic novel books. Graphic novels books don‘t get many points on AR tests though and this is very discouraging to her. 3mo
Paula3 AR has been proven to hinder readers. I hope she enjoys picking her own books and subject matter ♡ 3mo
SassyBookworm @Sweetkokoro wow! Deletes the points if they are below grade level! Goodness that‘s kind of harsh. I completely agree for many kids it has the opposite effect. I understand them wanting kids to read but when they are forced to read books they don‘t like, it just turns so many off of the joy of reading a book you love! 3mo
SassyBookworm @Tamra me too! I believe Alexa would lie to read more. Since in high school she was able to pick a book and found one she really liked. I‘m hoping this one she will as well. @shellleigh33 Alexa has found a few graphic novels but they aren‘t as popular around our area as many places. I‘m glad many parent are in the same boat as me with the AR struggles! @Paula3 it‘s sad they keep the program when hinders students. Thank you! She read 25p last nite 3mo
booksaremyfavorite My daughters were also like that due to AR. Thankfully now that they can read whatever they want they both love reading. 3mo
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